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An Investigation: Which Presidential Campaigns Have the Largest Gender Wage Disparities? 
Bernie Sanders’ Top 10 earners are all men, and he’s the only one (of the 2016 remaining candidates in mid-March) to have that gender “balance”.
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february 2019 by KuraFire
When Bernie Sanders voted to strip funding for gun research - The Boston Globe
In 1993, a groundbreaking study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that gun ownership was a risk factor for homicides in the home. The research, by epidemiologist Arthur Kellermann, provided evidence that gun violence is indeed a serious public health issue. The study made history in another way: it enraged the National Rifle Association, which launched a campaign to punish the agency that funded the study, the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention. Congress caved under NRA lobbying pressure and inserted language in the 1996 Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations Bill that “none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control.”

Written by former US Representative Jay Dickey, an Arkansas Republican, the so-called Dickey Amendment has had a decided chilling effect on research on gun violence for decades.

Dickey, now safely removed from the toxic environs of a divided Congress, has come to his senses and repudiated his own measure. “Research could have been continued on gun violence without infringing on the rights of gun owners,” he wrote in a recent letter.
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june 2016 by KuraFire
Fact checkers confirm Hillary Clinton is more honest than any of her 2016 opponents
“If you add up the numbers from the top three boxes, Clinton comes out at 72% and Sanders comes out at 70%, which are both robust scores. In the bottom two boxes, just 14% of Clinton’s challenged statements have rated out as “False” or “Pants on Fire” while Sanders has fallen into those bottom two boxes 15% of the time.”
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june 2016 by KuraFire
FEC hits Bernie Sanders with damning report
How can Sanders wail about campaign financing problems when he's the only candidate that can't seem to follow the law about them?

(Answer: the law's too complicated for him ;))
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june 2016 by KuraFire
Please Stop Calling Sanders a Feminist
Bernie Sanders' voting record on feminist issues is as progressive as his record on gun control: mixed bag, very much troublesome.
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may 2016 by KuraFire
Sanders using newfound notoriety to throw his weight into Senate legislation
"he’s a good guy, brings a lot to the table, but doesn’t have a lot of answers for the problems that we’re dealing with.”
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may 2016 by KuraFire
We Called Up Bernie Fans Who Threatened Nevada Dem State Chair and Asked Them to Explain Themselves
Bernie Sanders supporters that sent death threats to the Nevada Democratic State Chair (who happens to be a woman) are interviewed about it.
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may 2016 by KuraFire
AMAZING article by a disabled community leader who advocated and campaigned for Sanders despite his months-long refusal to recognize their community
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may 2016 by KuraFire
Voter fraud by Sanders supporters.
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may 2016 by KuraFire
Bernie Sanders is selling a fantasy
The numbers don't add up well for Sanders' plan: 21 trillion additional deficit over ten years.

Meanwhile, Obama has reduced the deficit by one trillion in the last seven.
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may 2016 by KuraFire
People want Bernie Sanders' email list of donors
Good thing about Sanders is that he is making other democrats move towards his ideologies so that they get his stamp of approval and get access to his email list of donors.
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april 2016 by KuraFire
On Becoming Anti-Bernie — Medium
Extensive vetting of the history (life, career, personality) of Sanders.
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april 2016 by KuraFire
The trouble with Bernie
Sanders is not pleasant or enjoyable to work with.
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april 2016 by KuraFire
On Sanders, Trump, Economies of Scale & Global Development — Medium
How much would iPhone cost under Bernie Sanders' plan?

American protectionism could well have catastrophic effect on global poverty.
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april 2016 by KuraFire
Brienne of Snarth on Twitter: "@docrocktex26 Oh like not this? https://t.co/5gXPIBojrI"
Hillary / Clooney fundraiser and where the money is going to: DNC and 32 state parties for 98.4%, and only 1.6% to Hillary's own campaign(s) directly.
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april 2016 by KuraFire
The Pragmatic Tradition of Black Voters -- NYMag
On purists, black voters, blaming Obama vs. blaming obstructionist GOP.
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april 2016 by KuraFire
If you're poor in another country, this is the scariest thing Bernie Sanders has said - Vox
These countries tend to be extremely open to free trade. But they also have expansive welfare states that take money from globalization's winners and use it to compensate the workers who lose out. Everyone in these countries benefits from cheaper goods, the domestic lower middle class doesn't suffer, and the global poor benefit from selling their goods to rich consumers.
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april 2016 by KuraFire
What’s Wrong With Bernie Sanders’s Strategy
Bernie Sanders' difficulty relating to the multicultural part of the Dem base.
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april 2016 by KuraFire
The Civil Rights Hero No One Ever Saw (with images, tweets) · docrocktex26 · Storify
Sanders isn't the great CRM hero he keeps claiming to be. He did good things, but has been largely absent on major issues in recent times, and recent actions matter.
Bernie_Sanders  civil_rights  Hillary_Clinton  why_Hillary  progressivism 
april 2016 by KuraFire
Propane Jane on Twitter: "Interesting how he's concerned abt Dems losing White voters & how to remedy it, but can't speak directly to the concerns of voters of color."
ON POINT twitter thread by @dockrocktext26 about how Bernie Sanders is concerned about Dems losing white voters, writes about how to remedy, but can't speak directly to the concerns of voters of color.

"He correctly posits [most white voters] abandon Dems because they don't feel represented if/when civil rights come 1st."

"Maybe then he'll realize that the inability of Dems to appeal to certain White voters b/c of civil rights is actually a feature, not a bug."
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april 2016 by KuraFire
Barney Frank is not impressed by Bernie Sanders.
Barney Frank of Dodd-Frank is not impressed by Sanders' lack of awareness about current state of economic policy.
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april 2016 by KuraFire
Sanders: "You Don't Make Change By Sitting Down With Mitch McConnell" | Video | RealClearPolitics
Sanders' shortsighted, deeply unconvincing "Look out the window" solution to dealing with GOP opposition.
april 2016 by KuraFire
So You're Deeply Concerned About Clinton's Connections...
Sanders' top strategist "has worked directly with corrupt and criminal politicians, and has worked for a firm that represents Big Pharma, Big Tobacco, Big Telecom, MONSANTO! and is just a step away from Big Wall Street and the 1%."
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april 2016 by KuraFire

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