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In Law Firms, 'Caste System' Persists Among Attorneys and Business Professionals | The American Lawyer
In some firms, the separation between lawyers and staff is literal: Katten Muchin Rosenman’s largest office in Chicago had two separate cafeterias, with the majority of staff barred from eating in the attorney dining room.

“It made me feel worthless, that what I offer means nothing to you, and that you don’t care about me,” said a former Katten business professional.

Katten did not return a request for comment.

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Nearly every law firm professional has a war story: a thrown stapler, ignored emails and even public shaming. Professionals find themselves constantly scrambling to justify their presence, and just one mistake—even a small PowerPoint typo—can erase all the goodwill.

Park remembers being publicly shamed by a senior partner after submitting the wrong version of a Chambers and Partners entry. After privately emailing the partner to point out the mistake, he berated her in an email sent to all the partners in the firm.

“If you’re a legal professional trying to earn respect from your partners, that’s how they destroy it,” said Park, who left the legal industry in 2017. “You can’t say anything; you can’t do anything. You just have to take it.”

Many say the unequal treatment exacerbates the already stressful environment within Big Law firms, leading to mental health concerns among staff.
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Your Monthly Law Firm Efficiency Metrics: Post 3 | Stacey E. Burke
Staff audit reports give a law firm a clearer picture of office workflow and productivity.  After running staff audit reports, use the data to determine:
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LEGAL FUTURES Slater & Gordon chief urges firms to adopt employee ownership plans » LEGAL FUTURES
Employee ownership of law firms is an opportunity to get the best young lawyers into early equity and minimise risk, according to a leading CEO.
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