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When The Wall Came Down
“He doesn’t go in for that sort of thing. I mean, he is a *demon* after all. And he’s made many derogatory comments about romantic love in general."

Deirdre, who’d known many a “bad boy” like Crowley when she’d been in high school wanted to shake the angel by the shoulders and yell ARE YOU BLIND?? But instead she brought a gentle hand up to Aziraphale’s pale cheek. He raised his eyes to hers and she was struck by the sadness in them.

“Dearest Azirahale” she said kindly “Have you not seen how he looks at you? Dear lord, I can see his love for you even through those ridiculous dark glasses of his”.
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  getting.together  oblivious!Aziraphale  oblivious!Crowley  shenanigans  helper:Deirdre.Y.  helper:Anathema  complete  sweet  heartwrenching  cathartic  author:Slow_Burn_Sally 
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Tumbling Down
When summer finally rolls in and lays heavy on the South Downs, he realizes he’s lonely. While most demons are solitary creatures, Crowley is not; just another way he doesn’t fit the mold. Without thinking, he picks up his phone, meaning to call Aziraphale - wants to tell him all about the cottage, what he’s done, what he’s made. Pain brings him up short. He can’t call him - literally, because he never added Aziraphale's number to this new mobile; but it’s more than that, of course. The angel doesn’t want what Crowley aches to give, holding out to him in two shaking hands. You go too fast for me.

So he racks his brain for an alternative, trying to come up with someone to share his accomplishments with. After a week, he lands on the witch. She, too, can make things grow. He dials the operator, asks for Tadfield, Jasmine Cottage. The witch answers. She doesn’t sound surprised. I’d love to come see what you’ve done with the place.

Crowley, frustrated by Aziraphale's continued hesitance, attempts to make a new life for himself after the Apocalypse-that-Wasn't.
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  oblivious!Aziraphale  getting.together  absolute.favourite  BAMF!Anathema  Anathema&Crowley  heartwrenching  hurt/comfort  cathartic  complete  series  author:katonline 
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On The Matter Of Touch
“On the matter of touch,” Crowley begins, waving his teaspoon in what he hopes passes for idle curiosity. “Thoughts?”


For two ineffable husbands, they don't really touch each other much. Here is a story on why that might be.
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  getting.together  angst  angels  touch.starvation  touch.starved!Aziraphale  helper:Crowley  sweet  heartwrenching  shameless.fluff  complete  author:Somedrunkpirate 
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like champagne on my tongue
"I'm sobering up."

Aziraphale's face falters briefly from its soft, fond look into something that maybe most closely resembles panic. He rearranges it instantly, but it still happened. "No, no, don't bother, my dear."

Crowley sways, eyes narrowed. Aziraphale's hands don't move away after he steadies him.

The suspicion that Aziraphale has sobered up at some point this evening without telling him gains another tally in favour.

"Aziraphale, I'm pickled," he complains, but he doesn't sober up quite yet anyway.


In which Adam asks a very human question, and sets a very big ball rolling. Or, well, not quite, but that's as close as Crowley is willing to let you get.
fandom:Good.Omens  getting.together  oblivious!Aziraphale  shameless.fluff  complete  heartwrenching  author:chasing_the_sterek 
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Never Again
Aziraphale knows Crowley will eventually leave his side--the demon bores easily, and has never handled stasis well--but he’s quite happy to put that moment off for as long as possible. It isn’t until the Eleventh Day Of The Rest Of Their Lives that Aziraphale realizes with bemusement that, aside from his little jaunt into Hell on Crowley’s behalf, he hasn’t been out of the demon’s line of sight for more than a few minutes since Tadfield.

Or: After Armageddn't, Crowley, who for a whole afternoon thought he'd lost his angel forever, intends to never let Aziraphale out of his sight ever again. He fails to actually communicate this, and when he wakes up in the bookshop to find the angel gone, he panics. When Aziraphale comes back, he winds up with a lapful of clingy demon and it's all downhill from there.
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  getting.together  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  heartwrenching  cathartic  hurt/comfort  helper:Aziraphale  complete  author:ever_ever_never 
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but I am home
Aziraphale doesn't have to hide his love for Crowley any longer. He just needs to let himself believe it.
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  sweet  heartwrenching  getting.together  PoV:Aziraphale  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  complete  author:sparklespiff  fluffy 
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Bring it back, bring it back [don't take it away from me]
After 6000 years, Crowley finally gives up on ever getting what he wants, and leaves London forever. Aziraphale doesn't like it, has a revelation, and goes after him.
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  oblivious!Aziraphale  getting.together  heartwrenching  cathartic  very.good  complete  author:wednesdaydaisy 
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i'll be your man if you got love to get done
Tucking his sunglasses into the neck of his black t-shirt, he scans the crowded space for the man Anathema had described. Blond, she’d said. A bit old-fashioned. Crowley had taken that to mean no shagging until the third date but his eyes land on a man who looks like he just returned from tea in the Victorian era and he just knows he’s found his date. Ezra Fell.
fandom:Good.Omens  au  au:human  getting.together  meddling  meddling!Anathema  very.good  heartwrenching  cathartic  complete  author:mygalfriday 
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De Souza’s
“Why are you being strange about it, angel? Nothing wrong with human indulgence. Just wondered, that’s all.”

“I started going when we had those ridiculous side burns and just liked it. That’s all.”

Aziraphale believed that he would sound convincing if he didn’t have a tremor in his voice.
fandom:Good.Omens  era:after.books  hurt/comfort  heartwrenching  very.good  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  helper:Crowley  complete  author:Sir_Bedivere 
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It took Aziraphale approximately five thousand nine hundred and forty-five years—give or take a few months—to fall in love. It didn’t take Crowley nearly as long.
fandom:Good.Omens  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  era:after.books  getting.together  oblivious!Aziraphale  sweet  heartwrenching  cathartic  complete  very.good  author:walkalittleline 
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Bless Your Wings and Live Life Eternal
Crowley had been expecting the forces of Above and Below to target him, for Beelzebub or Hastur to seek retribution once the shock faded and the crime remained.

They had been careful. Crowley’d been downright paranoid.

Just not careful or paranoid enough to keep from getting blindsided.

Because when they came, they didn’t come for Crowley.

They took Aziraphale.

Crowley had already lived in a world without Aziraphale. He wasn't going to do it again.
fandom:Good.Omens  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  BAMF!Crowley  bad!Gabriel  kidnapping  kidnapped!Aziraphale  hurt/comfort  heartwrenching  helper:Crowley  complete  author:Tenoko1  very.good 
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A Familiar Grace
“Hold on, hold on.” Crowley leaned forward, certain he’d heard right but unable to comprehend it. “Just what are you trying? You’re an angel, not a demon.”

“Yes, but we’re from the same stock, aren’t we? You can do it, I don’t see why I shouldn’t be able to.”

“Well, I can do it, but I’ve never actually possessed a body, I don’t know how it works,” Crowley said over the thudding in his chest. Millennia of denying any similarity between the two of them, and now here Aziraphale was, trying to do something unheard of for angels.

“It can’t be that different from having a regular corporation. Pity I can't inhabit yours,” Aziraphale said with an awkward half-laugh.

Now that was an idea.

Crowley straightened up. “Why not?”
fandom:Good.Omens  era:apocalypse  AU  getting.together  heartwrenching  sweet  BAMF!Aziraphale  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  complete  author:artenon 
8 weeks ago by Kehlen
the effects of holy water on angels
As all Angels should, Aziraphale loves all of God’s creations, and She had many ones that are easy to love. So, as an immortal, it is impossible to go through existence without feeling the loss of them. The emptiness. There have been a handful of people, animals, even places, that have been lost to time that he has mourned.

But this?

This is a grief that Aziraphale is sure that not even Hell could imagine. A grief that Aziraphale would have believed only came with the feeling of losing one’s Angelic wings in a fall. A grief that he would never experience.
fandom:Good.Omens  getting.together  pairing:Aziraphale/Crowley  era:apocalypse  holy.water  hurt/comfort  helper:Crowley  heartwrenching  cathartic  complete  author:bitterglitter 
8 weeks ago by Kehlen
A Good Officer
When Jean Valjean (now Fauchelevent) opened a café in Newtown with his daughter, he never expected to be brought face to face with his greatest fears and his oldest foe. When Inspector Javert first visited the new café across the road from the police station, he never expected to see a face which stirred old memories and new emotions. But the path their acquaintance leads them on is a dangerous one, which will threaten to shatter everything Javert thought he knew about himself. Is self-destruction all there is to be achieved, or is it enough to live for the smile of an ex-convict, and the possibility of becoming a good police officer? (Modern Sydney coffeeshop AU, combining M-sur-M and Paris eras, set in some weird dystopian AU where there aren’t already three cafés on Australia Street alone.)
fandom:Les.Misérables  au  au:modern  cathartic  exquisite  heartwrenching  hurt/comfort  illness:PTSD  PTSD!Javert  shameless.fluff  getting.together  pairing:Valjean/Javert  complete  au:Australia  author:hoc_voluerunt  suicide.attempt  suicidal!Javert  helper:Valjean  helper:Gavroche  BAMF!Gavroche  alive!everyone 
may 2019 by Kehlen
It's Empty in the Valley of Your Heart
Jean Valjean dies, and discovers a Heaven more wondrous than he ever imagined, where he is reunited with family and friends, and he can do anything he can dream of. But there is one person missing from this paradise, and saving Javert from himself will not be easy.
fandom:Les.Misérables  afterlife  shameless.fluff  helper:Fantine  heartwrenching  helper:Valjean  helper:M.Myriel  pairing:Valjean/Javert  hurt/comfort  BAMF!Valjean  oblivious!Javert  complete  very.good  author:akatonbo 
november 2018 by Kehlen
Time To Say Goodbye
She talks about her brothers and her sister, who you never knew existed until you were eleven years old. Peter and Edmund and Lucy, who died in a train crash that killed Granny’s parents too, and their cousin Eustace and the dear old professor who had raised them during the war. Granny had been all alone, when she was only twenty two years old.
fandom:The.Chronicles.of.Narnia  era:after.books  PoV:OC  important!character:Susan.P.  heartwrenching  very.good  author:Sir_Bedivere 
june 2018 by Kehlen
Secret Name
Dwarves have secret names given to them by Mahal, names of the soul. Knowing a Dwarves name gives one power over them, and they are only revealed to family and loved ones.

And all his life Nori had never felt safe enough to reveal his to anyone.
fandom:The.Hobbit  au  au:secret.names  heartwrenching  shameless.fluff  era:after.5.armies  pairing:Nori/Dwalin  hurt/comfort  complete  author:Blue_Sparkle 
july 2017 by Kehlen
Bedtime Stories
The Pevensies stumbled back through the wardrobe and became children again, but they did not forget. Susan tried to pull them back, her brothers and her sister, because they would not be long for this world if they kept living in their dreams. As it turned out, she was right. At four minutes past three on a Tuesday afternoon, she got the phone call.
fandom:The.Chronicles.of.Narnia  era:after.books  PoV:Susan.P.  very.good  heartwrenching  complete  author:saracenknows 
february 2017 by Kehlen
Inspector Javert and the Empire of Death
It is 1832, and in the aftermath of the failed uprising, Inspector Javert is about to commit suicide when he is rescued by Jean Valjean, the man he has wronged. While Javert heals and tries to find his place in a world where doubt and guilt have taken the place of everything he once believed in, he is plagued by his developing feelings for Valjean, and distracted by a series of murders. In the course of his investigations, the search for the man behind the crime soon becomes personal when it seems that Valjean and his family are threatened by the mysterious villain as well. Despite the distrust of his superiors, Javert might be the only one who can solve this crime, while at the same time Valjean seems to be just as much in need of a savior as Javert was.
complete  getting.together  heartwrenching  oblivious!Javert  oblivious!Valjean  exquisite  alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  shenanigans  angst  hurt/comfort  clever!Cosette  author:Esteliel  fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  pairing:Valjean/Javert  important.character:Claquesous  helper:Valjean  helper:Javert  shameless.fluff  bitter.sweet 
february 2016 by Kehlen
the light between us
He looks in the mirror again, and this time, Javert is looking back. Though the glass is cloudy, he can see Javert’s eyes, clear, and Javert does not look away. Valjean pulls the razor across his jaw again. He watches Javert watching. Wonders who will blink first. After being let go from the police, Javert moves in with Valjean. Tension ensues.
fandom:Les.Misérables  alive!Javert  alive!Valjean  getting.together  era:after.barricades  shameless.fluff  heartwrenching  pairing:Valjean/Javert  hurt/comfort  very.good  author:carnival_papers  mostly.pwp  complete  PoV:Valjean 
august 2015 by Kehlen
this should be yours and mine
The first thing Valjean notices, when he enters the locker room, is Javert scowling at his phone. Which isn't a particularly unusual sight, obviously, but he's perched atop one of the rickety wooden stools, scrolling furiously with his thumbs and muttering something about dirty union reps, and it's not exactly what Valjean had anticipated during his long walk through the stadium tunnels.
fandom:Les.Misérables  au  au:modern  au:sports  heartwrenching  very.good  pairing:Valjean/Javert  complete  sweet  author:icicaille 
august 2015 by Kehlen
The Legacy of Thénardier
A month after his escape from Toulon, Valjean rescues Cosette from the Thénardiers. As they get to know each other and come to love each other, he learns of the abuse she suffered and he does his best to help her.
BAMF!Valjean  heartwrenching  angst  hurt/comfort  series  exquisite  complete  author:spiderfire  abuse  abused!Cosette  kidfic  kid!Cosette  fandom:Les.Misérables  Valjean&Cosette  helper:Valjean 
april 2015 by Kehlen
A Happy Accident
Sherlock and John accidentally spend a heat together and Sherlock ends up pregnant. Thing is, he doesn't want it. So he and John come to a deal...
fandom:Sherlock  pairing:johnlock  mpreg  pregnant!Sherlock  angst  omegaverse  alpha!John.W.  omega!Sherlock  oblivious!Sherlock  heartwrenching  getting.together  complete  author:KeelieThompson1 
march 2015 by Kehlen
Time's Treasure
What if Snape found out what becoming a Death Eater would do to his life before he actually received the Dark Mark? What if the person who told him was Hermione Granger? Will he change his future? Yes, it's a time turner fic.
fandom:Harry.Potter  era:after.war  timetraveller:Hermione  Hogwarts.professor!Hermione  important!character:Mr.Malfoy  helper:Dumbledore  pairing:snager  heartwrenching  very.good  good!Snape  goodish!Mr.Malfoy  angst  hurt/comfort  getting.together  BAMF!Snape  BAMF!Hermione  complete  favourite  author:debjunk 
february 2015 by Kehlen
Only Memories Will Sustain Us
Gymont has almost forgotten the stench of Paris, surrounded as he is by open fields. He has not forgotten his master. Gymont waits for Javert to come back from the Seine.
fandom:Les.Misérables  important!character:Javert'  complete  heartwrenching  exquisite  author:stonecarapace  PoV:Javert'  afterlife  redeemed!Javert 
february 2015 by Kehlen
A Legend of the Asturias
When he broke parole and tore up his yellow ticket, Madeleine slammed the door on 47 years of his life. Now, without family or name or past, he is alone on the long road to redemption. And God is always watching. Javert, broken by torture in the cellar below the headquarters of the Paris prefecture, is another of Montreuil's lost souls. As a bitter winter descends on the city, he and Madeleine draw closer and their relationship promises them both a chance at a new start. But Javert, dangerously unstable and tormented by violent fantasies, may not survive the thaw.
fandom:Les.Misérables  Valjean&Javert  helper:Valjean  angst  hurt/comfort  bitter.sweet  heartwrenching  complete  author:Ravenna44  very.good 
january 2015 by Kehlen
The Perils of Walking in the Rue de l'Homme-Armé
In which Montparnasse finds that the perils of walking in the Rue de l'Homme Arme are twofold: first, that one might begin to think; and second, that one might come across a weak old man.
fandom:Les.Misérables  era:after.barricades  important.character:Montparnasse  redeemable!Montparnasse  Valjean&Montparnasse  angst  alive!Valjean  complete  heartwrenching  author:raspberryhunter  exquisite  PoV:Montparnasse 
january 2015 by Kehlen
Post Tenebras, Lux
"After Darkness, Light." A chance meeting ten years after the war may not be just a coincidence, and may prove to have very far-reaching consequences. A story of many things, but primarily of healing.
fandom:Harry.Potter  pairing:snager  era:after.war  Hogwarts.professor!Hermione  hurt/comfort  heartwrenching  sweet  fluff  complete  bashing  bashing:McGonagall  bashing:Ron.W.  BAMF!Snape  Hermione&Luna  series  has:companion.stories  author:Loten  exquisite  Hermione&Harry.P. 
december 2014 by Kehlen
Toil Until the Old Colours Fade
After his leap into the Seine, Javert finds himself back in Montreuil-sur-Mer on the morning of his first appointment with M. Madeleine. He soon discovers that while his choices can change the outcome of things, nothing can stop death from delivering him back to that same morning. Now he has to defeat the game of fate or keep returning to 1820, eternally dying without finding peace. /// second epilogue on livejournal
fandom:Les.Misérables  complete  timetravel  hurt/comfort  PoV:Javert  pairing:Valjean/Javert  exquisite  absolute.favourite  heartwrenching  series  author:drcalvin  important!character:Eponine  important!character:Fantine  has:sequel  getting.together  redo  timetraveller:Javert  BAMF!Javert 
december 2014 by Kehlen
To Tempt the Wilderness
While travelling, a storm leaves Madeleine and Javert lost and cut off from all roads in a lonely valley in the Ardennes. But even more worrying than the need to find food and shelter is the fact that Javert is injured, and Madeleine, despite the secrets of his past, cannot leave when that might mean Javert’s death. When another accident forces Madeleine to choose between keeping his secrets and watching Javert die, or revealing himself as Jean Valjean to save Javert’s life, the already uncomfortable intimacy of being forced to rely on each other for survival becomes even more unbearable...
fandom:Les.Misérables  Valjean&Javert  heartwrenching  PoV:Javert  hurt/comfort  unhappy.ending  exquisite  complete  author:Esteliel 
december 2014 by Kehlen
A Plea to Aulë
What if life becomes a burden and death seems to be a welcome relief? Bilbo cannot let go after the death of his beloved king and the day of Dáin's coronation marks the end for the hobbit. But it is also a new beginning.
fandom:The.Hobbit  pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  heartwrenching  character.death  character.dead:Bilbo  character.dead:Thorin  hurt/comfort  complete  author:Eowyn.(eowynsmusings) 
november 2014 by Kehlen
Memories of Fire
Thorin Oakenshield never expected to find his One in a small, rowdy inn in the Shire on a cold and rainy night.
fandom:The.Hobbit  au  au:heartsongs  pairing:Bilbo/Thorin  getting.together  heartwrenching  sweet  complete  exquisite  author:E_Loveless  soulbonded:Bilbo&Thorin 
november 2014 by Kehlen
The Last Place You'd Look
During a disturbing case involving child sexual abuse victims, Lestrade notices Sherlock is...different. He's gentle, patient and understanding with these children, and in turn they completely trust him and is the only person they'll confide in. Sherlock also takes this case *very* personally and seems to understand far too much of what they are going through. The pieces fall together and Lestrade realises with horror Sherlock was a victim himself - that's why he can't stand to be touched unexpectedly, why he flinches and has never had a relationship (or even sex) before John. This is later - reluctantly confirmed by Mycroft and John. Somehow Lestrade eventually gets Sherlock to open up about it. His abuser was never caught and Mycroft considers it his one 'failure' John/Sherlock please. Lestrade/Mycroft if you like. Extra twist (if want) - the child(ren)'s abuser is Sherlock's older abuser - who still sees the 'beautiful little Sherlock...'
fandom:Sherlock  au  abuse  abused!Sherlock  abuser:OC  getting.together  pairing:johnlock  sweet  heartwrenching  hurt/comfort  BAMF!John.W.  complete  author:theorclair 
november 2014 by Kehlen
A confrontation with one of his childhood bullies leads Spock to a revelation.  author:kyliselle  era:  AOS  complete  fandom:  Star  Trek  Vulcans  heartwrenching  main!character:  nu!Spock  favourite  author 
october 2013 by Kehlen

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