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HowOpenIsIt? | PLOS
Handy-dandy guide to assessing how open a publication or publisher is. Six categories X 5 levels
how-open  how-open-is-it  plos  oa  open-access-spectrum  oas  guide 
october 2013 by Klortho
Dealing with data | PLOS Biologue
PLoS Biology partnering with Dryad for article submissions
plos  dryad  datadryad  open-data  plos-biology  open-access 
september 2012 by Klortho
Open and Shut?: The OA Interviews: Michael Eisen, co-founder of the Public Library of Science
Excellent post: Richard Poynder on history of OA, PLoS, and recent struggles. Interview w Mike Eisen, cofounder of PLoS
open-access  richard-poynder  michael-eisen  plos  plos-one  elsevier  rwa  frpaa  interview  summary  to-supermemo 
march 2012 by Klortho
PLoS Biology: Why PLoS Became a Publisher
An editorial from 2003 from Pat Brown, Michael Eisen, and Harold Varmus
plos  open-access  harold-varmus  pat-brown  michael-eisen 
february 2012 by Klortho
Protect public access to research in the U.S. | PLoS
Short PLoS blog post urging everyone to contact their representatives about RWA.
plos  rwa  open-access  politics  publishing 
january 2012 by Klortho
PLoS Biology: Why Full Open Access Matters
In support of making articles available for reuse (without the NC clause).
open-access  licenses  plos  plos-biology  to-read  idcc11 
december 2011 by Klortho
Public Library of Science: Read the Open Letter
Open PLoS letter from 2001 to scientific publishers with 34000 signers, urging open access
open-access  plos  open-letter  publishing  has:for  from-delicious 
september 2011 by Klortho

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