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Love & Nightshades
Warlock reminisces about his Nanny and his childhood gardener and reflects on what they taught him about love (and botany).
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  PoV:Warlock  shameless.fluff  Aziraphale&Crowley  complete  author:Lion_Hatted_Girl 
6 days ago by Kehlen
On The Matter Of Touch
“On the matter of touch,” Crowley begins, waving his teaspoon in what he hopes passes for idle curiosity. “Thoughts?”


For two ineffable husbands, they don't really touch each other much. Here is a story on why that might be.
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  getting.together  angst  angels  touch.starvation  touch.starved!Aziraphale  helper:Crowley  sweet  heartwrenching  shameless.fluff  complete  author:Somedrunkpirate 
8 days ago by Kehlen
Forgiven, Loved
Crowley believes he is utterly unforgivable and unlovable from his Fall, especially in the eyes of an angel. Aziraphale, shocked to discover how little Crowley truly thinks of himself, must set the record straight.
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  hurt/comfort  getting.together  shameless.fluff  cathartic  complete  author:LollipopCop 
15 days ago by Kehlen
like champagne on my tongue
"I'm sobering up."

Aziraphale's face falters briefly from its soft, fond look into something that maybe most closely resembles panic. He rearranges it instantly, but it still happened. "No, no, don't bother, my dear."

Crowley sways, eyes narrowed. Aziraphale's hands don't move away after he steadies him.

The suspicion that Aziraphale has sobered up at some point this evening without telling him gains another tally in favour.

"Aziraphale, I'm pickled," he complains, but he doesn't sober up quite yet anyway.


In which Adam asks a very human question, and sets a very big ball rolling. Or, well, not quite, but that's as close as Crowley is willing to let you get.
fandom:Good.Omens  getting.together  oblivious!Aziraphale  shameless.fluff  complete  heartwrenching  author:chasing_the_sterek 
20 days ago by Kehlen
An Angelic Disposition
But Aziraphale was also a bit of a bastard, so it turned out that when he was hellbent on giving Crowley everything he ever wanted, it was by any manipulative, duplicitous means necessary.  

Aziraphale's affection takes Crowley apart.
fandom:Good.Omens  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  shameless.fluff  era:after.books  complete  author:iamtheenemy 
20 days ago by Kehlen
A feeling of love
The hair is different, and she appears male now, but the aesthetic gives her away. Black on black with just a little red. Glasses so dark you can’t see his eyes. Angular features, a slightly hooked nose. That vibe about him like he could turn around and bite a random passer-by just because he feels like it.
Yeah. That’s his nanny, no doubt.
Sixteen-year-old Warlock has decided he wants to become a popular YouTuber. In his search for interesting topics to vlog about, he finds out there’s a small town in the South Downs where people swear a peculiar ‘feeling of love’ permeates the air…
fandom:Good.Omens  era:South.Downs  shameless.fluff  PoV:Warlock  important.character:Warlock  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  complete  author:chamyl 
22 days ago by Kehlen
Leave of Absence
Crowley doesn't know what to do next, but he guesses he can be excused. Armageddon doesn't happen twice, after all. Maybe it's time for a real vacation – but first there are a couple things left unsaid.

Aziraphale is, perhaps for the first time in his long tenure on Earth, sleeping soundly, and he’s doing it directly in the center of Crowley’s bed. He’s lying on his side, curled up on himself, fist tucked against his mouth. Intermittently, he murmurs in his sleep, little snatches of celestial language that make Crowley’s skin prickle as if he’s being watched from a great distance, but have little other effect.
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  getting.together  shameless.fluff  hurt/comfort  cathartic  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  complete  shenanigans  Hell  Heaven  important!character:Gabriel  author:Eremji 
23 days ago by Kehlen
Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.

Mary Russell is living out her later years in her South Downs cottage. She is all too pleased to take on the challenge of deducing some things about her new neighbours.

(Mary Russell may be a detective, but she is also a student of theology.)
fandom:Good.Omens  fandom:Sherlock.Holmes  shameless.fluff  PoV:OC  era:after.books  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  complete  author:jessikast 
23 days ago by Kehlen
The Ghost Of Christmas Present
Neither Aziraphale or Crowley like the holidays terribly much, until an accident on Christmas Eve brings them together in an unexpected way.
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  Christmas  shameless.fluff  hurt/comfort  helper:Crowley  complete  author:mirawonderfulstar 
6 weeks ago by Kehlen
Build Our Kingdom
“Ready for lunch?” Crowley drops to his knees to start unbuckling the straps on the basket as though this is something they do all the time; as though he hasn’t just effortlessly catapulted Aziraphale back in time almost fifty years.

“You remembered,” Aziraphale breathes as wonder courses through him. He mentioned something once during an awkward moment, half a century ago, and now here kneels a demon atop a picnic blanket.

“Hmm?” Crowley barely shoots him a sidelong glance as he concentrates on opening the basket.

Aziraphale’s eyes do not move from him. “You remembered,” he repeats, no less stunned. “Crowley, you really didn’t have to.”

Crowley’s hands still. Eventually, his eyes still on the basket, he murmurs, “Well, we did The Ritz, didn’t we?”
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  shameless.fluff  getting.together  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  complete  cathartic  author:Mackem 
7 weeks ago by Kehlen
all i need, darling, is a life in your shape
After everything, Aziraphale and Crowley, by unspoken agreement, begin sharing their lives.
Why? Aziraphale wanted to ask him, why millennia of the way things were, and now this?

But while Crowley seemed to have little issue upending every unspoken rule they’d ever written for themselves, Aziraphale was not so flexible, and they had spent thousands of years never quite addressing whatever it was this had stemmed from. Words, Aziraphale had always felt, were for bickering about where to eat for lunch, or hashing out ontological debates, or other trivial nonsense; there was no need to trifle with the imprecision of language, with phrasing and the possibility of being misconstrued, when it came to important matters if the other person simply understood, without needing it said. Six thousand years ago, when Aziraphale had met Crowley on the wall of Eden, watching the first two humans set out to begin the rest of history, something deep within him, more central even than his Grace, had thought, oh, it’s you, and that had been enough for him--for both of them, he assumed--for three millennia.

However much he wanted to ask, he didn’t know how. The words simply weren’t there.
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  getting.together  sweet  shameless.fluff  meddling  meddling!Anathema  complete  author:deadgreeks  hurt/comfort 
9 weeks ago by Kehlen
Ineffable Endearments
Over the years, Crowley has called Aziraphale "sweetheart" on at least four different occasions. He just hasn't actually noticed himself saying it.
fandom:Good.Omens  getting.together  shameless.fluff  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  author:TheLadyZephyr  sweet  complete 
9 weeks ago by Kehlen
A Good Officer
When Jean Valjean (now Fauchelevent) opened a café in Newtown with his daughter, he never expected to be brought face to face with his greatest fears and his oldest foe. When Inspector Javert first visited the new café across the road from the police station, he never expected to see a face which stirred old memories and new emotions. But the path their acquaintance leads them on is a dangerous one, which will threaten to shatter everything Javert thought he knew about himself. Is self-destruction all there is to be achieved, or is it enough to live for the smile of an ex-convict, and the possibility of becoming a good police officer? (Modern Sydney coffeeshop AU, combining M-sur-M and Paris eras, set in some weird dystopian AU where there aren’t already three cafés on Australia Street alone.)
fandom:Les.Misérables  au  au:modern  cathartic  exquisite  heartwrenching  hurt/comfort  illness:PTSD  PTSD!Javert  shameless.fluff  getting.together  pairing:Valjean/Javert  complete  au:Australia  author:hoc_voluerunt  suicide.attempt  suicidal!Javert  helper:Valjean  helper:Gavroche  BAMF!Gavroche  alive!everyone 
may 2019 by Kehlen
It's Empty in the Valley of Your Heart
Jean Valjean dies, and discovers a Heaven more wondrous than he ever imagined, where he is reunited with family and friends, and he can do anything he can dream of. But there is one person missing from this paradise, and saving Javert from himself will not be easy.
fandom:Les.Misérables  afterlife  shameless.fluff  helper:Fantine  heartwrenching  helper:Valjean  helper:M.Myriel  pairing:Valjean/Javert  hurt/comfort  BAMF!Valjean  oblivious!Javert  complete  very.good  author:akatonbo 
november 2018 by Kehlen
The light of our eyes and the stars is enough
"The greatest happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved; loved for ourselves, or rather, in spite of ourselves."- Victor Hugo

Valjean cannot sleep without Javert by his side - the challenge is getting him to leave his work and come to bed.
fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  shameless.fluff  hurt/comfort  complete  author:Waistcoat35  pairing:Valjean/Javert 
january 2018 by Kehlen
Secret Name
Dwarves have secret names given to them by Mahal, names of the soul. Knowing a Dwarves name gives one power over them, and they are only revealed to family and loved ones.

And all his life Nori had never felt safe enough to reveal his to anyone.
fandom:The.Hobbit  au  au:secret.names  heartwrenching  shameless.fluff  era:after.5.armies  pairing:Nori/Dwalin  hurt/comfort  complete  author:Blue_Sparkle 
july 2017 by Kehlen
That wasn't part of the Plan
What would have happened had the Company discovered the One Ring while on the quest and understood the implications it had for the world? Messing with canon for fun. A light-hearted romp through Middle Earth, while the dwarves and their hobbit burglar completely ruin Eru Illuvatar's plan for the world.
fandom:The.Hobbit  fandom:Lord.of.the.Rings  au  BAMF!Thorin  pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  pairing:Kili/Tauriel  alive!Durins  shenanigans  shameless.fluff  complete  author:mad_fairy  very.good  sweet 
july 2017 by Kehlen
The Lord's Script
It is like this: when a matched pair meet, it is usually not long before the first Touch and then the Words. There is always a stirring under the skin to reach out because humans were never designed to live in isolation. There is a pull that never wavers, quiet and calm under the surface. Denying it only makes it stronger and causes chance meetings again and again until they Touch. It is like this: even Valjean thinks the number times they have met by sheer coincidence is ridiculous and Javert is frankly sick of it.
fandom:Les.Misérables  AU  au:soulmates  soulbond  soulbonded:Javert&Valjean  soulbonded:Cosette&Marius  getting.together  shameless.fluff  complete  pairing:Valjean/Javert  alive!Valjean  alive!Javert  author:Kaleran  very.good 
july 2017 by Kehlen
When we have shuffled off
No one was more surprised than Bilbo Baggins to learn he was being given a choice: go on to the afterlife of Hobbits and Men, or be reunited with Thorin in the Dwarven afterlife.

There was only one problem. Thorin has been in a Hell of his own devising this whole time, one created by self-hatred for his crimes committed under the influence of dragon sickness, and the Valar are begging for Bilbo to talk some sense into him and thus free him.
fandom:The.Hobbit  pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  helper:Bilbo  afterlife  idiot!Thorin  complete  author:Avelera  shameless.fluff  important.character:Aule.(Mahal)  soulbonded:Bilbo&Thorin  redemption  redeemed!Thorin 
may 2017 by Kehlen
Somehow, after that night, he first becomes Jean in the privacy of Javert’s thoughts. It is just another secret for him to keep. But sometimes, in the middle of the night, when he cannot sleep for the fire in his blood, he dares to close his eyes and pretend the hand is Jean’s, and sometimes he whispers the name he has been given to hold.
fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  shameless.fluff  PoV:Javert  pairing:Javert/Valjean  complete  author:Sir_Bedivere  very.good 
may 2016 by Kehlen
Inspector Javert and the Empire of Death
It is 1832, and in the aftermath of the failed uprising, Inspector Javert is about to commit suicide when he is rescued by Jean Valjean, the man he has wronged. While Javert heals and tries to find his place in a world where doubt and guilt have taken the place of everything he once believed in, he is plagued by his developing feelings for Valjean, and distracted by a series of murders. In the course of his investigations, the search for the man behind the crime soon becomes personal when it seems that Valjean and his family are threatened by the mysterious villain as well. Despite the distrust of his superiors, Javert might be the only one who can solve this crime, while at the same time Valjean seems to be just as much in need of a savior as Javert was.
complete  getting.together  heartwrenching  oblivious!Javert  oblivious!Valjean  exquisite  alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  shenanigans  angst  hurt/comfort  clever!Cosette  author:Esteliel  fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  pairing:Valjean/Javert  important.character:Claquesous  helper:Valjean  helper:Javert  shameless.fluff  bitter.sweet 
february 2016 by Kehlen
Valjean has never really thought about sex before getting together with Javert and is intrigued to learn that Javert has. Javert would really rather not answer Valjean's questions.
hurt/comfort  angst  shenanigans  alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  complete  author:Zarabeth22  fandom:Les.Misérables  shameless.fluff  pairing:Valjean/Javert  very.good  era:after.barricades 
january 2016 by Kehlen
Juniper and Camphor
Valjean closed his eyes, his head coming to rest against his shoulder as Javert drew his hands into his lap. Silently, he began to smooth the salve into the inflamed joints, breathing in time with Valjean as the fire hissed and sputtered. The dry skin soon gleamed from the rendered fat, and his fingers slid easily across the palm that he had come to know as well as his own. Valjean's fingers were shorter than his, but thicker; gnarled now from the ache in his joints, though they relaxed more and more as Javert massaged him patiently, until at last Valjean's palm lay relaxed in his own.
alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  complete  author:Esteliel  christmas  fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  bitter.sweet  shameless.fluff  PoV:Javert  pairing:Valjean/Javert  kidfic.sorta 
december 2015 by Kehlen
the light between us
He looks in the mirror again, and this time, Javert is looking back. Though the glass is cloudy, he can see Javert’s eyes, clear, and Javert does not look away. Valjean pulls the razor across his jaw again. He watches Javert watching. Wonders who will blink first. After being let go from the police, Javert moves in with Valjean. Tension ensues.
fandom:Les.Misérables  alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  getting.together  era:after.barricades  shameless.fluff  heartwrenching  pairing:Valjean/Javert  hurt/comfort  very.good  author:carnival_papers  mostly.pwp  complete  PoV:Valjean 
august 2015 by Kehlen
A Different Burden
Valjean's gaze was still on him, warm, tender, heated; there was not a shade of doubt in it, and again Javert could do nothing but bow to this gift, accept it with trembling hands and a gratitude that could and should be expressed by passion only.
fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  shameless.fluff  very.good  pairing:Valjean/Javert  complete  author:Miss.M 
may 2015 by Kehlen
Taken In
I needed a one-shot with Jean Valjean coming just after his repentance and before his hard-working mayor days with him finding a woman who knows who he is and loves him.
fandom:Les.Misérables  au  era:Digne  pairing:Valjean/OFC  shameless.fluff  complete  hurt/comfort  author:i_luv_obiwan91 
march 2015 by Kehlen
Season of Warmth
Just before Christmas,Harry hears the basilisk and thinks he's going mad. He flees into a blizzard and is followed by Snape. Trapped by the storm, they hide in a cave. Will they survive to celebrate Christmas?
fandom:Harry.Potter  era:2d.year  Harry.P.&Snape  helper:Snape  helper:Harry.P.  parseltongue  parselmouth!Harry.P.  parselmouth!Snape  snakes  defeat.Voldie!101  complete  sweet  shameless.fluff  author:Snapegirlkmf  very.good  christmas  basilisks 
january 2015 by Kehlen
Acts of Mercy
After witnessing and reporting a murder, Javert is dismissed from the police and takes a job protecting the women in a brothel, where many of his long-held ideas about justice are challenged.
fandom:Les.Misérables  au  shameless.fluff  getting.together  pairing:Valjean/Javert  angst  hurt/comfort  good!Javert  complete  author:Dementrodelta  author:cruisedirector  very.good 
december 2014 by Kehlen
joy is your sorrow unmasked
Modern AU. Thorin learns that his sister has died and that the nephews he didn't know about before are at an orphanage. Taking them in was probably the best and most troublesome decision he's ever made.
fandom:TheHobbit  au  au:modern  pairing:Dis/OMC  kidfic  kid!Fili  kid!Kili  parent!lock  parent!Thorin  adoption  adopted!Kili  adopted!Fili  adopter:Thorin  shameless.fluff  hurt/comfort  exquisite  author:Hexim 
november 2014 by Kehlen
A Light Touch
Bilbo discovers that dwarves have to seriously consider the possibility of someone becoming their spouse if said someone manages to add a braid to their hair while they are sleeping - without waking them up! This seems to him to be a perfect opportunity to both train for his task as a burglar... and maaaybe get something else at the same time.
fandom:The.Hobbit  dwarves  complete  shameless.fluff  getting.together  pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  author:overtherisingstar 
november 2014 by Kehlen
Searching for Home
Greg hasn't been taking care of himself at all. Fortunately, John and Sherlock are there to pick up the slack... and maybe be a little more.
fandom:Sherlock  pairing:John/Sherlock/Lestrade  getting.together  pairing:johnlock  shameless.fluff  complete  series  author:SailorChibi  hurt/comfort 
november 2014 by Kehlen
Bundle of Joy
Seeking: An intelligent, capable wizard amenable to assisting a bright, independent, magically-formidable single witch in the conception of a child. Insemination only: no sexual congress; non-negotiable. Further contact will be established following receipt of preliminary letter of interest. Address all inquiries by owl to Joy Bundle c/o Hogsmeade Owl Post.
fandom:Harry.Potter  era:after.war  era:aftrer.books  pairing:snager  getting.together  shenanigans  complete  shameless.fluff  author:Lady.Tuesday  very.good 
october 2014 by Kehlen
With Holmes and Mary both dead, Watson is lost and doesn't know how to fill the emptiness. But things are about to change.
fandom:Sherlock.Holmes  pairing:Holmes/Watson  pairing:Watson/M.Morstan  getting.together  adventure:Empty.House  angst  hurt/comfort  shameless.fluff  complete  exquisite  author:Penguin  PoV:Watson 
october 2014 by Kehlen
Spaces Between
John watches Sherlock wander through the flat staring at everything like it's all new, touching random objects as if they can tell him something he doesn't already know. Their eyes meet. They look away
fandom:Sherlock  pairing:johnlock  Sherlock's.return  era:after.Reichenbach  angst  hurt/comfort  shameless.fluff  very.good  complete  author:aubkae 
august 2014 by Kehlen
Sentiment to Paper
No fewer than three times by the winter of 1883 had I heard Sherlock Holmes disparage the ways of lovers and their irrational tendencies toward writing letters. With this often and loudly-expressed opinion in mind, I was very surprised indeed to find a stack of unsent, unsealed letters in a drawer in his desk.
fandom:Sherlock.Holmes  pairing:Holmes/Watson  shameless.fluff  exquisite  getting.together  shenanigans  author:mistyzeo  complete  epistolary 
august 2014 by Kehlen
Sherlock returned from the dead a year ago. John returned to Baker Street six months ago. They've been in a couple since then. or at least, not NOT a couple. For two smart men, they sure can be dumb. Luckily, an art thief tries to drown Sherlock, Sherlock has a fever dream and things are about to change.
fandom:Sherlock  era:after.Reichenbach  Sherlock's.return  pairing:johnlock  oblivious!Sherlock  oblivious!John.W.  shameless.fluff  sweet  series  complete  author:221b_hound  BAMF!John.W.  absolute.favourite  exquisite 
august 2014 by Kehlen
Command Structure
Sherlock Holmes returns from his hunt to destroy Moriarty's network. He comes home to John, and at long last they start this thing between them that couldn't begin while Moriarty threatened them. But Sherlock has returned fractured and suffering anxiety attacks. He thinks he needs discipline - the whip - to help him focus and be strong. But his problems are deeper and run back to a childhood of neglect. John Watson is prepared to be Sherlock's Captain, but he's a doctor too. His command style isn't about pain and subjugation. It's about care and responsibility: and those concepts go in both directions in Captain Watson's command structure.
fandom:Sherlock  pairing:johnlock  era:after.Reichenbach  Sherlock's.return  shameless.fluff  sweet  BAMF!John.W.  romance  hurt/comfort  dom!John.W.  sub!Sherlock  exquisite  author:221b_hound  complete 
august 2014 by Kehlen
Second Chance
Now that John's divorce has gone through and the dust is settling, Sherlock thinks that he would very much like to see if there is any possibility of moving their friendship in another direction. The only thing is, he has no idea how to go about doing that...
fandom:Sherlock  pairing:johnlock  era:after.Reichenbach  getting.together  sweet  shameless.fluff  bashing  bashing:Mary.M.  oblivious!Sherlock  complete  author:SilentAuror  exquisite 
july 2014 by Kehlen
All I Want is You
Sherlock has finally come home and he’s terrified about how John will take it. Thing is, no matter how many times he’s thought about it, he couldn’t have anticipated this.
fandom:Sherlock  era:after.Reichenbach  Sherlock's.return  shameless.fluff  pairing:johnlock  getting.together  humor  complete  author:Laurtew 
june 2014 by Kehlen
That Which is Buried
When Sherlock starts acting strangely after a case, John recognises the signs of possible repressed memories. He goes to Mycroft to find out what could be wrong with Sherlock and how to help him.
crossover  crossover:HP&Sherlock  fandom:Sherlock  fandom:Harry.Potter  wizard!Sherlock  helper:Mycroft  angst  hurt/comfort  illness:amnesia  amnesiac!Sherlock  BAMF!John.W.  pairing:johnlock  sweet  shameless.fluff  author:beren_writes  complete  pairing:drarry  era:after.books  PoV:John.W.  important.character:Draco  good!Draco  important.character:Harry.P.  exquisite 
june 2014 by Kehlen
When John and Sherlock touch, Sherlock feels warm and John feels relieved. There is no label for this, but they are them.
fandom:Sherlock  era:after.Reichenbach  John.W.&Sherlock  shameless.fluff  complete  very.good  author:Pic_Akai  PoV:John.W. 
may 2014 by Kehlen
Holding Out for a Miracle
What if when Sherlock gets back he goes to see John and John doesn’t even react just lets him slide seamlessly back into his life. And at first Sherlock thinks it’s kind of weird but he gets used to it, to John never bringing it up, to the way he sometimes just snaps and yells or breaks something because he figures, “That’s just the way he copes and I deserve so much worse.” Then one day Lestrade or Mrs. Hudson or someone shows up and starts talking to Sherlock and John goes all white in the face and is surprised like “You can see him, too?” or the like. And that’s when Sherlock realizes that the reason John never said anything was because he’d been imagining that Sherlock was still there the whole time. He never noticed that his hallucination had been replaced by the real thing.
hurt/comfort  sweet  complete  shameless.fluff  author:KCS  exquisite  fandom:Sherlock  era:after.Reichenbach  Sherlock's.return  PoV:John.W. 
may 2014 by Kehlen
While it was one of many possible outcomes of John's reaction to seeing Sherlock back from the dead, Sherlock was still nonetheless surprised by his companion. A puzzling effect, but Sherlock was finding he really didn't mind.
fandom:Sherlock  John.W.&Sherlock  Sherlock's.return  shameless.fluff  hurt/comfort  author:Reidluver  complete 
may 2014 by Kehlen
Safe Harbour
John Watson faints for the first and last time in his life when he fetches the prescription from the printer and turns back to find his elderly heart patient has transformed into Sherlock Holmes.
fandom:Sherlock  John.W.&Sherlock  hurt/comfort  shameless.fluff  Sherlock's.return  complete  author:221b_hound 
may 2014 by Kehlen
A Week in the Dark
When Sherlock is temporarily blinded as the result of a case, he finds himself needing John more than he thought possible. John does his best to care for him, and chaos ensues.
fandom:Sherlock  pairing:johnlock  getting.together  shameless.fluff  complete  author:Wonderlander090 
may 2014 by Kehlen
Performance in a Leading Role
Sherlock Holmes is an Oscar winner in the midst of a career slump. John Watson is an Everyman actor trapped in the rom-com ghetto. When they are cast as a gay couple in a new independent drama, will they surprise each other? Will their on-screen romance make its way into the real world? --- gorgeous fic is gorgeous
series  favourite  exquisite  complete  author:Mad_Lori  sweet  fandom:Sherlock  getting.together  shameless.fluff  pairing:johnlock  important.character:Harry.W  PoV:John.W.  PoV:Sherlock  important.character:Irene.Adler  important.character:Donovan  has:sequel  actor!John.W.  actor!Sherlock 
april 2014 by Kehlen
Not Dying Today
The first (and only) time John saw Sherlock and Anderson work well as a team without complaint, they were performing CPR on Lestrade.
fandom:Sherlock  complete  humor  shameless.fluff  helper:Sherlock  helper:Anderson 
april 2014 by Kehlen
Among Friends
When McCoy has a disastrously rough day, Kirk and Spock come to the rescue.
shameless.fluff  complete  author:eagle_of_idiocy  pairing:OT3  fandom:Star.Trek  friendship 
january 2014 by Kehlen
Pirates, Spies, and Bedtime Stories
Kirk & Spock arrive in the transporter room de-aged to five years old. While crew members search for a solution, Kirk & Spock play together on the Enterprise.
author:lallyloo  fandom:Star.Trek  pairing:spirk  deaging  deaged:Kirk  deaged:Spock  carer:McCoy  complete  fluff  shameless.fluff  kidfic 
november 2013 by Kehlen

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