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Four Areas of Legal Ripe for Disruption by Smart Startups | Law Technology Today
Process Automation: Like Bessemer Venture Partners portfolio companies Clio and Anaqua, automation removes tasks that are not core to the law but have taken up an increasing amount of lawyer’s time in recent years. Clio automates the manual processes around billing, calendaring, and task management—lawyers need tools just like other professionals to ensure they can focus on their core work and not be distracted by administrative tasks. Anaqua, an intellectual property asset management tool, automates the manual processes around protecting and managing IP portfolios. In both cases, before using automated products, law firms used jury-rigged Excel and Word, but found hundreds of hours of their time dedicated to troubleshooting. We believe lawyers should focus on what they do best and automate everything else.
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march 2015 by JordanFurlong
LEGAL FUTURES Exclusive: US tech business bidding to re-engineer divorce process targets UK expansion » LEGAL FUTURES
A US company looking to re-engineer the divorce process through an innovative technology platform and process has laid out its plans to come to the UK, Legal Futures can reveal.
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december 2013 by JordanFurlong
LEGAL FUTURES Brilliant Law arms solicitors with credit card machines as ABS pushes commoditisation » LEGAL FUTURES
A wide variety of fixed-fee products and services are available for businesses. When the transaction reaches the checkout, this triggers a call from a Brilliant Law solicitor to make contact with the customer, in order to tailor the package to their requirements. Other online legal document models generally involve customers having to pay more for lawyer help with their purchases.
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may 2013 by JordanFurlong
LEGAL FUTURES 'Click and collect' law firm eyes major expansion after ABS licence award » LEGAL FUTURES
A law firm offering ‘click and collect’ legal services plans to double in size after securing its alternative business structure licence.
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april 2013 by JordanFurlong
Special Report: Innovative Lawyers 2012
Innovation in business methods and a focus on international expansion are driving firms up the rankings

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The new rules of law
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Innovation in business methods and a focus on international expansion are driving firms up the rankings
Innovative Lawyers 2012 rankings Foreword Expanding horizons

Legal Innovator of the Year
Meet the 2012 winner and the shortlisted Innovative Lawyers – Photos: Rick Pushinsky
It has been a year where London, famous for its legal services, has turned its eyes abroad, says FT editor, Lionel Barber
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Across borders
The international nature of many mergers and acquisitions today demands new ways of thinking on the part of lawyers
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Rich seam
Industrial expansion across the African continent is generating business for international law firms
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London calling
High-calibre lawyers, a widely adopted legal system and not least the English language have created a buoyant market for UK legal services, writes Caroline Binham
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On the consumer trail
UK legal market reforms aim to improve accessibility for clients but might spell
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october 2012 by JordanFurlong
Legal Services and the Unauthorized Practice of Law: No Bright Line Here | Lawyerist
Disruptive, technology-based legal delivery services clearly have a place in what has been an otherwise locked-down law practice tradition. Laws and regulations that have been promulgated to provide consumer protection are unfortunately necessary to protect the many from the few. But they were not written with the many variations of legal service providers currently available in mind. Rather than determining if a legal delivery system violates UPL rules, what must evolve are new definitions of the types of legal services that should be regulated by new standards. Without that, this debate will play out in the courts and bar associations across the country to no one’s advantage, least of all LegalZoom.
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july 2011 by JordanFurlong
Strategic Legal Technology :: Outside Investment in Law Firms - A Plus for Legal Tech?
So I was interested to see a challenge this week to ethics rules barring non-lawyer investment in law firms. Jacoby & Meyers’ Newest Fight: Helping Nonlawyers Own Law Firms in the Wall Street Journal reports on Tuesday that J&M is challenging rules that restrict non-lawyer investment in law firms. Read the article for quotes illustrating both sides of the debate. See also Suit Challenges N.Y. Prohibition of Non-Lawyer Firm Ownership (NYLJ, 20 May 2011)
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may 2011 by JordanFurlong

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