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Three Years (Late) by the falcon warrior
Jason finds out Dick doesn't drink anymore. (And really, Roy, if you KNEW that WHAT were all THREE of us doing at a bar?) He also learns why.
Fanfic  Fandom:Batman  Fandom:Nightwing  Char:DickGrayson  Char:JasonTodd  Char:RoyHarper  Complete  gen  BatFamily  Brothers  Hurt/Comfort  Tarantula 
7 weeks ago by Kateri
She'll Keep His Secret by Lara
Amy figures out Dick's secret, but lucky for him not only will she keep his secret but he isn't 'really' a vigilante. Nightwing has a reserve JL status
Nightwing  DC_Comics  Char:DickGrayson  Char:AmyRohrbach  Bludhaven  BludhavenPD  Reserve_JusticeLeague  Fanfic  Fandom:Batman  Complete  gen  OfficerGrayson 
january 2019 by Kateri
Into the Fray by HigherMagic
Dean had prided himself on making sure things usually worked out. He was good at hustling, he’d become a master at squeezing just those few extra dollars out of anyone, whether it was a guy at a bar or a customer in a restaurant on one of the few honest jobs he’d ever gotten.

But that wouldn’t do anymore. Sam was starting college in less than two years and Dean had enough student loans to bury a cruise liner in and he hadn’t even finished his degree yet and wouldn’t for some time.
Supernatural  SPN  Dean/Castiel  Char:Dean_Winchester  Char:Castiel  AU  Bottom!Dean  Omega!Dean  Alpha!Castiel  Mafia_AU  Alpha/Beta/Omega  ABO  Knotting  Criminals  Fanfic  Slash  Complete  Author:HigherMagic 
december 2018 by Kateri
When Merlin turns eighteen, he tracks down the bloke who donated the sperm that helped make him. Turns out Uther Pendragon lives just five minutes away, that Merlin has two siblings: Her Holiness The Bitch Goddess Morgana and Arthur.
Merlin_BBC  Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Arthur  Alpha/Omega  Knotting  Fanfic  Slash  Complete  Incest  A/B/O 
may 2018 by Kateri
Northern Star by Hanna Sedai
Life as Slade's apprentice is hard for Robin, but even harder for those trying to save him. Murders, schemes and hatred flourishes as the Titans, Batman, and the JLA struggle to help him. Meanwhile, Slade has a nefarious plan in mind for the Batman...
Young_Justice  YJ  Char:Deathstroke  Char:DickGrayson  Fandom:Batman  Unread  Fanfic  Trope:Apprenticeship  Char:Robin  Complete  Adventure 
december 2016 by Kateri
Batman and Flash meet.... Batman and Flash
Bruce and Barry are sent to the future and meet Batman and Flash, only there is something odd about "their" future selves.
Fandom:Batman  Batman  Young_Justice  YJ  YJ_Anon_Meme  Char:Flash  Barry_Allen  Wally_West  Dick_Grayson  Bruce_Wayne  Fanfic  Complete  Humor  timetravel  Bat!Dick 
october 2016 by Kateri
Child Snatcher by Syl Francis
While attending the police acadamy A child murder case might be connected to Dick's past
Fandom:Batman  Fandom:Nightwing  Nightwing  Batman  Dick_Grayson  Char:Batman  Bruce_Wayne  Bludhaven  BludhavenPD  OfficerGrayson  Case!Fic  gen  Complete  Fanfic  Rec  Father/Son 
october 2016 by Kateri
The Hazard of Accidental Dimension Travel
The JLU Flash is actually Kid Flash from Young Justice, he just doesn't remember
YJ_Anon_Meme  Young_Justice  YJ  Wally_West  Flash  Dimension_Travel  PostSeason2  Post_Endgame  Complete  Alive!Wally  Fanfic 
september 2016 by Kateri
Regent of the Sky
Batman gets to troll the Justice League as Bruce Wayne when he and others receive a tour of the Watchtower
Fandom:Batman  Fandom:JusticeLeague  Bruce_Wayne  Char:Superman  Humor  Watchtower  gen  Fanfic  Complete  Trope:Trolling 
september 2016 by Kateri
Citation, a batman fanfic | FanFiction
Bruce Wayne doesn't know how he managed to go seven months on an expired car registration. What he does know is that the city of Bludhaven has a personal vendetta against him. Officer Grayson's feeling a little bitter himself.
Fandom:Batman  Fandom:Nightwing  Dick_Grayson  Bruce_Wayne  Father/Son  OfficerGrayson  Bludhaven  Fanfic  Complete  gen 
september 2016 by Kateri
noctuary by CreepE
Dick is captured by the Joker, who takes great pleasure in trying torture Batman's name out of him. Jason is forced to listen to the proceedings, and he's less than enthused that he can't do anything to help this time. aka Nightwing needs to be rescued
Fandom:Batman  Nightwing  Red_Hood  Batman  Char:Joker  Dick_Grayson  Jason_Todd  Fanfic  Complete  Torture  Angst  Trope:Rescue 
september 2016 by Kateri
One Little Change
Jason doesn't die and some things change, while others don't. Dick goes missing but eventually is found living without his memories as a cop, Tim still joins Batman and eventually dimensions are crossed.
Unread  Complete  Fandom:Batman  Batman  Bat!Dick  Dick_Grayson  OfficerGrayson  Jason_Todd  Tim_Drake  Bruce_Wayne  Dimension_Travel  AU  AU_Canon_Divergence  Fanfic 
august 2016 by Kateri
Hot Night on the Roof Top
Dick is in heat. Red Hood finds him. Jason had intended to help the omega home, but he ends up helping Dick in other ways.
Fanfic  Fandom:Batman  Nightwing  Red_Hood  Dick_Grayson  Dick/Jason  Jason_Todd  Complete  Alpha/Omega  Omega!Dick  Alpha!Jason  Slash  mpreg  Dub/Con  Heat  Mating  A/B/O  Trope:Omegaverse  Mating_Cycles/In_Heat 
august 2016 by Kateri
Dick and Jason A/B/O by Loon
Dick comes in from a long night out in Bludhaven to find a half dressed Jason in his bed. Dick was expecting a plea for sex but found himself far more pleased when Jason gave him a massage and blow job
Nightwing  Dick_Grayson  Jason_Todd  Fanfic  Slash  Alpha/Omega  A/B/O  Omega!Dick  Complete  short  Bludhaven  smut  Dick/Jason  Fandom:Batman  Fandom:Nightwing  Trope:Omegaverse 
august 2016 by Kateri
stuck on the ledge
young justice fanfiction: Trying to fit in at Gotham Academy Artemis finds herself bullying Dick Grayson. Suddenly Robin is ignoring her.
Trop:Idenity_Reveal  Robin  Young_Justice  YJ  YJ_Anon_Meme  Fanfic  gen  Complete  Artemis  Gotham_Academy  Bullying 
august 2016 by Kateri
it is written: (remnant (1 of 5))
Young Justice: Artemis was pregnant when Wally died. After she finds out Nightwing learns all about pregnancy and does things like alphabetize her books on the sly and leave her notes telling her to take her vitamins.
Young_Justice  YJ  Artemis  Dick_Grayson  Nightwing  Fanfic  Complete  Future  gen 
july 2016 by Kateri
If Someone Asks, This Is Where I'll Be
After Stephanie's death Bruce and Dick find themselves for the moment alone.
Fandom:Batman  Nightwing  Bruce_Wayne  Dick_Grayson  Fanfic  Complete 
july 2016 by Kateri
Bludhaven's Finest by Syl Francis
Amy Rohrbach has to call Dick's emergency contact after he is shot, while also acknowledging to herself that her former partner is Nightwing and helping cover for that fact.
Char:AmyRohrbach  Dick_Grayson  Bruce_Wayne  Alfred  Fanfic  Fandom:Batman  Fandom:Nightwing  Author:SylFrancis  OfficerGrayson  Cop  Bludhaven  Trope:Shot  Trope:Unmasked  Complete  DC_Comics 
july 2016 by Kateri
The Leverage Job at Wayne Manor
The Leverage team try to infiltrate a Wayne gala.... Alfred is badass and "speaks" to Eliot.
Fandom:Batman  Comics  Fandom:Leverage  Eliot  Alfred  Fanfic  Humor  ficlet  Complete 
july 2016 by Kateri
No Good Deed
No Good Deed
By: Black Friar
...goes unpunished. Bruce and Dick find out just how true that old adage is when an injury Dick receives as Robin threatens to ruin both their lives.
Young_Justice  Dick_Grayson  Bruce_Wayne  Batman  Robin  Kidnapped  Ransom  CPS  Hurt/Comfort  Angst  whump  Fanfic  Complete 
may 2016 by Kateri
Hero's Debt by Glimare
She saw it all. Wayne's shot. Grayson's kidnapped. A ransom's been made. Batman isn't picking up and time's running out. Desperate she calls Wally. Can the two of them save the kid before a coin toss decides his fate?
Young_Justice  Fanfic  gen  Dick_Grayson  Robin  Artemis  Kid_Flash  Wally  kidnapped  Secret_Identity  complete 
may 2016 by Kateri
Brave New World
Damien Wayne crosses over into the Young Justice Earth.... things don't go so well and friends are not made
Young_Justice  Damien_Wayne  Robin  Dick_Grayson  AU  Dimention_Travel  fanfic  Complete 
may 2016 by Kateri
What if Harry Potter, the chosen one, had turned...
out to be a squib? A very well written retelling of Harry Potter if he hadn't had magic, because after all many of his adventures didn't depend upon him preforming magic.
Harry_Potter  Ravenclaw  Gryffindor  Squib  Squib!Harry  Gen  Fanfic  Complete  AU  Friendship 
january 2016 by Kateri
Arthur has to leave his recently bonded omega Merlin while he negotiates a treaty.
Merlin  Arthur/Merlin  Alpha/Omega  Alpha!Arthur  Omega!Merlin  Pregnancy_Kink  Fanfic  Complete  A/B/O  Trope:Omegaverse 
september 2015 by Kateri
This Line We Walk 1/5
Girl!Merlin is court sorceress. When Gwen has no child Merlin and Arthur preform a fertility ritual.
Merlin  Arthur  Arthur/Merlin  Gwen  Fic  firsttime  Complete  Female!Merlin  Ritual_Sex  Fertility_Ritual 
march 2015 by Kateri
Tongue and Ring
Arthur loves rimming people, Merlin loves getting rimmed
kink_me  Complete  Fanfic  Arthur/Merlin  Arthur  Barebacking  Merlin 
march 2015 by Kateri
Pendragon's Hawk kink me fill
Merlin belongs to Arthur, mind, body, soul, and magic.
Arthur  Merlin  Merlin_BBC  Arthur/Merlin  mpreg  Slave!fic  AU_Canon  AU  Dark  fanfic  slash  complete  kink_me 
august 2014 by Kateri
Made For You Kink Me Fill
Omega Merlin's heats have been getting harder, little does he realize it's because his body is changing to become the perfect mate for Alpha Prince Arthur.
Merlin  Arthur  Arthur/Merlin  slash  Alpha/Omega  Alpha!Arthur  Omega!Merlin  Heat  complete  kink_me  knotting  Fanfic  A/B/O  Trope:Omegaverse  Mating_Cycles/In_Heat 
august 2014 by Kateri
Terms and Conditions Subject to Change without Notice by qwerty
Merlin discovers a few things when Arthur is accidentally transformed into a dragon.
Rec  Merlin  slash  Scifi  Arthur/Merlin  AU  Arthur  preslash  transformation  short  shapeshifter  complete  Space_AU  Knights 
march 2013 by Kateri
A Lovely Tactical Emergency by fuzzytomato
Merlin is a genius, Arthur is more than a little bit in love, and their ship is under attack
short  Morgana  SciFi  slash  Merlin  complete  Arthur/Merlin  AU  Space_AU  Arthur  romance  fanfic 
march 2013 by Kateri
Quantum Entanglement Theory by ElegantFeatherDuster
Arthur Pendragon, captain of the space station Camelot, works hard to bring peace to the outer ring. But when a series of tragedies and accidents brings him to the doorstep of a magic-wielding mechanic, he finds that peace may not mean exactly what he thought it did.
Author:ElegantFeatherDuster  angst  slash  Merlin  complete  Arthur/Merlin  AU  Space_AU  Merlin_BBC  Arthur  long_fic  fanfic 
march 2013 by Kateri
The Avalon Band by LolaFeist
Starforce Captain Arthur Pendragon sets out on a two-man deep space mission—on a ship fueled by magic. Or the one where they aren't supposed to touch but end up having lots of sex
short  SciFi  slash  Merlin  complete  Arthur/Merlin  Space_AU  AU  Merlin_BBC  Arthur  fanfic 
march 2013 by Kateri
Dark Side Of The Moon
A spell causes all of Camalot to act on their darker desires. Can Lancelot save them when the darkest of them all is Merlin and Arthur?
Morgana  rec  slash  Merlin  Gwen  complete  Lancelot  Arthur/Merlin  Merlin_BBC  dark  Arthur  fanfic 
march 2013 by Kateri
Alas for the Splendour - calliglad
Gorlois is King, Morgana is his heir and Arthur is his ward. Destiny always prevails.
AU_Canon  Merlin  slash  Arthur/Merlin  AU  Arthur  Morgana  angst  complete  medium_fic  AU_Meeting  fanfic  Author:Calliglad 
february 2013 by Kateri
Lost in the World of Pain
Arthur is away. Agravaine knows about Merlin's magic and has the means to stop him from using it, and all he wants is for Merlin to change his loyalties. For Merlin, it means hours of fear and pain.
angst  slash  Merlin  complete  Merlin_BBC  Arthur  Agravaine  fanfic 
february 2013 by Kateri
Missing Manservant by loopstagirl
The last thing a king wants on waking up after a brush with death is to find their manservant in the dungeon. Spoilers for 5x07
gen  fanfic  short  complete  friendship  season_5  episode_tag  Knights  Arthur  Merlin_BBC  Merlin  Author:Loopstagirl 
january 2013 by Kateri
Keep Calm and Carry On - R - Part 1
How Arthur Pendragon, Director of Communications for Prime Minister Gaius, and his assistant, Merlin Emrys, fell in love - a story in goldfish, cats, webcomics, cups of tea, and sharpies.
complete  arthur/merlin  slash  Gawaine  Gwen  Gaius  AU_Canon  au  modern!au  Arthur  Merlin  fanfic 
december 2012 by Kateri
straws in the wind: master post
: Merlin meets Arthur when Arthur runs him over on the ski slopes. Everything goes downhill from ther
modern!au  Arthur  unread  complete  long_fic  fanfic  slash  angst  au  Arthur/Merlin  Merlin 
november 2012 by Kateri
minor_hue: fic: the lure would prove too much
In which Arthur fucks Merlin for a hazing ritual aka Arthur has a kinky boyfriend
kink  Merlin_BBC  modern!au  slash  Arthur  short  complete  fanfic  arthur/merlin  au  Merlin 
november 2012 by Kateri
Live To Serve (Falling Into The Sky Backwards Remix)
Arthur gets a carnal slave, wants to be honorable, but said carnal slave is having none of that noise. None of it.
fanfic  canon_au  Cannon_Alternet_Reality  Merlin_BBC  Arthur  medium_fic  complete  kink  angst  arthur/merlin  au  Merlin 
november 2012 by Kateri
The Easiest Thing (1/8 +epilogue)
When an inadvertent spell changes Merlin from the inside out, Arthur must face Camelot's latest threat alone – and unravel the mystery of Merlin, or else risk losing him forever.
angst  season_3  complete  Arthur/Merlin  Merlin_BBC  Arthur  long_fic  Merlin  fanfic 
october 2012 by Kateri
Artistic Lights
When Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey get a new case, Neal's personal life clashes horribly. Now, they must figure out who stole a rare painting while also dealing with the consequences of Neal's history coming to light.
unread  fanfic  long  complete  gen  Past_History  Peter_Burke  Neal_Caffrey  whitecollar 
june 2012 by Kateri
You're Safe Here
Preseries. After being beaten up by the crook Peter is after Neal shows up at his hotel to give him a tip
gen  short  complete  fanfic  fic  Peter_Burke  Neal_Caffrey  preseries  friendship  hurt/comfort  whitecollar 
june 2012 by Kateri
Over The Hills & Far Away by operationhades
Sam was a fourteen year old mutant when he walked in on an injured Dean staring up at the barrel of a gun held by John Winchester. And after that, with Sam at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning and Dean throwing John, every other hunter in the country, and a pissed Yellow Eyed Demon of their trail, thing's only get progressively worse.
powers  Mutant  fanfic  medium_fic  gen  Wolverine  Sam  Dean  spn  supernatural  crossover  x-men  AU  Complete 
june 2012 by Kateri
But Water Is Wider by Misachan
White Collar/Supernatural. Neal's deal comes up early because he is being used as bait. Luckily Dean, Sam, and Castiel were around on a job.
medium_fic  complete  gen  fanfic  crossover  Elizabeth_Burke  Peter_Burke  Mozzie  Neal_Caffery  sam  dean  spn  supernatural  WhiteCollar 
june 2012 by Kateri
Just Rewards - Sholio
Agent Henry Scott went to Quantico with Peter Burke. Some things have changed since then. Some things haven't.
Old friend of Peter's doesn't like Neal
rec  gen  fanfic  humor  short  Peter_Burke  Neal_Caffrey  WhiteCollar  complete 
june 2012 by Kateri
Deadly Gifts - englishrose2011
When an FBI intern joins the White Collar Department, it's Neal Caffrey that pays the price. aka intern poisons Neal
hurt/comfort  WhiteCollar  fanfic  medium_fic  gen  Elizabeth_Burke  Peter_Burke  Neal_Caffrey  Complete 
may 2012 by Kateri
Not His Time by Baileys
Gibbs trusts Tony but understands Vance's relationship with Michael. Tag to season 9 "Good Son"
Author:Baileys  short  complete  season_9  ep_related  friendship  Father/Son  gen  Vance  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Tony  NCIS 
may 2012 by Kateri
Break Down In the Shape of Things to Come
After the battle in the Laurentian System, the Defiance requires extensive repairs, leaving Captain Burke filling in at Starfleet Academy (whether he wants to or not), where he meets troubled half-Vulcan Neal Caffrey, under what are not the best circumstances for either of them.
firsttime  Star_Trek  complete  long_fic  Neal_Caffrey  Peter_Burke  slash  ponfarr  au  crossover  fusion  whitecollar 
may 2012 by Kateri
Reverting by ibinkeyballa
Tony's feelings after "Singled Out" and thoughts on family and toughing it out.
gen  ep_related  angst  short  complete  fic  fanfic  family  DiNOzzo  team  Gibbs  Tony  NCIS 
april 2012 by Kateri
The Best Policy by rispacooper
Jealous Shawn is forced to realize what is damn obvious to everyone else. aka Lassiter's tv star ex shows up
fanfic  complete  Lassiter  Gus  Shawn  rec  firstime  medium_fic  fic  author:rispacooper  angst  slash  shawn/lassiter  psych 
april 2012 by Kateri
Sometimes Cupid Gets It Wrong by needtoknow
After the events of "Secrets" Gibbs is plagued by a comment he heard.

Takes place during secrets
Wendy  DiNozzo  rec  fic  short  complete  Author:NeedToKnow  season_9  episode_tag  ep_related  firsttime  slash  gibbs/dinozzo  Gibbs  Tony  to 
march 2012 by Kateri
Jethro's Love by gunnerysergeant
Sequel to Gunny's Whore: After being tortured by Paloma can Tony help Gibbs recover?
slash  gibbs/dinozzo  AU  DiNozzo  sequel  hurt/comfort  romance  NCIS  complete  Author:GunnerySergeant  Author:AZgirl  Tony  medium_fic  Gibbs  fanfic 
february 2012 by Kateri
Party For Two by needtoknow
Gibbs attends a party thinking maybe, just maybe he might meet someone to take his mind off of the person he actually wants. What happens when his desire is at the party and Gibbs is in a mood to play.
romance  firstime  Author:NeedToKnow  medium_fic  complete  fanfic  slash  gibbs/dinozzo  DiNozzo  Tony  Gibbs  NCIS 
february 2012 by Kateri
Telling Abby by Need To Know
Tony sees something between Gibbs and Abby, his jealousy kicks in. What is he going to do about it?
Author:NeedToKnow  slash  jealousy  short  complete  fanfic  firstime  angst  Abby  gibbs/dinozzo  DiNozzo  Gibbs  Tony  NCIS  NCIS  Fic  Recs 
january 2012 by Kateri
Maintenance by Selenic
Tony + Gibbs + Elevator Camera Maintenance
fanfic  short  complete  Elavator!Sex  smut  slash  Gibbs/DiNozzo  Gibbs  Tony  NCIS 
january 2012 by Kateri
Scar Tissue by FiveForfighting
Tony is undercover in a mental hospital... but not all is as it seems
angst  Mentally_Unstable  medium_fic  complete  fanfic  Father/Son  gen  hurt/comfort  Ducky  Abby  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Tony  ncis 
january 2012 by Kateri
That's one hell of a MOASMother of all Secrets by Need To Know
Tony runs into an old friend of Gibbs and learns the Mother of all Secrets Gibbs has been keeping.
fanfic  fic  Author:NeedToKnow  DiNozzo  medium_fic  complete  firstime  slash  gibbs/dinozzo  gibbs  tony  ncis  Hollis_Mann 
december 2011 by Kateri
A Real Man by dietpunkfics
What was the real reason that Tony and Wendy broke up?
Breakup  preseries  NCIS  fanfic  short  complete  angst  Wendy  DiNozzo  Tony  NCIS 
december 2011 by Kateri
Bombs sound a lot like Silence
If Gibbs is a stupidhead it's maybe not completely his fault. This is just what life taught him.
NCIS  Tony  Gibbs  DiNozzo  gibbs/dinozzo  slash  sequel  romance  angst  firstime  complete  fanfic  NCIS  Fic  Recs 
december 2011 by Kateri
Glass Closets
When Abby calls Tony at three am, explaining that her car has broken down at the club and can he please come pick her up, he thinks nothing of it. He's still half asleep, so when she says, "Tell the Bossman sorry for disturbing you guys," he says, "He's already asleep again," without even thinking about it.
ncis  Tony  gibbs  DiNozzo  gibbs/dinozzo  slash  humor  Coming_Out  Found_Out  team  friendship  fanfic  complete  short 
november 2011 by Kateri
Rhode Island or DC How will Tony decide? by Needtoknow
Rhode Island or D.C., How will Tony decide? Tony accepts a
temporary Team Leader position in Rhode Island, but how will Gibbs feel when
the position could become permanent. A jealous Gibbs story.
NCIS  Tony  Gibbs  DiNozzo  gibbs/dinozzo  slash  jealousy  angst  relationship  complete  medium_fic  Author:NeedToKnow  fanfic 
november 2011 by Kateri
September in Stillwater by Julesmonster
Jackson Gibbs receives an unexpected visitor, how long until he gets another one?
NCIS  Gibbs/DiNozzo  Angst  Hurt/Comfort  Tony  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Jackson_Gibbs  firstime  slash  Stillwater  complete  fanfic  romance 
november 2011 by Kateri
BETRAYED by Subtleshadesofgrey
McGee makes an error in judgement but it is the decision he takes afterwards that alters the lives of the whole team especially Tony.
NCIS  Tony  Gibbs  mcgee  DiNozzo  friendship  Betrayal  injury  Tony!Whump  Father/Son  hurt/comfort  complete  medium_fic  gen  fanfic 
november 2011 by Kateri
Photographs by needtoknow
At an art opening Gibbs sees some photographs that captivate him.
NCIS  Tony  Gibbs  DiNozzo  slash  firstime  Author:NeedToKnow  complete  short  fanfic  Dog_Tags 
november 2011 by Kateri
Honey Buns by LoveMarines
Who is Naomi and why do only her and Gibbs call Tony "Honeybuns"?
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  Ziva  Abby  ep_related  season_3  humor  slash  fanfic  complete 
november 2011 by Kateri
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