Richard Powers: ‘It was like a religious conversion. I realised the natural world isn’t ours’ | Books | The Guardian
“Every form of mental despair and terror and incapacity in modern life seems to be related in some way to this complete alienation from everything else alive. We’re deeply, existentially lonely.
Powers  Overstory  trees  forests  ecology 
8 weeks ago
The GOP is quietly crafting work requirement waivers — for white people - The Washington Post
GOP-controlled states have been quietly crafting waivers that would end up shielding rural, white residents from this new scheme
GOP  Medicaid  race  racism  work  requirements 
may 2018
Ida B Wells: the unsung heroine of the civil rights movement | World news | The Guardian
Much like the killing of black people by police today, the ‘official’ story of lynchings was just largely accepted,
Ida  Wells  race  journalism  lynching  lynchings 
april 2018
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