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The 2017 Georgetown Report And The Sunset Of The Traditional Law Firm Model
What’s missing in the current legal landscape is a safe, scalable, cost-effective, legal delivery model that integrates the legal supply chain. There are many different structures and models that would accomplish this objective– the most likely being a Clearspire ‘two company model’ where a law firm enters into a bundled services agreement with a legal service provider. Another iteration might involve a corporate legal department breaking off and rebranding itself as a law firm that is pared with legal operations capability, either in-house or via an established outside service provider. Additional elite legal talent would be readily available because there will soon be a diaspora of lawyers looking for a new model and a new home that aligns better with their interests as well as their clients’.
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february 2017 by JordanFurlong
Practice Engineering for 21st Century Legal Services Firms (Part 1)
So, what is our system, what does it do? Abstracting a bit, the legal services system delivers three things of value — in this order of increasing value and decreasing risk of displacement by alternative providers and software:

Not a surprise to any reader of this blog, in the delivery of the most bespoke legal services, the silkiest Savile Row suits, there is quite a lot of the quotidian. Suits need buttons. Contracts need signature pages. Pleadings need assertions of jurisdiction.
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february 2017 by JordanFurlong
Emerging Legal Technology Forum: The Role of Mindset
Katz’s wide-ranging keynote touched on themes such as economics of law; the industrialization of what had been an artisanal trade; and the role of data and analytics in re-making the economic structure of the industry. In his introduction, however, he touched on another underlying theme that drove nearly every conversation during the course of the Forum. What legal technology and innovation is all about, he said, is building a better legal supply chain with better measurement of value in the elements of the chain.
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september 2016 by JordanFurlong

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