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Settling the Dust by Asa Meda
"Because, Special Agent Gibbs, Tony almost got a bullet in his head because he's too afraid to accept himself; and you're too afraid express yourself."
NCIS  Kate  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Gibbs/DiNozzo  Tony/Gibbs  slash  Abused!Tony  hurt/comfort  ep_related  season_1  fanfic  complete  Author:AsaMeda  Tony 
january 2009 by Kateri
Numb by Asa Meda
You function but you're not always functioning. Tag for Twilight
NCIS  angst  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Tony/Gibbs  Gibbs/DiNozzo  slash  ep_related  Twilight  hurt/comfort  fanfic  season_2  complete  Author:AsaMeda  Tony 
january 2009 by Kateri
Bumped by Asa Meda
What if Cait HAD been bumped from the submarine and Tony got to go.
NCIS  Gibbs  DiNozzo  Kate  Gibbs/DiNozzo  Tony/Gibbs  slash  ep_related  What_If  season_1  fanfic  firsttime  rec  complete  medium_fic  Author:AsaMeda  Tony 
january 2009 by Kateri
Seeing by Asa Meda
Gibbs' stomach jumped as he saw wisps of blood in the small pool of bile. "Come on... Tony is it?" The paramedic said firmly, still maintaining a calm tone. "We gotta take you in."
NCIS  Tony  DiNozzo  Gibbs  team  gen  AU  What_If  ep_related  fanfic  illness  complete  Author:AsaMeda  medium_fic 
january 2009 by Kateri

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