Co-op Handbook
Legal Handbook For California Co-op
Handbook  California  Guidelines  Coop 
january 2018
StressCalm Px
Formula Ingredients for Stress Calm
Ingredient  Stress  Calm  Formula 
december 2017
Formula Ingredients for Sleep
Formula  Sleep  Ingredient 
december 2017
Quick Claims Guide | dōTERRA Essential Oils
FDA Wording Guidelines For Product description
Claims  Product  Wording  FDA 
december 2017
Small Farm Sonoma County Ordinance
Sonoma County Small Farm Ordinance Explained
Farm  Small  Ordinance  Sonoma 
october 2017
"The Art of Cannabis Emulsions"...How to Make Liquid Marijuana Edibles the RIGHT WAY! — Steemit
2 mg: This amount has shown little to no impairment on consumers.
2.5 mg: Most consumers have reported some psychoactivity which may be equal to a glass of wine or a beer. Doses in this range are popular for social anxiety, encouraging the munchies, and focus.
5 mg: Almost all consumers note significant psychoactivity at this dosage.
10 mg: For most consumers, there will be significant psychoactivity at this dosage. This also provides significant distraction from pain and is a common dose for chemotherapy patients to reduce nausea.
15 mg: This dosage will cause uncomfortable levels of psychoactivity, even for most regular consumers of cannabis.
Water  Cannabis  Emulision 
september 2017
Sizes, Shapes
Cool idea for trough gardens
Gardening  Idea  Trough 
august 2017
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