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'This Is Not Greenberg Traurig': Firm Leader Touts New Innovation Venture | The American Lawyer
Greenberg Traurig chair Richard Rosenbaum recognizes that the traditional full-service law firm can’t do everything.

For clients’ primary needs—excellence in core legal areas—they’re not looking anywhere else. But when it comes to so-called “commoditized” work, they have an increasing set of options, and law firms will invariably struggle to keep up with the technology needed to compete.
His firm announced this week it was founding a subsidiary, Recurve, that will partner with artificial intelligence providers, staffing firms, real estate innovators and other startups to guide clients as well as other law firms in taking advantage of the growing range of services available. The idea is to be “innovation architects,” who identify client needs and guide them toward solutions, but won’t execute them or engage in the practice of law.

The initiative will be run out of Warsaw, Poland; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Denver, and will also include operations in strategically selected locations like Austin, Texas; Berlin; and South Florida. The 2,000-attorney firm has existing offices in all of these locations.
Rosenbaum spoke Wednesday with The American Lawyer about his vision for Recurve and what is novel about the offering.

In your own words, what is Recurve?

Over time we obviously have seen the evolution of both technology and other forms of staffing, artificial intelligence and other value-enhancing ways of addressing so-called repetitive and commoditized aspects of legal work. Because of that, there has arisen a lot of capital spending and business units within law firms, with limited success for the most part. It’s very hard to keep up with the cutting edge.
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Stress Cracks and Repairs to the Big Law Structure | Big Law Business
Can law firm service provider “spin-offs” compete with companies built specifically to address key delivery components such as eDiscovery, contract management, cyber-security, and data management? And would law firms be better advised — as DLA elected to do — to turn to a proven provider such as LOD instead of building out subsidiaries on their own?
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“Catalyst for significant change” – DLA Piper and Lawyers on Demand announce collaboration | Legal IT Insider
DLA Piper has bucked the trend among international law firms to set up their own contract lawyer service by collaborating with Berwin Leighton Paisner’s (BLP’s) flexible resource arm Lawyers on Demand.
The firms’ ground-breaking venture will enable DLA to tap into a pool of its own alumni, which will be set up and managed by LOD on behalf of DLA.
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Pizza as a Service | Albert Barron | LinkedIn
As it turns out, the pizza example was something he could relate to and it reaffirmed that sometimes we simply have to take a step back and keep things simple. It's not a new concept, but it’s something a techie easily forgets! Thanks to Professor Gilson for helping me to remember that sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to deliver a message. Time for anyone?
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UPDATED Citi Analyst: There is a ‘Fundamental Shift’ in the Litigation Market | Big Law Business
In particular, analysts and attorneys pointed to a growing trend among corporate law departments to parcel lower end litigation work, such as document review in discovery and less significant lawsuits to “low-cost service providers,” which can include organizations located offshore or in the U.S., or an internal subsidiary within a law firm. Such a change is more likely to affect law firms that derive significant revenue from routine litigation work, which is growing increasingly scarce, the analysts said. Meanwhile elite law firms that work on the highest stake cases have been relatively immune to the changes.
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