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Largest, Most Pedigreed Firms Underperform on Service Quality Compared to Other Firms | The American Lawyer
As to how it’s possible that the largest and most esteemed firms have been doing so well if they are not consistently delivering the best client service, we have a few thoughts.

First, the growing size and profitability of the largest and most pedigreed firms, and their corresponding growth in associate to partner ratios, may have reached a tipping point in the past few years—and until that point this wasn’t materially impacting service quality. On the flip side, some of the firms in the Am Law 21 to 200 only recently reached a size that gave them enough depth of expertise in key practice areas to handle high-stakes work; so there were fewer options for clients looking to deviate from big, branded firms.

Second, switching costs in the legal industry are high—incumbents know the client and have institutional knowledge—so change happens at a much slower pace. Related, some legal matters have long tails and switching firms mid-course is especially difficult. And remember, it is not that the large, pedigreed firms are performing poorly (just, on the whole, not as well as other firms).

This brings us to the third and most important reason for the disparity between firm performance and firm success. It’s that the legal market has an information problem: we don’t know which firms are performing better, so we are forced to default to brand (and high cost) as proxies for quality. But that is changing, as discussed in this Above the Law article. Clients, in essence, are finding out that the blue chip firms of the past are not necessarily the blue chip firms of the present (and future). Likewise, the “insurance” rationale for choosing certain firms for high-stakes work based on historical reputation should dissipate over time (but won’t disappear).
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june 2018 by JordanFurlong
Similarly, the AmLaw 100 would tell you that large firms with a global footprint tend to have more revenue than regional or more focussed firms—this is already sounding tautological, isn’t it? It does not provide a clue as to whether the Super Rich strategy trumps the “everywhere all the time” strategy or how that compares in turn to the “we know our niche and we’re stickin’ to it” or the “deer in the headlights/wake me when it’s over” strategy—any more than the Wal-Mart/Exxon gold/silver finish tells you whether Wal-Mart would be a better massively integrated petroleum producer than Exxon or Exxon would be a better massively integrated retailer than Wal-Mart. To pose the hypothetical is to expose its transparent absurdity.
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Legal Marketing and Social Media for Law Firms | Austin Texas
If it gives you peace of mind to continue investing time and money in “pay-to-play” and “claim your profile”  lawyer ratings and reviews websites, then god bless and best wishes. But the mind share these vestigial marketing tools– “basic boxes” to check – continues to command could be distracting lawyers — particularly small and solo general practice firms — from leveraging local word-of-mouth communities, Yelp in particular.
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Buying In: Some Reflections on the Am Law 100 Rankings « Above the Law: A Legal Web Site – News, Commentary, and Opinions on Law Firms, Lawyers, Law Schools, Law Suits, Judges and Courts + Career Resources
Ultimately, both Biglaw and U.S. colleges seem to be in a bubble. People are starting to contest the value of hiring a Biglaw firm at all cost, just as they contest the value of an expensive BA from a lesser-private school. To compete, those at the bottom will need to enhance their value proposition, while those at the top, the rich, will continue to get richer. I don’t know if it is fair, but the numbers don’t lie. And if you are just starting out, or in it for the long haul, you’d much rather have the Biglaw gig or expensive BA over the alternative. Until next year, enjoy the rankings.
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may 2013 by JordanFurlong
Everything That Is Wrong With The Above the Law Law School Rankings « Above the Law: A Legal Web Site – News, Commentary, and Opinions on Law Firms, Lawyers, Law Schools, Law Suits, Judges and Courts + Career Resources
Yesterday, we released the inaugural ATL Top 50 Law School rankings. A lot of us here worked really hard on it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t proud of the effort.
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Rate-a-Neutral - Magazine - ABA Journal
ith Fortune 500 companies demanding more transparency in the dispute resolution process, a New York City-based nonprofit has decided to start rating arbitrators and mediators.
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Law Department Management: Net rating scores based on evaluations of outside counsel at GE Canada
When lawyers at GE Canada rate external counsel, they state how likely they would recommend the external lawyer to someone else. As explained in the ACC Docket, Vol. 27, Oct. 2009 in an ad supplement by Ogilvy Renault after page 64, lawyers use ratings of 9-10 (“likely to recommend that lawyer to someone else”), 7-8 (“unlikely to recommend”), and 0-6 (“absolutely not”) (See my post of Nov. 8, 2009: overall performance questions on surveys.).
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ACC Launches Controversial "Value Index" Ranking of Law Firms : Larry Bodine Law Marketing Blog
So, it’s time to get friendly with your in-house counterparts, and ask them to print out what’s being said about your firm. The average overall rating is currently 3.88 with a maximum rating of 5.00 and minimum rating of 1.50, so not many law firms are getting top ratings.

The value Index “is also an instrument to help shape the thinking and dialog between firms and in-house counsel about what constitutes ‘good value’ in legal services,” according to an ACC document.

The one-page evaluation inquires into only 6 areas:

1. Understands objectives/expectations
2. Legal expertise
3. Efficiency/process management
4. Responsiveness/communication
5. Predictable cost/budgeting skills
6. Results delivered/execution.
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About Us - Take Legal Advice
how to make an informed choice about the best and most suitable legal service, as quickly and easily as possible. is designed to do just this.
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july 2007 by JordanFurlong > Passion, People and Principles > The Balanced scorecard on YOU may be coming soon
David, regarding your suggested "JD Powers" site for evaluating law firms: the March 3 edition of The Economist includes a short article (p. 60) about a website created by UK doctor Paul Hodgkin called "Patient Opinion" (
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july 2007 by JordanFurlong - Are Law Firms Over-Surveyed and Underwhelmed?
Getting ranked, awarded or listed among competitors is easier for law firms these days, but keeping up with the proliferation of publications designed to make them look special has become a lot more complicated.
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july 2007 by JordanFurlong
The lawyers’ ire over Avvo seems to have begun with Browne, a well-known criminal-defense lawyer in Seattle.
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july 2007 by JordanFurlong - Martindale to Change Focus as Some Firms Opt Out
Martindale-Hubbell will this fall unveil online client reviews and rankings of lawyers and firms. He called the expanded ratings system the "cornerstone" of a two-year-old project aimed at boosting the value of a Martindale-Hubbell profile in the eyes of
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