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Theater of the Oppressed
Boal (1995: 8) honestly admits that at first, “for someone like me, fleeing explicit dictatorships of a cruel and brutal nature, these themes seemed superficial and scarcely worthy of attention. It was as if I was always asking, mechanically: ‘But where are the cops?’” However, as he became more aware of the extent of these problems – particularly the high suicide rates in Sweden and Finland, nations he had always considered as close to utopian – he searched for ways to use the Forum’s system of images and interactive scenes to lend form to these hidden oppressions and activate spect-actor energy to propose solutions.The key to this project was the idea of external “cops”who had internalized their control over groups and individuals. He wrote, “I started from the following hypothesis: the cops are in our heads, but their headquarters and barracks must be on the outside. The task was to discover how these cops got into our heads, and to invent ways of dislodging them.”
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