What happens after rich kids bribe their way into college? I teach them | Anonymous | US news | The Guardian
One thing the author doesn't mention is the converse of this demand and expectation of faculty time by affluent students -- which is that many first-generation students, or those who come from more modest economic backgrounds, quite often are at a distinct disadvantage, not knowing the "hidden curriculum" of the university: many students who are not rich come in without necessarily having parents who know to advocate to ensure that any learning accommodations are made; that using office hours can be essential for those with difficulty to navigate the course materials; that "grade grubbing" is a thing you can do (or at least attempt). "Every unqualified student admitted to an elite university ends up devouring hugely disproportionate amounts of faculty time and resources that rightfully belong to all the students in class."
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Montanelli, il colonialismo italiano e gli intellettuali orfani del padre - DINAMOpress
Quando i bambini scoprono che i padri non sono infallibili, piangono.

Quando lo scoprono le bambine, iniziano a essere femministe.
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