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FORCED TRAINING by combatcrazy
Gibbs is ordered to train a new slave, a Baltimore Detective who had been framed by his own government.
ncis  tony  dinozzo  gibbs/dinozzo  gibbs  ducky  slash  AU  Slave!fic  Slave!Tony  wip  fanfic  Cop!Tony 
february 2011 by Kateri
The Day Destiny Came to Call by Helles of belles
Tony is sold into slavery to pay off his families debts, but it was only through the manipulations of a certain NCIS director that he was even apprehended and put on the auction block. Gibbs is not a happy camper.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  gibbs/dinozzo  Jenny_Shepard  AU  Slave!fic  Slave!Tony  slash  BDSM  Alpha!Gibbs  Sub!Tony  complete  medium_fic  fanfic 
may 2010 by Kateri
Master, Boss, Jethro by Gunnery Sergeant
Slave!Fic. Gibbs is gifted with a Personal Companion named Tony DiNozzo
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  gibbs/dinozzo  slash  au  au_meeting  Slave!fic  Slave!Tony  complete  short  fanfic 
february 2010 by Kateri
Gibbs finds Tony just after he's been convicted of a crime he didn't commit. He takes the younger man under his protection and starts looking for a way to clear Tony's name.
NCIS  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Ducky  Gibbs/DiNozzo  Tony/Gibbs  Tony!Whump  hurt/comfort  slash  AU  Slave!fic  fanfic  AU_meeting  Bottom!Tony  Sub!Tony 
december 2008 by Kateri

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