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The Letter by Libi
A letter left by Jenny gives Gibbs a second chance at family
NCIS  Gibbs  kidfic  angst  gen  complete  medium_fic  ep_related  AU  Author:Libi  fanfic 
september 2010 by Kateri
Facing Forward by CSIGeekFan
after leaving NCIS, Adopting some kids, and becoming a sheriff in Maine Tony needs the team's help.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  gen  AU  kidfic  Gibbs  Ducky  Abby  angst  friendship  complete  medium_fic  fanfic  Author:CSIGeekFan 
september 2010 by Kateri
A Piece of Blue Sky by 7th Swan
When Tony is shot in action, he's surprised to find himself stuck somewhere between life and death. Which would be cause for concern even without a seven year old Leroy Jethro Gibbs for company
NCIS  tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  AU  slash  Gibbs/DiNozzo  kidfic  Kid!Gibbs  supernatural  injury  complete  medium_fic  fanfic 
june 2010 by Kateri
Second Chance by Cernicalo
Tony returns to Gibbs after disappearing for months, the only things is that thanks to a radical medical predidure he's pregnant.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  au  gibbs/dinozzo  hurt/comfort  mpreg  slash  angst  injury  kidfic  long_fic  complete  fanfic 
april 2010 by Kateri
Bare Bones by KathGrey
“Austrians are really, really morbid. But at least the landscape is beautiful.” A family vacation turns turbulent. A Sam Universe story
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  Gibbs/DiNozzo  au  futurefic  kidfic  complete  medium_fic  fanfic  series 
april 2010 by Kateri
People Hurt People by Tragedty of Fenwick
Spending time with his son, Tony, does not turn out the way Anthony DiNozzo, Sr though
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  DiNozzo_Family  injury  Tony!Whump  Kid!Tony  kidfic  preseries  prebaltimore  gen  rec  fanfic  NCIS 
january 2010 by Kateri
At the Going Down of the Sun by catwalksalone
Tony's going to tell Uncle Jack just how pissed off he is at him for dying. At least, that's the plan. Only somehow Tony's plans never work out quite the way he expects.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  DiNozzo_Family  McGee  Kid!Tony  kid!mcgee  preseries  kidfic  gen  complete  short  fanfic  NCIS 
november 2009 by Kateri
Ten Years On by Xanthe
McGee is Director of NCIS, Gibbs is raising a small child, and Tony is teetering on the brink of total self-destruction - a lot has happened in ten years…
Extract: "Tony is out of control, Gibbs – you know it and I know it. One of these days he *will* get himself killed. I'm sure of it."
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  McGee  kidfic  angst  AU  slash  fanfic  Author:Xanthe  futurefic  het  long_fic  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Tony  rec  case_file  action/adventure  complete  Parent_With_Child 
april 2009 by Kateri
Unexpected Happiness by CJ
Tony gets a call that leads to many unexpected things: a daughter, a family, and happiness he never expected.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  Jeanne  kidfic  gen  angst  AU  complete  short  fanfic 
april 2009 by Kateri
Emma by Cosmic
When a dead Lieutenant and his wife are found murdered, Gibbs assigns the care of their five month old daughter to Tony.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  kidfic  Gibbs  team  Gibbs/DiNozzo  Tony/Gibbs  slash  Author:Cosmic  fanfic 
april 2009 by Kateri
Chance Encounter by Taylor Gibbs
On a snowy night in New York City, Gibbs meets a teenaged Tony DiNozzo and decides he wants to help the boy.
NCIS  DiNozzo  Gibbs  preseries  gen  father/son  fanfic  AU  au_meeting  kidfic  Kid!Tony  Marine!Gibbs  DiNozzo_Family  angst  Tony!Whump  injury  Abused!Tony  Author:TaylorGibbs  NCIS 
december 2008 by Kateri

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