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Three Years (Late) by the falcon warrior
Jason finds out Dick doesn't drink anymore. (And really, Roy, if you KNEW that WHAT were all THREE of us doing at a bar?) He also learns why.
Fanfic  Fandom:Batman  Fandom:Nightwing  Char:DickGrayson  Char:JasonTodd  Char:RoyHarper  Complete  gen  BatFamily  Brothers  Hurt/Comfort  Tarantula 
june 2019 by Kateri
She'll Keep His Secret by Lara
Amy figures out Dick's secret, but lucky for him not only will she keep his secret but he isn't 'really' a vigilante. Nightwing has a reserve JL status
Nightwing  DC_Comics  Char:DickGrayson  Char:AmyRohrbach  Bludhaven  BludhavenPD  Reserve_JusticeLeague  Fanfic  Fandom:Batman  Complete  gen  OfficerGrayson 
january 2019 by Kateri
Little Brother - Robins Nest
Nightwing discovers Red Hood/Jason not breathing after the building exploded. Nothing will stop him from saving his brother.
Fandom:Batman  Fandom:Nightwing  Char:DickGrayson  Char:Nightwing  Char:JasonTodd  Char:RedHood  Under_The_Red_Hood  Brothers  Family  Gen  Fanfic 
may 2017 by Kateri
In re Robin Chapter 1: Prologue, a batman fanfic | FanFiction
fter the extent of Robin's injuries from Harvey Dent comes out, Child Protective Services decides to save Robin from a vigilante lifestyle. Follow up to Robin, Year One.
Unread  Fandom:Batman  Char:DickGrayson  Char:Batman  Char:Robin  Char:BruceWayne  Fanfic  gen  Hurt/Comfort  Family  Trope:CPS  Char:TwoFace  Char:HarveyDent 
april 2017 by Kateri
Child Snatcher by Syl Francis
While attending the police acadamy A child murder case might be connected to Dick's past
Fandom:Batman  Fandom:Nightwing  Nightwing  Batman  Dick_Grayson  Char:Batman  Bruce_Wayne  Bludhaven  BludhavenPD  OfficerGrayson  Case!Fic  gen  Complete  Fanfic  Rec  Father/Son 
october 2016 by Kateri
Regent of the Sky
Batman gets to troll the Justice League as Bruce Wayne when he and others receive a tour of the Watchtower
Fandom:Batman  Fandom:JusticeLeague  Bruce_Wayne  Char:Superman  Humor  Watchtower  gen  Fanfic  Complete  Trope:Trolling 
september 2016 by Kateri
Citation, a batman fanfic | FanFiction
Bruce Wayne doesn't know how he managed to go seven months on an expired car registration. What he does know is that the city of Bludhaven has a personal vendetta against him. Officer Grayson's feeling a little bitter himself.
Fandom:Batman  Fandom:Nightwing  Dick_Grayson  Bruce_Wayne  Father/Son  OfficerGrayson  Bludhaven  Fanfic  Complete  gen 
september 2016 by Kateri
stuck on the ledge
young justice fanfiction: Trying to fit in at Gotham Academy Artemis finds herself bullying Dick Grayson. Suddenly Robin is ignoring her.
Trop:Idenity_Reveal  Robin  Young_Justice  YJ  YJ_Anon_Meme  Fanfic  gen  Complete  Artemis  Gotham_Academy  Bullying 
august 2016 by Kateri
Young Justice
Post Season 2: Jason resurrection, Nightwing 'vacation', Wally-Guilt, and various other connected drabbles.
Young_Justice  Fandom:Batman  YJ  Fanfic  gen  Dick_Grayson  Nightwing  Robin  Tim_Drake  Jason_Todd  Ras_alGul  WIP  PostSeason2 
july 2016 by Kateri
Batman: Gold is just a trick of the light (Dick, Terry)
Batman:Beyond Nightwing finds himself suddenly time traveling mid swing. Luckily Batman, just not his, catches him
Fandom:Batman  Nightwing  Batman_Beyond  Terry_McGinnes  Bruce_Wayne  Time_Travel  Dick_Grayson  gen  Fanfic 
july 2016 by Kateri
it is written: (remnant (1 of 5))
Young Justice: Artemis was pregnant when Wally died. After she finds out Nightwing learns all about pregnancy and does things like alphabetize her books on the sly and leave her notes telling her to take her vitamins.
Young_Justice  YJ  Artemis  Dick_Grayson  Nightwing  Fanfic  Complete  Future  gen 
july 2016 by Kateri
Iron Grip Chapter 3, a merlin fanfic | FanFiction
Gwaine may be known for his tavern brawls and his willingness to prank his fellow knights, but he is nothing if not loyal. So when Merlin begins acting strangely, Gwaine goes to great lengths to figure out what's wrong, unaware of just what he will uncover in the process: blackmail, plots, danger, and a dark secret hanging over the head of his best friend like an axe.
Merlin  Gwaine  Fanfic  gen  Unread  Blackmail  Secrets 
june 2016 by Kateri
Without Me Ch 1 An Intruder?
KF's latest souvenir has finally done it, ruined Robin's day. Now he's gone to an alternate Earth where Robin never existed. Can he get home? How did his life make such a difference for his friends? And for Batman?
Young_Justice  Robin  Dick_Grayson  Batman  JL  Dimention_Travel  Fanfic  gen 
may 2016 by Kateri
Hero's Debt by Glimare
She saw it all. Wayne's shot. Grayson's kidnapped. A ransom's been made. Batman isn't picking up and time's running out. Desperate she calls Wally. Can the two of them save the kid before a coin toss decides his fate?
Young_Justice  Fanfic  gen  Dick_Grayson  Robin  Artemis  Kid_Flash  Wally  kidnapped  Secret_Identity  complete 
may 2016 by Kateri
What if Harry Potter, the chosen one, had turned...
out to be a squib? A very well written retelling of Harry Potter if he hadn't had magic, because after all many of his adventures didn't depend upon him preforming magic.
Harry_Potter  Ravenclaw  Gryffindor  Squib  Squib!Harry  Gen  Fanfic  Complete  AU  Friendship 
january 2016 by Kateri
Coming off the Ropes by enahma
Second part of the complete HDH trilogy. Sequel to Happy Days in Hell. After Harry’s funeral the show must go on for everybody. Not a slash story.
Harry_Potter  Severus_Snape  gen  Fanfic  ReRead  AU  Author:Enahma 
december 2015 by Kateri
Ad Hominem
Agravaine attempts to discredit Merlin, but discovers his magic
magic_reveal  gen  Merlin  kink_me  Gwen  Merlin_BBC  wip  Arthur  Agravaine  episode_tag  fanfic 
february 2013 by Kateri
Missing Manservant by loopstagirl
The last thing a king wants on waking up after a brush with death is to find their manservant in the dungeon. Spoilers for 5x07
gen  fanfic  short  complete  friendship  season_5  episode_tag  Knights  Arthur  Merlin_BBC  Merlin  Author:Loopstagirl 
january 2013 by Kateri
Artistic Lights
When Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey get a new case, Neal's personal life clashes horribly. Now, they must figure out who stole a rare painting while also dealing with the consequences of Neal's history coming to light.
unread  fanfic  long  complete  gen  Past_History  Peter_Burke  Neal_Caffrey  whitecollar 
june 2012 by Kateri
You're Safe Here
Preseries. After being beaten up by the crook Peter is after Neal shows up at his hotel to give him a tip
gen  short  complete  fanfic  fic  Peter_Burke  Neal_Caffrey  preseries  friendship  hurt/comfort  whitecollar 
june 2012 by Kateri
Over The Hills & Far Away by operationhades
Sam was a fourteen year old mutant when he walked in on an injured Dean staring up at the barrel of a gun held by John Winchester. And after that, with Sam at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning and Dean throwing John, every other hunter in the country, and a pissed Yellow Eyed Demon of their trail, thing's only get progressively worse.
powers  Mutant  fanfic  medium_fic  gen  Wolverine  Sam  Dean  spn  supernatural  crossover  x-men  AU  Complete 
june 2012 by Kateri
But Water Is Wider by Misachan
White Collar/Supernatural. Neal's deal comes up early because he is being used as bait. Luckily Dean, Sam, and Castiel were around on a job.
medium_fic  complete  gen  fanfic  crossover  Elizabeth_Burke  Peter_Burke  Mozzie  Neal_Caffery  sam  dean  spn  supernatural  WhiteCollar 
june 2012 by Kateri
Just Rewards - Sholio
Agent Henry Scott went to Quantico with Peter Burke. Some things have changed since then. Some things haven't.
Old friend of Peter's doesn't like Neal
rec  gen  fanfic  humor  short  Peter_Burke  Neal_Caffrey  WhiteCollar  complete 
june 2012 by Kateri
Deadly Gifts - englishrose2011
When an FBI intern joins the White Collar Department, it's Neal Caffrey that pays the price. aka intern poisons Neal
hurt/comfort  WhiteCollar  fanfic  medium_fic  gen  Elizabeth_Burke  Peter_Burke  Neal_Caffrey  Complete 
may 2012 by Kateri
Not His Time by Baileys
Gibbs trusts Tony but understands Vance's relationship with Michael. Tag to season 9 "Good Son"
Author:Baileys  short  complete  season_9  ep_related  friendship  Father/Son  gen  Vance  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Tony  NCIS 
may 2012 by Kateri
These Hands by sopmire
Sequel to "Soon Parted"
Now that the others know about what Senior did will Tony allow them to help?
sequel  McGee  Abby  ziva  DiNozzo_Family  DiNozzo_Senior  gen  hurt/comfort  angst  Father/Son  friendship  team  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Tony  NCIS 
may 2012 by Kateri
Reverting by ibinkeyballa
Tony's feelings after "Singled Out" and thoughts on family and toughing it out.
gen  ep_related  angst  short  complete  fic  fanfic  family  DiNOzzo  team  Gibbs  Tony  NCIS 
april 2012 by Kateri
Fade Out by Ozzyols
Fade Out missing scene/tag.
Was there more to Tony loosing his voice? And how did he deal with the thought that his partners weren't backing him up?
Season_8  Author:Ozzyols  angst  gen  fic  fanfic  WIP  Betrayal  friendship  Ep:Fade_Out  ep_related  Ep  team  Abby  Ducky  McGee  Ziva  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Tony  NCIS 
march 2012 by Kateri
In From the Cold by maleshka
Tony's early days at NCIS , sequel to "Baltimore"
fanfic  Author:Maleshka  wip  preseries  angst  Abby  gen  DiNozzo  Gibbs  Tony  NCIS 
february 2012 by Kateri
The Human
When Methos finds out about the Stargate Program he remembers his childhood on Atlantis and his duty
Ancients  crossover  short  fanfic  gen  Highlander  Methos  SGA  Stargate 
february 2012 by Kateri
Veritatem Dies Aperit by AZGirl
Accused of crimes he didn't commit and dismissed from NCIS Tony discovers not all is as it seems
wip  angst  Author:AZgirl  Undercover  Betrayal  fanfic  gen  DiNozzo  Fornell  Tony  NCIS 
january 2012 by Kateri
Scar Tissue by FiveForfighting
Tony is undercover in a mental hospital... but not all is as it seems
angst  Mentally_Unstable  medium_fic  complete  fanfic  Father/Son  gen  hurt/comfort  Ducky  Abby  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Tony  ncis 
january 2012 by Kateri
BETRAYED by Subtleshadesofgrey
McGee makes an error in judgement but it is the decision he takes afterwards that alters the lives of the whole team especially Tony.
NCIS  Tony  Gibbs  mcgee  DiNozzo  friendship  Betrayal  injury  Tony!Whump  Father/Son  hurt/comfort  complete  medium_fic  gen  fanfic 
november 2011 by Kateri
untitled #1 (couple with dog) by Sholio
Neal paints a portrait of Peter and Elizabeth, but his reasons change during the process
White_Collar  WhiteCollar  Neal_Caffrey  Peter_Burke  Elizabeth_Burke  gen  friendship  Artist!Neal  complete  medium_fic  fanfic  Author:Sholio 
october 2011 by Kateri
Better Men
With a friendship nearly in ruins Peter and Neal talk about past misjudgments and hopes for a future that may already be forfeit.
White_Collar  WhiteCollar  Neal_Caffrey  Peter_Burke  episode_tag  season_3  angst  friendship  complete  short  fanfic  gen 
october 2011 by Kateri
Balk, No Call, Safe
He took the mystery picture out of his jacket and set it on the table top. “Look what I found in Peter’s house. Another Mrs. Suit?” aka Peter has a son
White_Collar  WhiteCollar  Neal_Caffery  Peter_Burke  gen  Mozzie  fanfic  complete  short 
october 2011 by Kateri
You Ruined Everything (In the Nicest Way) by jmtorres
A story of missed connections, in which Peter doesn't know what to say, Neal doesn't seem to want to hear it, and Elizabethan translation proves vital aka Peter is Neal's father
whitecollar  au  peter/elizabeth  author:jmtorres  Neal_Caffrey  Peter_Burke  Real_Family  gen  fanfic  complete  Father/Son  White_Collar 
october 2011 by Kateri
Nothing Says "Feel Better Soon" Like Grand Theft Larceny by OnYourMark
Jerry Rydell tried to kill Elizabeth Burke. He's about to have a seriously bad week, courtesy of Neal Caffrey.
White_Collar  Neal_Caffrey  Peter_Burke  Elizabeth_Burke  gen  Mozzie  humor  hurt/comfort  complete  medium_fic  fanfic  whitecollar  rec  Author:OnYourMark 
october 2011 by Kateri
When God Closes a Door by Katjandante
Detective DiNozzo's willingness to help NCIS on a case costs him dearly, but he finds, to his surprise, that there is a light he never expected within the darkness
NCIS  DiNozzo  Ducky  Gibbs  Tony  Father/Son  hurt/comfort  gen  preseries  AU  Cop!Tony  Tony!Whump  fanfic  wip  Author:Katjandante  NCIS 
october 2011 by Kateri
From Hell's Heart by Laine
Gibbs' unusual behavior has everyone concerned. When the reason is
revealed and almost kills them both, Tony demands answers.
ncis  tony  dinozzo  gibbs  team  friendship  father/son  Author:Laine  angst  fanfic  complete  medium_fic  hurt/comfort  gen 
september 2011 by Kateri
Strange Aeons
Sometimes he wonders what is the biggest lie, history or his memories
highlander  methos  gen  short  fanfic  complete 
july 2011 by Kateri
Sour Cherry Pie Life Part 1/3
Dean has retired to the civilian life. Too bad no one told the serial killer currently stalking teenagers in Indiana.
supernatural  spn  dean  criminal_minds  crossover  angst  drama  humor  fanfic  complete  gen 
june 2011 by Kateri
Guardian by trinity destler
It doesn't turn out to be your garden variety protection detail.
abby  action/adventure  gen  unread  tony  wip  undercover  dinozzo  ncis  drama  fanfic  In-Hiding 
june 2011 by Kateri
Dropping the Coffee by killjoyncis
Killing Ari was the plan, but not at the expense of losing the two he thought of as family
ncis  gibbs  tony  dinozzo  abby  father/son  gen  ep_related  season_3  complete  short  fanfic  Author:Killjoyncis  rec 
may 2011 by Kateri
Hurricane snatched from a sigh
Castiel tries to get Death's son to join in the fight
Highlander  supernatural  spn  Methos  Castiel  gen  crossover  fanfic  short  complete  AU  season_5 
april 2011 by Kateri
Table Talk by azgirl
Tony decides that the damaged table from 8.18 is just the prop needed to play good cop/bad cop
ncis  tony  dinozzo  gibbs  gen  friendship  case_related  humor  ep_related  season_8  complete  short  fanfic  Author:AZgirl 
april 2011 by Kateri
Trust My Heart by Emiliana Keladry
Tony and Gibbs disappear while working on a case. The problem is that Tony is keeping a secret from Gibbs that could quickly claim his life.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  gen  team  friendship  illness  hurt/comfort  wip  fanfic  Author:Emiliana_Keladry 
april 2011 by Kateri
Drake's Drum by scousemuz1k
Tony and Gibbs at loggerheads, during and after a trip to Rota. Both
have secrets, or think they have.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  team  friendship  season_8  angst  wip  gen  fanfic  Author:scousemuz1k  secret 
april 2011 by Kateri
My Probie's Keeper by usa123
When a protection detail goes wrong, how far will one agent go to
protect his partner?
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  mcgee  gen  friendship  injury  tony!whump  wip  fanfic  Author:usa123 
april 2011 by Kateri
Salvation by ihearttony
For years, Gibbs has kept a secret that will effect Tony's very
existence. Can Tony forgive him? Will Gibbs be able to protect them both from
old enemies who want to see them destroyed?
Tony  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Ducky  AU  Not_Human  wip  NCIS  gen  father/son  angst  fanfic  Author:IHeartTony  Vampires 
april 2011 by Kateri
Sulfur, a NCIS fanfic - FanFiction.Net
The knowledge of what happened in the park that day, the day he met the Business Man, has been growing in Tony's chest like a balloon filling with acid. Now he hopes to drain it and let everything out, before it all just pops.
ncis  tony  dinozzo  DiNozzo_Family  father/son  angst  dark  Horror  complete  medium_fic  supernatural  Supernatural_Deal  fanfic  gen  Author:Sergeant_Conley 
march 2011 by Kateri
Fragments: A Man Walks Into A Bar by jaz22
After 'A Man Walks Into a Bar" Gibbs waits in his basement for Tony
ncis  tony  dinozzo  gibbs  gen  friendship  ep_related  season_7  complete  short  fanfic 
february 2011 by Kateri
What Could Have Happened by Kesterpan
Tag for Obsession. After reading Tony's report Gibbs realizes he was alone with their murderer and worries.
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  Ducky  gen  friendship  ep_related  season_7  complete  short  fanfic  Author:Kesterpan 
february 2011 by Kateri
Memento Mori by AZgirl
Can Tony save Gibbs and himself or will his nightmare unfold during waking hours
ncis  tony  gen  gibbs/dinozzo  dinozzo  Jackson_Gibbs  supernatural  injury  tony!whump  medium_fic  complete  fanfic  Author:AZgirl 
february 2011 by Kateri
Half Empty, Half Full by Yum@
After a bad day Tony gets some coffee for the team.
ncis  tony  dinozzo  gibbs  mcgee  abby  friendship  injury  tony!whump  gen  complete  short  rec  fanfic  Author:Yum@ 
february 2011 by Kateri
The Insider by Lyn1410G
An investigation into the theft of Marine weapons leads Gibbs and Tony into a life and death struggle when the hunters become the hunted.
ncis  tony  dinozzo  gibbs  gen  undercover  injury  friendship  preseries  tony!whump  case_file  complete  medium_fic  fanfic  Author:Lyn 
february 2011 by Kateri
Code Red by Alkaline Teegan
A hostage situation ends badly, leaving Tony unsure of many things and Gibbs not sure if he can pick up the pieces
ncis  tony  dinozzo  gibbs  gen  team  angst  hurt/comfort  tony!whump  case_file  complete  medium_fic  fanfic  Author:Alkaline_Teegan  friendship 
february 2011 by Kateri
Golden Child by Zan65
Friction arises between Tony and McGee after an incident leaves Tony injured and McGee on the outs with Gibbs but approval from Vance
ncis  tony  dinozzo  mcgee  gibbs  gen  abby  team  injury  hurt/comfort  friendship  complete  medium_fic  tony!whump  Author:Zan65  fanfic 
january 2011 by Kateri
For the Guns and the Babes by Writing CT
Tony told the rookie he was in it for the guns and the babes, but Gibbs was one of a scant few that knew the real reason why Tony became a cop. And though it had to do with weapons and women, the context was, in reality, completely different.
ncis  tony  dinozzo  gen  preseries  prebaltimore  ep_related  season_6  character_piece  complete  short  fanfic  Author:WritingCT 
january 2011 by Kateri
Second in Command by Arres
Tag to Dead Air. Tony doesn't trust his teammate any longer
ncis  tony  gibbs  DiNozzo  angst  ep_related  gen  season_7  complete  fanfic  short  Author:Arres  Ep:Dead_Air 
january 2011 by Kateri
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