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How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace - Page 2 of 2 - Adam Smith, Esq.
Finally, repeat: They express this in a number of cumulative ways.

“Keep evolving.”
“Complacency is not an option in today’s environment.”
“Brands that already have a differentiated strategy must stay vigilant.”
“Embrace disruption.”
“Foster a test-and-learn culture [and] encourage teams to fail fast, learn, and adapt quickly.”
We can distill this even further: (1) Know what you’re superb at and make sure your clients know it too; (2) be kind and empathetic–be “nice to work with;” and (3) deliver reliable quality predictably priced.
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Can Law Firms Gain a Sustainable Advantage with AI? - Prism Legal
I find the views of Ed, Alex, and Noah persuasive: either by building unique AI systems (or products) or by harnessing huge amounts of data and applying expertise in training, I do think that larger firms can gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Kevin raises a good point though about aggregating data. I would need, however, to understand the ownership model of the training in more detail to comment further on that.

I see a future where it’s even possible that firm-built AI tools or big-data-powered + custom-trained commercial AI tools become a virtuous circle. What does that mean? Think about high-end practices today. Many firms can handle a deal or litigation but only a handful have the experience to handle the biggest and most complex deals and litigation. They tend to get that work and therefore maintain the experience advantage over time. Why won’t AI be the same and create the same advantages?

Update (21 May 2018) – I shared my blog post with Hugh Simons by email and, with his permission, I share here his reply to this post:

I think it’s terrific that the Twitter discussion focuses on differentiation. It’s great that all agree that this is the key issue. And I’ve no monopoly on truth, so I respect that others’ views differ. I read the counter argument to my point being that the customization of the 3rd party applications will create differentiation. This is entirely logical and reasonable. I confess I don’t foresee this happening though. Why? Because it didn’t happen when people made the same claim with other technologies I’ve seen over the last 25 years–it didn’t with ERP systems (SAP, Oracle, etc.) for industrial companies, on-line banking solutions for retail banks, or e-discovery solutions for law firms. Rather, AI will become table stakes–a must have for sure, but not a differentiator. Hence, the time to invest is when the ‘must have’ becomes a ‘must have’, which is later rather than sooner.
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