Oldest American Brewery
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7 days ago
Peach Vodka Drinks: The Ultimate Vodka Peach Cocktail - Supercall

Add vodka and peach schnapps to a Mason jar.
Top with iced tea.
Add the peach and lemon slices, and seal the jar. Shake to combine.
Refrigerate or put in a cooler with ice until ready to serve.
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5 weeks ago
Tim Noakes Trial Playlist - YouTube
Phenomenal must see Youtube Playlist of the trial of Tim Noakes where he lays out all the evidence for meat-based low carbohydrate diets. So this is a lecture to a court room - pretty neat with great conversational tone (he's not pressured by time), and with great slides and camera editing. He really gets into the weeds of evolution and nutrition.
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6 weeks ago
Cooking Tricks Chefs Reveal Only at Culinary Schools
Tip for better pancakes

Goes to YouTube video at proper time stamp.
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12 weeks ago
PharmedOut, a project of Georgetown University Medical Center, exposes pharmaceutical industry marketing and foster evidence-based, cost-effective prescribing. We are the only group that critiques industry-invented and exaggerated conditions, including pseudobulbar affect (PBA), low testosterone (low-T), binge-eating disorder (BED), and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). We are the only group studying industry influence on continuing medical education (CME). Originally launched for two years in 2007 by the Attorney General Consumer and Prescriber Grant Program, PharmedOut is funded primarily by individual donations.
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12 weeks ago
Cat Containment System for Backyard
Revolutionary cat containment system for DIY installation to your fence

Pet Fence
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12 weeks ago
Magnesium supplementation in the treatment of depression: A randomized clinical trial
Daily supplementation with 248 mg of elemental magnesium as four 500 mg tablets of magnesium chloride per day leads to a significant decrease in depression and anxiety symptoms regardless of age, gender, baseline severity of depression, or use of antidepressant medications.…this efficacy trial showed magnesium supplements may be a fast, safe, and easily accessible alternative, or adjunct, to starting or increasing the dose of antidepressant medications.
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july 2018
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