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Merging Traffic: Why Clio Acquired Lexicata - Attorney at Work
Clio is also slow-playing a referral network. Now, consider this: What space exists between leads and conversions? That amorphous netherworld where a law firm doesn’t want a case, but that same case would be valuable to another law firm. There is no existing system for managing those referrals between lawyers outside of ad hoc attorney networks. Enter Clio, with its baseline usership of 150,000 legal professionals. With the announcement of, and what appears to be a soft launch for, the Clio Referral Network, Clio users can now process referrals through Clio Grow or through the Clio website —

Not only is this another compelling reason to continue or start using Clio for case management, but it’s also an initial entree point into a market that is massively underserved. I predict that the Clio Referral Network will become the biggest play to come out of Clio’s spate of announcements at this year’s conference. If done correctly (meaning, if leads can be routed intelligently), the Clio Referral Network stands as a bridge for unlocking so much untapped law firm revenue that it’s staggering to think about. And, while at this moment, it doesn’t appear that Clio is looking to monetize this service, they could certainly do so, via a lead generation service model, if they wished.

There was, as there is at every legal conference in the universe, much discussion at Clio Cloud Conference about the latent revenue available to law firms pending a viable solution for the access to justice (#A2J) problem. But, frankly, the potential law firm revenue lost to poor referral management is also gigantic, and more readily solvable.
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october 2018 by JordanFurlong
Bloomberg Law to Offer Lawyer-Client Representation Analysis – Artificial Lawyer
The company representation tool does not seek to make predictions on a lawyer’s likely success, but instead seeks to give inhouse legal teams, or rival law firms, a blueprint of that lawyer’s working life: who they’ve helped, what trends can be seen in the cases they take, and where do they have the most experience in terms of jurisdictions.

It will show an attorney’s experience representing companies in federal courts with additional data taken from Bloomberg Law’s comprehensive case law database and news sources.

Armed with this information companies can then make better informed judgments about who they want representing them – without having to rely mainly on lawyer bio pages or word of mouth. In short, they can take a more data-led approach.  

The company said this will complement Litigation Analytics’ existing judicial, company, and law firm capabilities, which Bloomberg Law says also ‘enables attorneys at law firms to quickly gain intelligence on their competition and chart winning legal strategies’. It added that this new extension will be packaged up at no additional cost with the existing plans of subscribers.

The key areas the new extension will help with are summarised as:

What companies has an attorney represented?
What is an attorney’s areas of expertise and practice areas?
What is the trend of an attorney’s litigation?
In which jurisdictions does an attorney have experience litigating?
Is this going to totally revolutionise litigation planning? Not yet, but it’s a useful development that shows that Bloomberg Law is serious about building out its legal data analysis capabilities and leveraging legal information where it can. And, as the group says, this journey has really only just got started, with the main Analytics platform launching a couple of years ago.
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october 2018 by JordanFurlong
The Business Development Dilemma: Do Firms Get What They Pay For? | The American Lawyer
They say they want business developers with a strategic, client-centric mindset to go shoulder to shoulder with partners and move the revenue needle. What they get are marketing generalists insulated from buyers (except when pinning on name tags at client events) and smothered under a haystack of scutwork so deep they can’t find the needle, let alone move it. That’s the crux of the business development fallacy.

There are exceptions. They are, however, few enough and far between enough that they prove the rule: Look too closely and Big Law business development looks a helluva lot like marketing.

This is different from “real” companies, where business development (sales) is distinct from marketing. At law firms, the functions are mashed up. Business development is distinguished not by dollars-in-the-door prowess, but by proximity to practice leaders. By any other name, however, it’s an elaborate species of sales support.

Much ado about nomenclature? No. There are real consequences to dishing up business development goulash. Nor is it a matter of bad faith. Firm leaders and business development professionals are earnest in their efforts to get it right. But it’s hard to ignore so many of the wrong people doing the wrong things for the wrong reasons.
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july 2018 by JordanFurlong
Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner Shifts to Merit-Based Pay System | The American Lawyer
“Both parties have realised they have great clients, but management spent a lot of time talking about how we are being remunerated like we are to encourage collaboration and cross selling,” said one unnamed partner who attended the conference. ”It was really drummed in that, being one firm, we have a huge market advantage and that hunting in packs is going to be key.”

As part of the union between both firms agreed upon earlier this year, partners at legacy Berwin Leighton Paisner dropped the U.K. firm’s modified lockstep compensation structure to shift towards a system that sees all BCLP partners paid on a hybrid merit-based platform more closely aligned to that of legacy Bryan Cave.
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june 2018 by JordanFurlong
The Evolution of Competitive Intelligence in Law Firms | Acritas
Law firm competitive intelligence (CI) is not new. Approximately half of the law firms participating in this study have had resources dedicated to CI for five or more years. This report, however, reveals there is significant work to be done to build CI capabilities to keep pace with the competitive and dynamic industry law has become.

Key findings from our CI research include:

82% of firms interviewed have headcount dedicated to CI but only 52% have a formal CI function
1 in 3 firms (37%) plan to increase the size of their CI group in the coming year
3 in 4 firms (76%) plan to make changes to CI in the next 12 months. With the most common change expected to be the review and consolidation of tools and resources
Leaders rate the effectiveness of their current CI resources just 6.4 out of 10. Furthermore only 8% consider their CI function to be highly effective in helping the firm make better, more informed decisions
80% of law firms’ CI departments are more reactive than proactive, and more tactical than strategic
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november 2017 by JordanFurlong
A New Era for Managing and Finding Experience in Large Law Firms | ILTA KM
Recently, a new class of software has come on the market designed to manage experience. These tools collect important details about lawyers and matters, offer flexible reporting, integrate with other law firm systems, and have simple-to-use interfaces. Furthermore, they offer a single, enterprise system that can power marketing, KM, finance, and other functions.

However, software alone is not enough; someone must populate the data. Reluctance to hire staff to do this has fallen as firms respond to the need to pitch, price, and analyze profitability. Many Marketing Departments already invest heavily in capturing this type of data. Finance and new business intakes often contribute and KM departments happily contribute given that they can ride on the experience system’s coattails.

These systems rest on more accurate matter typing. Depending on the nature of the legal work, accurately characterizing matters may be possible only well into the life of the matter. Marketing or KM typically chases down the information at suitable points in the matter, which can be days, weeks, or months after inception. Some leading firms, however, are building tools based on role and time entry with phase and task codes as triggers that add a controlled workflow component to capturing information over the lifecycle of a matter. That lifecycle integration holds real promise.
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june 2017 by JordanFurlong
Interview: Jordan Furlong, Legal Market Analyst and Forecaster – LawStrat
What matters, I think, is that these are “legal service providers.” That they’re online makes little difference, except insofar as a virtual platform obviously increases their reach and convenience to clients while lowering their costs. But lawyers and law firms should look past “online” and recognise that these are, for the most part, reliable, competent options for clients to access solutions to their legal needs. Law firms should emulate them where feasible, ally with them where appropriate, and simply buy them out where a value proposition is clear. But ignoring these providers, or denigrating them, is just about the worst thing firms can do. Clients are taking these providers seriously, and that should be all the motivation law firms require to do the same themselves.
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april 2017 by JordanFurlong
Large Law’s Not-So-Secret Weapon In Marketing And BD: The Library | Above the Law
To differentiate themselves, law firms have begun actively producing thought leadership, content marketing (including research), and academic-style studies on topics of interest to their clients. Such materials allow firms to show their mastery of a subject and differentiate themselves while teaching their clients and prospects something new. Of course, producing those materials often calls for analyzing and drawing insights out of raw data and information, which is the stock in trade of law firm librarians. And in that way, the library has become critical to some law firms’ marketing and business development efforts.
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march 2017 by JordanFurlong
Your Law Firm Is A Media Company - Lawyer Forward -
Whatever you sell, you have nothing without a buyer.

Your product may be perfect, you may have solved a major need or created great work, but you’ll never serve a soul unless someone finds you.

Vaynerchuk told the room that we are a media business first, and only after that work is done do we sell legal product. He said it so quickly that I imagine most of the room missed it. He spoke more on the subject throughout his talk, but never with that kind of precision:

You are a media company first, and then you sell legal product.
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september 2016 by JordanFurlong
Branding in the Age of Social Media
As a central feature of their digital strategy, companies made huge bets on what is often called branded content. The thinking went like this: Social media would allow your company to leapfrog traditional media and forge relationships directly with customers. If you told them great stories and connected with them in real time, your brand would become a hub for a community of consumers. Businesses have invested billions pursuing this vision. Yet few brands have generated meaningful consumer interest online. In fact, social media seems to have made brands less significant. What has gone wrong?
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february 2016 by JordanFurlong
Here's Why Your Content Marketing Strategy is Totally Failing
I talk with a lot of people who are frustrated with the fact that their content marketing strategy doesn’t seem to be working.
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february 2016 by JordanFurlong
UX and the Future of Law Firm Branding – Law Firm Web Strategy
In reality, of course, law firms have very little control over their brand. Partly, this is because law firms have almost no mechanisms for quality control and no power to enforce protocols for lawyers’ behaviours and relationships with clients. A law firm that tries to force a partner to strictly follow a specified regimen when performing work and communicating with clients will usually be down one partner in short order. As for “expertise,” most clients assume their lawyers have it, and very few know or care enough to distinguish the fine gradients of expertise that separate one lawyer from another — and in any event, with partner movement rampant among firms, expertise has become mobile to the point of peripatetic, and therefore an unreliable foundation for a brand.
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november 2015 by JordanFurlong
Drastic change needed in 'outdated and unworkable' lawyer advertising rules, says report
The Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers is calling for a drastic streamlining of ethics rules governing lawyer advertising. APRL says the change would make it easier for attorneys to reach out to consumers without having to navigate a maze of regulatory barriers adopted by the states, despite rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court that lawyers have a constitutional right to communicate with the public.
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october 2015 by JordanFurlong
At the Inflection Point: the CMO's Role in Reinventing Law Firm Business Models
This expertise-focused content marketing is necessary, but for most firms it is no longer sufficient.  Today, potential clients, especially larger corporations, are looking for more than just legal smarts and experience.  They are looking for a firm that understands how to deliver results efficiently and, if possible, go beyond defensively responding to legal issues.  They want a law firm that provides incremental value to their business.  
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september 2015 by JordanFurlong
The Surprising New Adopter of Content Marketing: Law Firms — The Content Strategist
Corey recommends law firms adopt a six-step framework for implementing journalistic practices in their writing. This approach combines an organization’s market intelligence and subject-matter expertise with the credibility and the narrative techniques of professional journalism. Here are the steps Corey and Greentarget propose:
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september 2015 by JordanFurlong
Prism Legal What Big Law Can Learn from Alphabet - Prism Legal
The Google or Hilton approach does not exist in Big Law so far as I know. Some firms don’t need it. The value players (e.g., labor and employment firms) serve mainly price sensitive clients. They invest heavily in technology and process improvement. The super-rich(e.g., the top NYCfirms)  serve primarily price-insensitive clients. They focus on paying for top talent and doing deep dives into difficult issues.
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august 2015 by JordanFurlong
Lawyer Website Avvo Valued at $650 Million in Funding Round | Big Law Business
Avvo Inc., an online directory for finding and rating lawyers, raised $71.5 million in a funding round led by Technology Crossover Ventures, to add products and boost marketing and hiring.

The financing values the Seattle-based startup at about $650 million, said people with knowledge of the matter, who asked not to be identified because the figures aren’t public.

The round brings total funding for Avvo to $132 million.
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july 2015 by JordanFurlong
The Vital Role of Pricing in Law Firm Marketing & BD Efforts - Validatum
While more firms are beginning to understand the ability of a more sophisticated approach to pricing contributing positively to margins and profitability to say nothing of improved client relationships, considerably fewer firms appreciate that pricing innovation and sophistication can form a central plank of both marketing and business development strategies.

In a perennially cluttered market where supply exceeds demand and differentiation often comes down to little more than the quality of individual relationships and spheres of influence, pricing sophistication and innovation remains fundamentally a squandered opportunity.
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july 2015 by JordanFurlong
Why There’s No Such Thing as Full Service
No client ever hires an agency because it can do everything, but rather because it can do something. In fact, whenever “wide range” or “full service” appears as the main promise a firm makes, you can assume that it has been either unable or unwilling to actually name what it stands for.
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february 2015 by JordanFurlong
Your Monthly Law Firm Efficiency Metrics Guide: Post 1 | Stacey E. Burke
Create a report that tracks your firm’s marketing goals.  This report should be an amalgamation of several different smaller reports.
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march 2014 by JordanFurlong
New lawyer sets up online legal marketplace
The recent law grad is the founder of, a legal marketplace where lawyers can set up an account — complete with a profile photo — and advertise their fixed rates alongside their peers. It spares clients from having to phone 10 lawyers just to find out how much each charges for specific services, says Cameron-Huff.
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december 2013 by JordanFurlong
Nothing You Can Say Can Cause Me To Retain You « Above the Law: A Legal Web Site – News, Commentary, and Opinions on Law Firms, Lawyers, Law Schools, Law Suits, Judges and Courts + Career Resources
Nothing you can say or do can cause me to retain you.

That’s terribly disheartening for folks who believe that business development should work, but it’s awfully close to being true.

Why is there nothing you can say that will cause me to hire you?
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july 2013 by JordanFurlong
LEGAL FUTURES LawNet raises the bar with new client service standard » LEGAL FUTURES
Law firm network LawNet has launched a ‘Mark of Excellence’ in client service that’s designed to give member firms a competitive edge.

The Mark is set out in a client service charter and will provide a nationally-recognisable and robust measure of quality to clients. Practice performance will be measured through a suite of tools especially designed for LawNet firms, including compulsory online satisfaction surveys, training and mystery shopping. Compliance with the mark will be audited as part of the LawNet ISO 9001 standard.
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march 2013 by JordanFurlong
3 Geeks and a Law Blog: The Big Orange Button
This will get me in trouble, but attorneys are the most expensive client service representatives ever. That is not in any way intended to diminish their importance. Good client service reps are absolutely necessary, but not nearly sufficient to provide a good client experience. The greatest lawyer in the world without the right tools, resources, and relationships is still going to be a very good lawyer, but will not likely provide an optimal experience to their clients. The tools, resources, and many of the relationships that attorneys use on behalf of their clients are provided by the firm and yet, GC's have been known to say things like "We hire the lawyer, not the law firm." That mindset has made the modern BigLaw firm little more than shared office space for "partners" always on the lookout for another firm that will promise them a larger cut of profits.
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june 2012 by JordanFurlong
Twitter becoming key referral source for solicitors, says research | LEGAL FUTURES
There has been a massive increase in people using Twitter to ask for recommendations of professional service providers in the last two years, with solicitors one of the most in demand, according to research conducted for Orange Business.
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june 2012 by JordanFurlong
QualitySolicitors – The Movie | LEGAL FUTURES
No doubt the QS knockers will come out to play today (just how does someone walking through a city centre pass by a family moving into their new house, fellow pedants?), but to me the really interesting aspect of the advert is the effort to link legal services with the emotion of life moments. Several people on Twitter mentioned how it even brought tears to their eyes. “What is wrong with me? I used to have a heart of stone and now I’ve just sobbed at the QualitySolicitors advert,” said one.
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april 2012 by JordanFurlong
Law Firm Apps: Useful Tools or Useless Promotion? | Lawyerist
Does your law firm or solo practice need a custom iPhone/Android app? These apps are popping up through various law firms and solo practitioners across the internet. Online software has opened the door for people to create their own customized apps without any coding knowledge. But they still take time, energy, and creativity to create. Is an app worth the investment?
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september 2011 by JordanFurlong
LEGAL FUTURES » Fixed fees more important to clients than brand names, says major research
Clients view fixed fees and online access to the progress of their case – but not brand names – as key elements of legal services they would buy, according to unique new research.
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september 2011 by JordanFurlong
Content Strategies for Law Firm Marketers - Watch This - JD Scoop
For your reference here is an interesting video currently making the rounds: a smart conversation that deserves a listen if you are a law firm marketer who cares about using content in your marketing strategy.
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june 2011 by JordanFurlong
When it Comes to Marketing, Small is Powerful « Small Firm Innovation
There was a time, not that long ago, when small firms and sole practitioners had almost no chance against big firms when it came to marketing. Thanks to their deep pockets and established brands, large law firms dominated in areas like advertising, event sponsorship, and the sort of name recognition that drew reporters to interview their lawyers like moths to a flame. “Small-firm” was considered, in marketing terms, to be small-time.
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june 2011 by JordanFurlong
You Are the Ad - Technology Review
What sets Facebook apart from online rivals, especially Google, is that its advertising is aimed not at influencing immediate purchases but at branding, something online ads have never done very well. "We're not really demand fulfillment, when you've already figured out what you're going to buy—that's search," explains Sandberg, bounding up to a whiteboard to circle the bottom of a classic "marketing funnel," representing the stage at which a purchase is completed. Circling the top half of the funnel, where consumers become aware of brands and consider buying their products, she adds: "We're demand generation, before you know you want something."
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april 2011 by JordanFurlong
LEGAL FUTURES » New national network aims to help law firms dominate their local markets
A network that aims to help law firms dominate their local market and guarantees that it will increase their income has gone live.
Clementi  marketing 
april 2011 by JordanFurlong
A Cleansing Look at Law Firm Marketing and Messaging
Grady didn’t quibble with the research, but said that he really takes general expertise for granted. What he wants from law firms that come around seeking his business, he said, is expertise tailored to his needs. “What I’m really looking for is can you deliver specific skills relevant to what I do in a way that is of value to me and my clients,” he said.
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march 2011 by JordanFurlong
Boomer Law! - Nolo's Legal Marketing Blawg
With the arrival of 2011, the oldest of the post-World War II Baby Boom generation will turn 65. In fact, every day for the next 19 years, 10,000 more will cross that threshold, notes the Philadelphia Bulletin. By 2030, a full 18 percent of the nation's population will be 65 or older, up a full five percent from current numbers.
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march 2011 by JordanFurlong
Law Department Management: Study claims that general counsel always visit law firm websites when selecting firms
More realistically found Wicker Park, “90 percent said that the attorney bios section is the most important section of a law firm’s website – and the one they visit most.” (italics in original). The quoted text comes from Strategies, July 2010 at 11. It is logical that what the online inquirers want to learn is about individual lawyers, not the firm as a whole. Law departments hire lawyers.
september 2010 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: Good at talking vs. good at doing
If you're in marketing and you're not in charge of the doing, you're not going to be able to do your job.
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june 2010 by JordanFurlong
Breaking the Habit: Blogs Instead of — Not in Addition to — Web Sites « Shatterbox
I’m not arguing that websites are obsolete, or questioning SEO — to the contrary — but rather, I am wondering why expensive, complex, static websites are still so entrenched and central to the online marketing and identity of solo and small firms. The best explanation I’ve come up with is 1) conformity and 2) habit. Websites are virtual “shingles.” EVERYBODY has one. If you’re in practice, you must have a website to show you’re legit and to help people find you. As a result, blogs usually are undertaken in addition to — not instead of — websites. No wonder, then, that social marketing for law firms is viewed as an additional expense and resource strain.
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june 2010 by JordanFurlong
Law Firm Cross Selling Basics « Corcoran's Business of Law Blog
Secondly, many lawyers fail to recognize that cross selling is MY job. If I want my colleagues to recommend me to their clients, then they need to know what specific problems I solve, and what specific triggers or flags should lead to an introduction. Vaguely advertising that I do real estate work is less specific than educating my colleagues that, for example, any client with distressed assets in need of protection or disposal, or clients conducting an acquisition that includes real assets with unknown liabilities, should speak to me. It’s incumbent on each of us to educate our colleagues about the top two or three problems we solve, and how to identify one of these problems in the making.
may 2010 by JordanFurlong
A Brand Is a Promise - Adam Smith, Esq.
The other big change that I think we will continue to see is the increasing importance of a strong global brand and identity. Law firms have traditionally shied away from branding and talked more about reputation, but that will change.
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may 2010 by JordanFurlong
You can collect solutions from as many lawyers as you want, compare them, and negotiate your way to the price you want. When you are satisfied with a particular lawyer and a particular price, you can select that lawyer to receive an email advertisement from the lawyer. The email will contain the lawyer’s name, contact information, a description of the service he is offering, and the price that you and he have agreed to on The Lawyer Market. You can call or email the lawyer to schedule an appointment to meet up offsite and decide whether to hire. You are not obligated to hire the lawyer just because he sends you an advertisement. But if you do decide to hire the lawyer, he will be bound to the advertised price. This means that he has to charge you the amount of money quoted in the advertisement, and nothing more, unless: (i) you and the lawyer both agree to change the price; or (ii) the lawyer concludes that you misrepresented yourself on the website in order to get an artificially chea
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march 2010 by JordanFurlong
A Little Something in Writing to Remember It By – Slaw
My small suggestion is that professionals who deal with clients consider preparing printed material for the clients to take away with them, material that will help them understand what is going on.
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march 2010 by JordanFurlong
The Greatest American Lawyer: Lawyer Advertisements in Liturgical Newsletters: One New Lenox, ILL Lawyer Finds It to Be an Effective Marketing Tool
Here’s what Attorney Daniel Adler has to say about his advertising in the weekly bulletin at Saint Jude Catholic Church in New Lenox, Illinois:

03-24 “I’ve had quite a few people call because they’ve seen my little ad in the back of the bulletin,” says Adler, who now pays $65 per month for the message he has been placing for some 20 years.
march 2010 by JordanFurlong
Business Attorney Marketplace – Patent, Trademark, Internet, and General Business Lawyers – Legal River
Your marketplace for lawyers

Legal River helps your business to find the right lawyer. Don’t waste your time going through online directories or searches. Post your request in 5 minutes on Legal River, and let the right lawyer find you.
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november 2009 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: The unclicking 84%
Mark points us to this great set of stats.

Basically, all of the clicks for all the ads online come from only 16% of the surfers, and most of them come from just 4% of all internet users.

So, if you optimize your ads for clicks, it means you're ignoring a huge population.

If your business is built around the kind of person who clicks, you win. If it isn't, you either need to not buy ads online or buy ads optimized for attention and familiarity, not clicks.
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november 2009 by JordanFurlong
Law Firm Web Strategy : 101 Law Firm Taglines – 2009 Edition
Taglines as branding devices have been a subject of interest for some time now. Jeanine Magsitza compiled a list of 100 law firm taglines in 2002; Nathan Burke analysed AmLaw 200 firm’s use of taglines on their websites in 2005; and a few months ago, Carolyn Elefant advised on how to write a good tagline.
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september 2009 by JordanFurlong
An Inside Take from the Outside: Law Firms and Branding
I say that as the Law Society of England and Wales has just justified its existence in triplicate. It has, in my view anyway, just nailed some brand positioning. I refer, of course, to its having just launched a major campaign, under the banner “Help! I need somebody”, promoting solicitors as a profession and, as importantly, the expertise and assurance that comes of using a solicitor rather than a non-legally qualified/regulated service provider. What’s more, according to the Law Society’s blog, there has been marked acceleration in the profession’s support for this campaign compared with previous years. If the profession has finally realised that “being a solicitor” is itself a brand enhancement, and hence value protector, then it has surely taken a giant step forward? Only with the most commoditised of matters is pricing truly the sole differentiator. Surely clients, be they corporations or individuals, also attach value to expertise and personalised support? And surely that
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september 2009 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: Understanding business development
Business Development is a mysterious title for a little discussed function or department in most larger companies. It's also a great way for an entrepreneur or small business to have fun, create value and make money. Good business development allows businesses to profit by doing something that is tangential to their core mission. Sometimes the profit is so good, it becomes part of their core mission, other times it supports the brand and sometimes it just makes money. And often it's a little guy who can be flexible enough to make things happen.
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september 2009 by JordanFurlong
ideasonideas - Eric Karjaluoto discusses design, brands and experience » Blog Archive » Sweatpants forever?
They explained to us that they were quite different from other law firms, and that while others were rather boring and stodgy, they are in fact much younger, more progressive, and “out of the box” thinkers*. They didn’t think this came across in their current materials, and were highly dissatisfied with their existing website. They felt that if we built a site for them like the one we built for their competitor, it would remedy this problem. We explained that although we could help them with this, we didn’t want to duplicate what we had already done for another client. We felt that they probably had a good story to tell, and that we should “mine” their own history and practice in order to pinpoint that story, instead of trying to shoehorn them into something made for another firm. They seemed to appreciate this and asked us to prepare a proposal with hopes of beginning the process by the weekend. Given their urgency, we had a proposal to them within a couple of days; sadly, this is wh
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july 2009 by JordanFurlong
The Elephant Roaming Madison Avenue - You and Me - The Steve Rubel Lifestream
On the plane ride home from Chicago I was catching up on my reading cache in Evernote and had to share this gem from Nielsen: globally, both consumer opinions posted online and branded web sites are trusted far more than TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, search engine ads, online video ads and banners. And not just by a little either but a lot. In some countries like China, the figures for branded web sites are off the charts. The takeaway here is that anyone can become a trusted resource. Over time, I suspect that as marketers fully understand this shift in attitude so will the dollars.
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july 2009 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: The difference between strangers and friends
Strangers are justifiably suspicious. Friends give you the benefit of the doubt. “Friend” is more broadly defined as someone you have a beer with or meet up with to go on a hike. A friend is someone who has interacted with you, or who knows your parents or reads your blog—someone with history. If you’ve made a promise to someone and then kept it, you’re a friend. If you’ve changed someone for the better, you’re a friend as well. We market to friends very differently than we market to strangers. We do business differently as well.
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july 2009 by JordanFurlong
The Greatest American Lawyer: What Does Your “About” Page Say about You and Your Law Firm
When it comes to lawyers and marketing, there is an awful lot that falls through the cracks and gets lost in translation. Too often, lawyers are so busy billing by the hour that they forget that they are in the business of getting business. If you ask any lawyer in charge of managing their law firm, they will tell you that they welcome additional client prospects. But when you ask them what they are doing to get those prospects, you will find that the answers tie into everything except the law firm’s website. One of the most neglected web pages on law firm websites is the “About” page. I know, we’ve neglected ours for way too long. In considering an upgrade, we leveraged some of what we believe to be our best marketing tools:
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june 2009 by JordanFurlong
Venable helps prairie dogs | On the Record
Were you wondering why Venable was one of the sponsors of the Maryland Zoo’s new prairie dog habitat? No? Well, I was curious about the firm’s affinity for the critters, so I asked. Here’s the answer from former chairman Ben Civiletti, forwarded to me by a firm spokesman:
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june 2009 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: Textbook rant
The solution seems simple to me. Professors should be spending their time devising pages or chapterettes or even entire chapters on topics that matter to them, then publishing them for free online. (it's part of their job, remember?) When you have a class to teach, assemble 100 of the best pieces, put them in a pdf or on a kindle or a website (or even in a looseleaf notebook) and there, you're done. You just saved your intro marketing class about $15,000. Every semester. Any professor of intro marketing who is assigning a basic old-school textbook is guilty of theft or laziness. This industry deserves to die. It has extracted too much time and too much money and wasted too much potential. We can do better. A lot better.
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june 2009 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: The power of a tiny picture (how to improve your social network brand)
In the social group I run, part of my job is to pick the featured members. As a result, I spend a lot of time looking at little pictures. Here's one person's take on the things you can do to avoid wrecking that first impression: Have a professional or a dedicated amateur take your picture. Use a white background, or at least a neutral one. No trees! No snowstorms! The idea of having your significant other in the picture is a good one, at least in terms of maintaining peace in the presence of a jealous or nervous spouse. But the thing is, I'm not friending your girlfriend, I'm friending you. I'd vote for the picture to be
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april 2009 by JordanFurlong
Vendor Perspective of the LMA Annual Conference « Corcoran’s Business of Law Blog
Actually, I will reveal the greatest secret to increasing your ROI at a conference, particularly a close-knit community like the legal marketers. It’s this: Be part of the community. It’s that simple. How? Buy more than exhibit-only badges and spend more time with the clients and prospects, learning alongside them in educational sessions, spreading out and mingling with them at breakfast, lunches and cocktail receptions, and attending all the after-hours events.
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april 2009 by JordanFurlong
3 Geeks and a Law Blog: The True Measure of E-Mail Success
I was struck by eROI's analysis of their survey results because they are the only e-mail metrics company that have said: Open rate, as mentioned earlier, is not a reliable metric. Click rate is better, but unless you can tie those clicks to dollars, campaign ROI can still be a little tough to prove. However, the ‘‘brand engagement value’’ of a click is extremely important and often discounted. Another major opportunity missed is conversion tracking (emphasis added). eROI suggests that companies should focus on conversion rates but, according to their survey resulsts, 1/8th of all companies engaging in online marketing don't even measure it. eROI got it right and it is something that we, as online marketers, need to drive home daily: did your e-mail cause the recipient to act upon the e-mail and respond to a call-to-action?
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april 2009 by JordanFurlong
Law Technology News - MARKETING: Deciphering Data
s your website getting the quality traffic you want? Web analytics can help you understand if a potential client's journey to your website creates a meaningful, relevant dialogue that motivates action. It shows how visitors found your site and what they did once they got there — which helps you evaluate your online effectiveness and use that information to tailor online and offline business strategies. Numerous companies offer this type of software (see sidebar, page 53), and all have specific coding that is added to your web pages to track user behavior. But don't worry, this is easier than it sounds.
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february 2009 by JordanFurlong
Altman Weil blog - Maddock on Marketing » Blog Archive » Letter from London, Part One
law firm business developers had to establish coherent plans, clearly indicating activities and specific outcomes, not just process. Each plan must have realistic and demanding targets and measures, not just “stuff.” (“Stuff” became the catchword at the conference for random, unfocused activities that showed the marketers were doing something, anything, whether relevant to the firm’s strategy or not.) Tony also pointed out that downturns present opportunities, which became another ongoing undercurrent at the conference. He concluded by saying that the next two years will be difficult, that discretionary spends will be limited and that innovation, drive and strategic positioning will make the difference between growth and stasis or failure.
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february 2009 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: The rational marketer (and the irrational customer)
I mean, I mean, you can PROVE that your system works. You can guarantee it. You can provide testimonials and real-time evidence. And yet, the person you're calling on won't give you money and will spend it on the traditional system, which is a total waste. You know that your car is more aerodynamic. You know that your insulation is more effective. You know that your insurance has a higher ROI. You've thought about it a lot because it's your job to think about it. It's your job to make those charts and tables and graphs and brochures. So you know it. The problem is that your prospect doesn't care about any of those things. He cares about his boss or the story you're telling or the risk or the hassle of making a change. He cares about who you know and what other people will think when he tells them what he's done after he buys from you.
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february 2009 by JordanFurlong
The Captain's Log: Are Buyers Irrational When They Don't Select Me?
When it's put this way, no wonder many law firms are too busy to actually learn about the client's business, because it's not the law firm's problem. At the law firm, it's our job to show how good we are. It's the clients job to figure out where we can help. But buyers are irrational. They don't make decisions based solely on sound logic. Or at least not the logic we've outlined here. But that doesn't mean they act foolishly and without forethought, their decision process is rational in their minds.
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february 2009 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: The best middle name ever
When your middle name is 'The', it means you're it. The only one. The one that defines the category. I think that focus is a choice, and that the result of appropriate focus is you earn the middle name.
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february 2009 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: In the mood
You already know how to deliver excellent service that blows people away. You just don't feel like it. Your organization has the resources to buy that machine or enter that market or change that policy. They're just not in the mood.
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february 2009 by JordanFurlong
Legal Technology - Do Model Web Faces Misrepresent Law Firms?
The images of several well-groomed, professional-looking people permeate the pages on the Web site of the Holland & Knight law firm. But would-be clients should not seek to speak with any of those people about their legal needs when contemplating whether to hire the Tampa, Fla.-based firm. All of those good-looking folks shown on virtually all of the Web site's main pages -- blacks and whites, males and females, younger people and gray-haired ones -- are paid models. Not one is a lawyer with the firm.
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january 2009 by JordanFurlong
Law Times - New advertising rules accepted
“We think it’s time to get out of the business of looking at letterhead and thinking that we have, by virtue of those kinds of formalistic provisions, done a whole lot to protect the public,” law society professional regulation committee chairwoman Linda Rothstein told October Convocation. While benchers adopted the new rules in principle during that session, a finalized version of the new rules was accepted at their November meeting after being touched up by the LSUC’s rules drafter. Similar rules for paralegals also were adopted.
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january 2009 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: Do ads work?
When Amazon was at its key growth peak, the mantra there was $33. They would buy unlimited ads, of any kind, as long as they generated new customers for $33 or less each. There was a risk that $33 was too high a number for the business to sustain, but the ads were no risk at all. As long as they came in under that number, there was unlimited money to buy them. How often do you hear the marketing person say, "that's a neat idea, but we don't have the budget this year"? Shouldn't she say, "We have an unlimited budget for ads that work"...
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january 2009 by JordanFurlong
Minneapolis Law Firm Shares Its "Secret" Connections : Larry Bodine Law Marketing Blog
From acupuncturists and artists to underground shopping and website development, the attorneys of Parsinen Kaplan Rosberg and Gotlieb (PKR+G) in Minneapolis reveal their intimate personal and professional resources by way of their client communication for the holidays, PKR+G's Little Black Book. Complete with attorney's actual handwriting, the odd coffee stain or ink blot and doodles in the margins, the entries in PKR+G's Little Black Book provide clients and friends of the firm with nearly 300 genuine, trusted community resources. As the fine print of the book's disclaimer states, the careful reader may experience certain side effects -- namely, insights into the personalities of PKR+G attorneys.
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december 2008 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: Confusing activity with action
For big brands and marketers with significant budgets, the internet represents a loss of leverage. Money doesn't buy you as much attention, and you have to work much, much harder for every eyeball. For individuals, the internet represents an increase in leverage. One person with a blog or a lot of followers or friends can reach more people, more quickly, than ever before. These are colliding. Big brands on the way down, individuals on the way up.
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december 2008 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: Marketing lessons from the US election
So why didn't the ads work this time? The tribe that Obama built identified with him. Attacking him was like attacking them. They took it personally, and their outrage led to more donations and bigger turnout.
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november 2008 by JordanFurlong
Micro Persuasion: Trends That Will Help Define the Future of PR and Marketing
Trends That Will Help Define the Future The best way to think about new media, I have learned, is to look at the recent past and at the trends that are here now and seemingly have staying power. Apple CEO Steve Jobs once famously said "you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards." He’s right. With that in mind, there are three trends that are likely to shape things over the next four years.
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october 2008 by JordanFurlong
KM Space: Unlearn What You Have Learned
"I suggest that when people are faced with the inevitable push back from executives about "the ROI thing" to ask the executives a few questions: 1) Have you answered a direct mail ad or visited a tradeshow as an attendee? (Nearly all answer "No.") 2) Have you used Google or another search engine? (Nearly all answer "Yes.") OK, I then ask, why are we putting all our marketing resources into the old stuff such as tradeshow booths and direct mail instead of the things that people are using today?"
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september 2008 by JordanFurlong
Small Firm Business - Innovation Can Lead to More Business for Firms
If you have top of mind awareness with your clients and potential clients, you will beat out your competition and your revenues will be higher. There is a high correlation between how high a law firm's positive awareness is -- i.e., people knowing the firm, having a favorable impression of it and being able to state something the firm does that is different from what other firms do and their financial performance.
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august 2008 by JordanFurlong
Avvo: get advice from lawyers using Web 2.0 techniques » VentureBeat
With any luck, Avvo is going to make finding lawyers and getting legal advice a lot less intimidating. That’s because the company, which formally launched its site today after more than a year of beta testing, applies Web 2.0 techniques that keep the lawyers honest and give consumers more options.
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august 2008 by JordanFurlong
Seth's Blog: Old marketing with new tools
We use technology to insulate us from our customers instead of bringing us closer.
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august 2008 by JordanFurlong
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