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Teaching Public Policy - The American Interest
Teaching Public Policy
Local context is all too often lacking in the prevailing economics-centered approach to public policy education.

In my previous post, I noted how public policy education needs to shift its focus from training policy analysts to training leaders who are capable of actually implementing good policies. In our experimentation both at my Center’s Leadership Academy for Development and in the new Stanford Masters in International Policy, case teaching has become an integral part of the approach.

Among the many problems with the current economics-centered approach to public policy education is the lack of appreciation for local context. Modern economics aspires to be context-free: it seeks universal rules of human behavior that can be mathematized in abstract models. Local context—what makes outcomes different in, say, East Asia as opposed to sub-Saharan Africa or Eastern Europe—is reduced to country fixed effects or an error term in the model specification. Yet understanding context, meaning the history, culture, politics, stakeholders, norms and institutions of particular times and places, is the sine qua non of successful policy problem-solving.

This is where case teaching comes in. A well-written case plunges the reader directly into a very specific context. If they%2
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Colleges Think Women Having Sex Is Dangerous. This Feminist Says They’re Wrong. -
Colleges Think Women Having Sex Is Dangerous. This Feminist Says They’re Wrong.
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