Actors and Actresses are Being Forced to Hide Their Disabilities | Dominick Evans
Disabled actors with hidden disabilities are afraid to reveal the disability and rightly so as discrimination and prejudice about disability in an ableist acting industry and in the media can negatively affect their chances of being hired.
disability  Hollywood  disabled  actors  SAG  discrimination  prejudice  Keira  Knightley  dyslexia  Christopher  Reeves  spinal  cord  injury  wheelchair  user  Glenn  Close  depression  casting  directors  Christopher  Reeve 
february 2016
Anorexia sufferer once starved herself for FIVE WEEKS and had weight obsession from age of 4 - Mirror Online
"Anorexia is a slow burning thing, but bulimia is such an act of violence against yourself. It's the ultimate self-sabotage.  "You desperately want to change the way you look but you sabotage yourself all the time.
disability  mental  health  mental  illness  eating  disorders  anorexia  anorexia  nervosa  Rebecca  Condren  recovered  anorexic  adios  to  anorexia  bulimia  eating  disorder  charity  eating  disorder  charity  BEAT  BEAT 
january 2016
Inside The Hidden World Of Adult Eating Disorders
Bulik began to do some research. In 2012, she published a study, which found that 13 percent of women aged 50 and older exhibited symptoms of eating disorders. The misconception that eating disorders only occurs with female adolescents means that it goes largely unnoticed in the elderly.
disability  mental  health  mental  illness  eating  disorders  ED  anorexia  anorexia  nervosa  adios  to  anorexia  article  study  statistics  elderly  debunking  stereotypes  causes  of  eating  disorders  eating  disorders  in  the  elderly  Cynthia  Bulik  types  of  people  with  an  eating  disorder  body  image  body  issues  body  confidence  body  size  beauty  life  stages  life  events  ageing  menopause  pregnancy  psychological  impact  identity  divorce  retirement  misconception  negative  stereotypes  dispelling  myths  Leslie  Sim  Mayo  eating  disorders  program  Toni  Saiber  Foundation 
january 2016
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