A friend of mine who lives in Los Angeles, which... - Nicolette Hahn Niman
A friend of mine who lives in Los Angeles, which is considering MANDATING VEGAN meals on local menus, just sent me his letter to the city council member proposing it. His letter is not only funny as hell it's a masterpiece of demonstrating the absurdity of such an approach. Oh my! READ and SHARE!
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5 weeks ago
Zero Carb Health
Helpful Hint (Sorry it's a day late, but I didn't think of it until this morning because I ate steak for Thanksgiving): For those meat-eaters who love whole-roasted poultry, but are concerned about the low fat content of white meat...roast your bird upside down. Yes, Betty Crocker (and every professional chef in the world) touts breast-up roasting, but that causes the white meat to drain out what little fat it does have. Instead, roasting it breast-down will cause the dark, fattier meat to drain some of its fat down into the drier white meat making it more moist and juicy (fattier). Also, baste your bird with lots of butter throughout the baking process. I use a bulb baster every 15 mins until done (Thats what give it the crispy skin). Then serve that hot butter/chicken fat mixture from the bottom of the pan as a kind of au jus for dipping (delicious) and you make up for any fat lost in cooking. Note: I season the bird with seasoned salt before starting (my guilty pleasure), and lay/tuck pats of butter all over. Bake in a slow oven (350 degrees) to keep skin from burning before the meat is fully cooked. When it's done the skin will be a nice golden brown and crispy and will drain clear liquid when poked with a fork. Check online for times for your size bird and use a meat thermometer for safety.
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8 weeks ago
Oldest American Brewery
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10 weeks ago
Peach Vodka Drinks: The Ultimate Vodka Peach Cocktail - Supercall

Add vodka and peach schnapps to a Mason jar.
Top with iced tea.
Add the peach and lemon slices, and seal the jar. Shake to combine.
Refrigerate or put in a cooler with ice until ready to serve.
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october 2018
Tim Noakes Trial Playlist - YouTube
Phenomenal must see Youtube Playlist of the trial of Tim Noakes where he lays out all the evidence for meat-based low carbohydrate diets. So this is a lecture to a court room - pretty neat with great conversational tone (he's not pressured by time), and with great slides and camera editing. He really gets into the weeds of evolution and nutrition.
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september 2018
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