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Conspiracy by Maethoriel Raina
After Voldemort's defeat, and in order to keep control of Harry Dumbledore enacts a marriage contract between Harry and Ginny. Bound by Pureblood Traditions, Harry can only use that to his advantage. Not a Harry/Ginny fic. Pre Slash.
Harry_Potter  Severus_Snape  Slash  Fanfic  AU  AU_Canon  pre-slash  Harry/Snape  Forced!Marriage 
january 2016 by Kateri
Changes and Other Inconveniences
Gibbs is back, but he's not taking the team back and that is only the start of Tony's problems
ncis  tony  dinozzo  gibbs  mcgee  ziva  abby  team  angst  AU  season_4  pre-slash  fanfic  complete  short  friendship 
may 2011 by Kateri
Wants and Needs by Gaby
AU Tony is desperately trying to recapture what he thinks he wants in life, until Gibbs shows him what he really needs.
NCIS  Tony  dinozzo  gibbs  gibbs/dinozzo  pre-slash  slash  EJ  hurt/comfort  preseries  season_8  complete  medium_fic  character_piece  angst  fanfic  Author:Gaby  AU  NCIS 
may 2011 by Kateri
A Greater Gift Than Love - Terizia
Was it possible for Tony's day to get any worse than it was? And really, Gibbs did love him more than life itself
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  gibbs/dinozzo  humor  slash  pre-slash  complete  short  fanfic  Author:Terizia 
may 2011 by Kateri
Genesis by 7th Swan
It's a cold and snowy day in Baltimore when the body of a petty officer brings together two men –one a federal agent, the other a lowly city detective
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  preseries  tony  dinozzo  gibbs  Vivian_Blackadder  complete  short  Cop!Tony  baltimore  pre-slash  fanfic  Author:7th_Swan 
december 2010 by Kateri
I Tripped by Rob Rynoplasty
Based on a comment from High Seas, pre series "How tony Met Gibbs"
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  Stan_Burley  gen  pre-slash  baltimore  preseries  complete  short  humor  fanfic  NCIS 
june 2010 by Kateri
The One Where Tony's Screwed (Oh so very Screwed) by Mad Jaks
Tony and Gibbs undercover, and Gibbs is stone. Link to prequel at botten
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  pre-slash  slash  humor  short  complete  undercover  fanfic  rec 
may 2010 by Kateri
The Fool - Joe_Reaves
Tony and one of Gibbs's ex-wives in a bar. AU
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  slash  pre-slash  AU  angst  complete  short  rec  fanfic 
april 2010 by Kateri
Tony in the Bottle by Chevelle
Genie!Tony tries to give his bottle to Gibbs for christmas, Fornell, the nephew of a certain astronaut helps.
NCIS  AU  Crossover  Fornell  gibbs  gibbs/dinozzo  tony  DiNozzo  slash  humor  pre-slash  Not_Human  Abilities!  complete  medium_fic  fanfic  rec 
april 2010 by Kateri
Not Your Style by TheLost City
Suddenly his front door opened and he heard the heels that signified Colonel Hollis Mann's arrival. Shit. He looked at Tony, who had withdrawn his hand, "I told her not to come tonight."
ncis  gibbs  tony  slash  angst  gibbs/dinozzo  undercover  pre-slash  hurt/comfort  fanfic  DiNozzo  short  rec 
february 2010 by Kateri
The Sun Will Not Fall Into The Sea by Shine
Gibbs will never ask for them but Tony keeps his medals anyway
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  gibbs/dinozzo  pre-slash  slash  complete  short  awards  fanfic 
february 2010 by Kateri
Strangers by Jules
Without Gibbs, there is no team. Gibbs is only at NCIS because Shannon and Kelly died. So, in this, they live, but Gibbs and DiNozzo’s paths still cross. Set about a year before the JAG episodes in the canon timeline.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  au  au_meeting  Cop!Tony  hurt/comfort  undercover  Shannon_Gibbs  complete  medium_fic  angst  gen  slash  pre-slash  fanfic  rec 
september 2009 by Kateri
Bodily Atrocities of the New Millenium by spoonyriffic
While in DC on a consult House insinuates himself on a new case, one involving Special Agent Tony DiNozzo but even House can't stop this disease
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  House  slash  pre-slash  angst  dark  complete  medium_fic  fanfic  rec  illness  Tony!Whump 
july 2009 by Kateri
Paperwork by spae
Dotting the I's and crossing the T's on employment paperwork
ncis  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  preseries  pre-slash  fanfic  complete  ficlet  rec  humor 
july 2009 by Kateri
Post-Heartland by Meri
After Heartland, Gibbs has a conversation with his dad.
NCIS  Gibbs  Jackson_Gibbs  gen  pre-slash  ep_related  season_6  short  complete  rec  fanfic 
may 2009 by Kateri
Rocket-Induced Romance by Spoony
Rocket launchers and gun runners lead to possible romance
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  humor  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  pre-slash  rec  complete  fanfic  Author:Spoony 
march 2009 by Kateri
Male Attic-Bonding by Spoony
“Acknowledging that it's a cliché doesn't make it any less stupid or more original, DiNozzo.” aka the one where Gibbs and Tony are stuck in an attic during a thunderstorm
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  pre-slash  humor  short  rec  friendship  complete  fanfic 
march 2009 by Kateri
Black Helicopters at Dawn by Whizzy
Totally fantastic. Rodney thought he had finally found proof of extraterrestrial life and won that bottle of vodka from Zelenka before he realized the dish was pointing toward earth still from cleaning it. Now he has to save John Sheppard all the while keep a watch out for The Black Helicopters
stargate  SGA  mckay/sheppard  earthside  pre-slash  AU  Sheppard  McKay  humor  complete  rec  fanfic 
march 2009 by Kateri
Starting with a smile by KSL
God, that smile was going to be the death of him. But lord, what a way to go.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  pre-slash  fanfic  complete  preseries  Author:KSL  NCIS 
february 2009 by Kateri
Blind Loyalty by Eoen
"I will never be cleared for field duty and you will stop putting that thought into Gibbs' head. Do you understand me, Duck? I've already talked about it with the Director."
NCIS  team  DiNozzo  Fornell  Gibbs  hurt/comfort  angst  pre-slash  gen  AU  injury  disability  fanfic  rec  Tony 
january 2009 by Kateri
Strange men who push girls on swings" by iniq
Gibbs prided himself in knowing all about his little princess, from her favorite book to her invisible friend ‘Tony’.
NCIS  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Tony  Abby  Kelly_Gibbs  AU  pre-slash  fanfic  disability  injury  AU_Meeting 
december 2008 by Kateri
Snap by Eoen
"Maybe it's like love, it can happen like *snap* that." How G/D met. Maybe.
NCIS  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Pacci  Ducky  slash  pre-slash  preseries  Tony!Whump  hurt/comfort  fanfic  Tony  NCIS 
december 2008 by Kateri

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