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Top firms back new code to measure carbon footprints - 3 September 2008
Eighteen top firms have backed a new carbon footprint protocol specifically tailored for the legal profession.
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september 2008 by JordanFurlong
Mills & Reeve in Carbon Trust tie-up - 13 August 2008
The Carbon Trust has formed a partnership with law firm Mills & Reeve and consulting and accountancy firm Grant Thornton. The two firms will work with the Trust, an independent company set up by the government to reduce climate change causing carbon emissions, on the Trust’s ‘incubation scheme’.
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august 2008 by JordanFurlong
Adventure of Strategy: Renewable Energy: "Feel-Good" or Hard Profit?
If Hopkins is right about energy being a culture, not a chart, then the culture of many "green" practice groups may need to evolve from primarily "feel-good" social concerns .... to including a hefty dose of good old fashioned capitalism and hard core pro
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july 2008 by JordanFurlong
Legal Technology - As Gas Prices Rise, So Does Telecommuting
But now the rising cost of gasoline is changing the way more employers view the modern workplace, and law firm managers are no different. Increasingly, they are embracing telecommuting to ease the financial strain on employees with lengthy commutes and e
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july 2008 by JordanFurlong
Virtual Law Office Technology, LLC » The Green Office: Earth-friendly Benefits of a Virtual Law Office
Since it’s Earth Day, we thought it would be good to mention the earth-friendly benefits of a Virtual Law Office. Forward-thinking attorneys recognize the benefits of operating a green office. Not only is it healthy for our planet but it can be a cost-
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april 2008 by JordanFurlong
Pillsbury Feeds Corporate-Conscience Trend With New Hire
Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman managers first enlisted Tania Shah earlier this year to help then recruit someone to lead the firm's diversity initiatives. Shah, the former executive director of the California Minority Counsel Program, seemed ideal for th
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february 2008 by JordanFurlong
On the move at last? |
Energy: Fuel cells capable of powering portable electronic devices are finally heading towards the marketplace
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august 2007 by JordanFurlong
Air travel is a rapidly growing source of greenhouse gases. But it is also an indispensable way of travel
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august 2007 by JordanFurlong
Legal Technology - Getting Law Firms to Boot Up to Green
But employing small changes to your regular computing habits can help you do your part as a responsible human being on this blue ball of ours.
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august 2007 by JordanFurlong
Joel Makower: Two Steps Forward: Law Firms and the Greening of the Brief
As environmental awareness has grown overall, law firms increasingly are positioning themselves as environmental leaders as a means of attracting both clients and job applicants. Given all this, I was pleased, though not surprised, to see the recent lau
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july 2007 by JordanFurlong - Inside Opinions: Legal Blogs
The firm travels in the millions of miles per year in total," says Jonathan Martel, a partner in Arnold & Porter's environmental practice. "It's not easy to reduce the amount of travel lawyers do for clients, but it is something we could offset."
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july 2007 by JordanFurlong

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