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The Human
When Methos finds out about the Stargate Program he remembers his childhood on Atlantis and his duty
Ancients  crossover  short  fanfic  gen  Highlander  Methos  SGA  Stargate 
february 2012 by Kateri
Requiem by Caarin
Assigned by the Watchers to track a legend, Methos runs across
a former student with a secret to rival his own.
highlander  Methos  Watchers  fanfic  unread 
october 2011 by Kateri
Strange Aeons
Sometimes he wonders what is the biggest lie, history or his memories
highlander  methos  gen  short  fanfic  complete 
july 2011 by Kateri
Gibbs waits for Tony to revive after his car is blown up, hoping that he can heal from an explosion
NCIS  highlander  crossover  complete  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  ep_related  season_5  friendship  Immortal!Tony  fanfic 
july 2011 by Kateri
No Man is an Island by AnnP
After Duncan rejects Methos "Adam Pierson" and Amy leave Paris but their plane goes down and they have to survive on a deserted island
highlander  Methos  MacLeod  Joe_Dawson  Amy_Thomas  Watchers  AdamPierson  slash  angst  complete  medium_fic  fanfic 
july 2011 by Kateri
Hurricane snatched from a sigh
Castiel tries to get Death's son to join in the fight
Highlander  supernatural  spn  Methos  Castiel  gen  crossover  fanfic  short  complete  AU  season_5 
april 2011 by Kateri
Along Came Mary by wajag
Years later while in medical school Methos unwittingly starts to date Mary Lindsey, the 'niece' of Duncan.
Highlander  Methos  MacLeod  gen  complete  short  romance  fanfic  Author:wajag 
november 2010 by Kateri
Conversations over a dead body by Jinxed Wood
Conversations Methos overhears when he wakes up in Ducky's morgue
NCIS  Highlander  Methos  crossover  Ducky  gen  humor  short  complete  fanfic  Author:Jinxed_Wood 
october 2010 by Kateri
Hang High The Raven Banner
Joe watches on, as Methos tries to keep the peace between two Immortals in order to honour a promise made to an old friend.
Highlander  methos  Joe_Dawson  Watchers  gen  complete  short  angst  friendship  fanfic 
july 2010 by Kateri
Someone Like Me
Richie is told Adam Pierson is a young Immortal not unlike himself. When the truth comes out, Richie feels like a fool for buying the Adam Pierson routine.
Highlander  Methos  AdamPierson  Richie  AU  gen  complete  short  humor  fanfic 
july 2010 by Kateri
Facta, non verba Author: Hanukkah Harry
Methos jumps into the river to avoid someone he really doesn't want to see
Highlander  Methos  gen  MacLeod  short  fanfic  humor  complete 
july 2010 by Kateri
Profiling an Immortal; Criminal Minds, Highlander; PG13
She's Penelope Garcia, computer genius, first, and Immortal a very distant second. She really doesn't like it when the two intersect.
criminal_minds  highlander  crossover  gen  fanfic  complete  short  rec 
may 2010 by Kateri
Faith by Giglet
They'd come so that Methos could pray to his gods. Nobody else remembers their names.
Highlander  Methos  Joe_Dawson  gen  ficlet  complete  fanfic  rec 
december 2009 by Kateri
On dying and living by ca_pierson
A SGA and Highlander crossover. John Sheppard missed his sword more than he'd ever thought possible. What he didn't miss were other Immortals.
Immortal!John and Pre-Immie, then Immie!Rodney
SGA  Stargate  highlander  crossover  au  McKay  sheppard  mckay/sheppard  slash  complete  medium_fic  fanfic 
august 2009 by Kateri
Magic Sword Pocket Guy by severly lupine
So how DO Immortals pull those swords out of nowhere? HP/Highlander crossover
Highlander  Harry_Potter  crossover  Methos  humor  short  complete  rec  fanfic  gen 
august 2009 by Kateri
Timing by Augerus
Methos believes that Tony DiNozzo has the worst timing
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  Methos  crossover  highlander  humor  complete  short  rec  fanfic 
july 2009 by Kateri
Mortal Ties Series
WIP Highlander/Supernatural crossover
In 1956 Methos met and married a pregnant young woman named Jane Hollister. Nine years he was her husband and father to her daughter Mary. Half a century later Fate brings Mary's sons, Dean and Sam Winchester, into Methos' life.
Highlander  Methos  AdamPierson  Joe_Dawson  Dean  Sam  supernatural  spn  crossover  gen  angst  fanfic 
may 2009 by Kateri
Homecoming by Moonbeam's Predilections
Just who is smug and snarky enough to be Jack O'Neill's father?
Stargate  SG1  highlander  crossover  humor  methos  O'Neill  gen  rec  complete  fanfic 
april 2009 by Kateri
Kill or Be Killed by Tiffany Baer
Methos and MacLeod are captured by an immortal working with a Watcher
highlander  gen  AdamPierson  Methos  Watchers  Joe_Dawson  MacLeod  medium_fic  complete  fanfic 
april 2009 by Kateri
I Am Not Methos
Series of ficlets from Methos's POV in which me meets Tessa and Duncan
Highlander  Methos  AdamPierson  Watchers  Joe_Dawson  rec  AU  fanfic 
april 2009 by Kateri
1247 Heads and Counting
"Now? Oh, that's easy. Right now, Methos is stripped down to his boxer shorts and is...flitting about the loft and flapping his arms while reciting Japanese poetry." or Why Methos Doesn't Like To Take Quickenings
highlander  methos  Joe_Dawson  Richie  MacLeod  fanfic  humor  complete  gen  ep_related  medium_fic 
february 2009 by Kateri
Keeping the Promise by Van Hayllen
SGA/Highlander Crossover. Methos finds himself heading to Atlantis to keep a promise made a thousand years ago
Stargate  SGA  Highlander  crossover  Methos  Sheppard  slash  fanfic 
january 2009 by Kateri
One Art by Shadows Dancing
Methos's times as Lyman comes back to haunt him
Highlander  X-Men  Methos  Lymen  crossover  angst  fanfic 
january 2009 by Kateri
Elysia by Maple
Methos is sent to slay a dragon
Highlander  Methos  humor  fanfic  gen 
january 2009 by Kateri
Dynamite by auberus
Faith never knew a trip to the bank could be this exciting
Highlander  BtVS  crossover  Faith  Cory_Raines  humor 
december 2008 by Kateri
No Dominion by auberus
Edward is hired to kill a History Professor........ that proves to be a bit problematic since he doesn't stay dead.
Highlander  AnitaBlake  Methos  AdamPierson  crossover  humor  fanfic 
december 2008 by Kateri
Ever Shining by Havocthecat
"Underwear would be nice," snapped Kate. "Maybe a bra too?" Obviously this guy had no idea how uncomfortable life could be when you were a woman who worked in law enforcement if you didn't have the proper support.
NCIS  Highlander  MacLeod  Methos  AdamPierson  Abby  Kate  Gibbs  team  humor  crossover  fanfic  rec  complete 
december 2008 by Kateri
Friends Like These by Mogwai
A Quickening and a couple of almost innocent bystanders.
Highlander  Methos  Joe_Dawson  friendship  Watchers  gen  fanfic  rec 
november 2008 by Kateri
Going Home by JadeSama
Methos head to Atlantis to keep a promise
Stargate  SGA  Highlander  Methos  Sheppard  crossover  angst  fanfic 
november 2008 by Kateri
Moebius Man
Highlander/SG1 crossover. What ever happened to that Daniel trapped in the past?
Highlander  Stargate  SG1  Daniel  Methos  AdamPierson  crossover  gen  humor  fanfic  ep_related 
november 2008 by Kateri
The Myth and the Slayer
Buffy/Highlander crossover. Methos really should learn to curb those impulses to do good.
Highlander  Methos  crossover  humor  fanfic  rec 
november 2008 by Kateri
Methos and Joe's discussion after the events of the episode "Methos"
Highlander  Methos  Joe_Dawson  AdamPierson  Watchers  gen  complete  fanfic  rec  ep_related 
november 2008 by Kateri
Death, Watchers and Mutations by Kate R
X-Men/Highlander crossover. Death awakes in Sgt. Lyman's place.
Highlander  X-men  Methos  crossover  gen  rec  fanfic 
november 2008 by Kateri
X-Men/Highlander crossover. Methos is philosophical about it and curses his curiosity as he makes his way out from Stryker's installation.
Highlander  X-Men  Methos  crossover  fanfic  rec 
november 2008 by Kateri
At the bottom of Alkali Lake Methos discovers he is not the only person to survive, and she wants revenge.
Highlander  X-Men  Methos  crossover  gen  fanfic  rec 
november 2008 by Kateri
Once A Slave by Julie Fortune
Cassandra was not the only Immortal slave taken by the Horsemen.
Highlander  Methos  angst  MacLeod  Joe_Dawson  fanfic  rec 
november 2008 by Kateri
Refuge by Julie Fortune
A mistake from the past comes hunting for Methos, oh and Richie is there too.
Highlander  Methos  Richie  gen  fanfic  angst 
november 2008 by Kateri
The Language of Flowers by Julie Fortune
Methos finds a memory from his past when he investigates MacLeod's stalker for him.
Highlander  MacLeod  Methos  Joe_Dawson  angst  fanfic  gen  rec  complete 
november 2008 by Kateri
Repentance by Julie Fortune
While hunting down the last of Darius's killers in Scotland Methos finds himself racing to save their latest victim, Cassandra.
Highlander  Methos  Darius  friendship  rec  gen  fanfic  complete  Watchers  AdamPierson 
november 2008 by Kateri
The Night Watch by Julie Fortune
Methos investigates Darius's death while remembering the last time he saw the Immortal priest.
Highlander  Methos  Darius  gen  fanfic  complete  rec  AdamPierson  Watchers 
november 2008 by Kateri
Wolves and Sheep by Julie Fortune
A thousand years ago Methos met Rebbecca Horn when hunting an Immortal for revenge.
Highlander  Methos  preseries  gen  fanfic  rec 
november 2008 by Kateri
Gone Fishing
Highlander/Torchwood crossover. Methos, McLeod, and Richie go fishing and then Torchwood shows up. Oh yeah, and so do Nessie and an alian.
Highlander  Torchwood  Methos  MacLeod  Richie  Jack_Harkness  crossover  humor  fanfic  rec  complete  short 
november 2008 by Kateri
Quis Custodiet.
The Tribunal meets to try Adam Pierson aka Methos for treason
Highlander  Methos  Watchers  rec  fanfic  complete 
november 2008 by Kateri
Horseman, Pass By!
Methos's thoughts as he talks to the man who lived as Methos
Highlander  Methos  gen  fanfic 
november 2008 by Kateri
Death, Destroyer of Worlds
AU of NTB universe. Horton captured Methos
Highlander  Methos  AdamPierson  Horton  AU  dark  fanfic  Watchers 
november 2008 by Kateri
preseries. Joe Dawson discovers something about his young lover.
Highlander  methos  AdamPierson  Joe_Dawson  slash  angst  rec  fanfic  preseries  Watchers 
november 2008 by Kateri
Best Served Cold
X-Men/Highlander crossover. Magneto finds someone interesting in Alkali Lake
Highlander  X-Men  Methos  crossover  fanfic  rec 
november 2008 by Kateri
Live Fire
Supernatural/Highlander crossover. Dean really should have known better than to not argue over picking up the English guy broken down on the side of the road.
Highlander  Supernatural  spn  Methos  Dean  Sam  crossover  humor  gen  fanfic  rec 
november 2008 by Kateri
The Things We Do
Supernatural /Highlander crossover. John Winchester is going to shoot Joe Dawson for sending him to this annoying young grad student.
Highlander  spn  Supernatural  Methos  AdamPierson  Watchers  John_Winchester  crossover  humor  gen  complete  fanfic  rec 
november 2008 by Kateri
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