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LEGAL FUTURES Majority of top firms eyeing growth through merger as ABSs appear on the radar » LEGAL FUTURES
Overall, 58% of the top 100 firms saw mergers and acquisitions as a major growth opportunity, “with some top 11-25 firms in particular acknowledging the challenges of operating in an increasingly competitive and mature market and recognising that further UK consolidation in the mid-tier is inevitable”.

PwC said LPO/offshoring will “become an increasingly important area for the sector”. It added: “Pricing pressure and the threat of new entrants are together forcing firms to reappraise how they deliver legal services, whilst maintaining quality as a ‘non-negotiable’.”

Business processing outsourcing (BPO) is also “an area of increasing maturity in the legal sector”, although while some firms had embraced it, others “remain to be convinced of the fit with their culture and strategy”. The greatest uptake has been in “ou
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