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About Mosul Eye – Mosul Eye
This blog is set up to communicate the daily events in Mosul to the rest of the world, minute by minute by an independent Mosuli historian...during ISIS occupation
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october 2018 by Jibarosoy
ISIS And The Perils Of Moral Clarity
Miller says moral clarity provides an explanation why “we are right to kill and the other side is wrong to kill.” As a general point we should be skeptical about always assuming the moral righteousness of our cause and that God is on our side; many armies in history assumed this and justified some quite horrific things on that basis. But even in cases where we are in the moral right—and I would count the U.S. war against al Qaeda as a case where we are unambiguously in the moral right, and opposition to ISIS as another—that fact should not enable us to do things that are illegal or immoral in the service of our righteous cause. Too often, moral clarity does just that—it tells us that since our ends are just, then any means used to secure them are permissible. This leads us to go to, as Vice President Dick Cheney memorably put it, “the dark side,” and leaves us a decade on with our reputation stained by torture in Abu Ghraib and the legal and moral mess of the Guantanamo Bay prison. This is what I meant by moral clarity being seductive—it feeds the spirit with a sense of righteousness that can sometimes silence the conscience and quietly enable some nasty actions in the service of what we know, in the end, to be right.
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september 2017 by Jibarosoy
Donald Trump’s Plan to Save Western Civilization - The New York Times
To be precise, Mr. Trump appears to be evolving into a kind of neoconservative. Before becoming associated with George W. Bush’s “freedom agenda,” many neoconservatives reviled Soviet Communism but were less than enamored with the goal of exporting democracy and human rights. Scorning the flabby norms of the liberal international order, they placed their trust in the muscular assertion of American power, deeming it the real guarantor of their country’s interests and the world’s civilized values alike.
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july 2017 by Jibarosoy
BOMBSHELL: Declassified Memo Proves Pentagon Told Rumsfeld There Was No Evidence of WMDs in Iraq | Occupy Democrats
The war-plotters buried it, recognizing the damage this information would do to their campaign to terrorize the American people into supporting the war, and kept on with their premeditated conspiracy. “Many of us are convinced that Saddam Hussein will acquire nuclear weapons fairly soon!” warned Cheney. “We know that the regime has produced thousands of tons of chemical agents, including mustard gas, sarin nerve gas, VX nerve gas!” Condoleeza Rice similarly did not restrain herself when making outrageous statements like “the first sign of a ‘smoking gun’ … may be a mushroom cloud!” When they put it like that, what else were we to believe?
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january 2016 by Jibarosoy
In Rise of ISIS, No Single Missed Key but Many Strands of Blame - The New York Times
While he had a reputation as a thug, Mr. Zarqawi demonstrated keen instincts for strategic thinking. He clearly saw that the United States would invade Iraq, slipping into the country in 2003, by some accounts setting up sleeper cells to attack the invaders. Later, he took full advantage of America’s marginalization of Saddam Hussein’s ruthless Baathist soldiers and bureaucracy.
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november 2015 by Jibarosoy
Now the truth emerges: Here’s how the US fueled the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq
Endless western military interventions in the Middle East have brought only destruction and division. It’s the people of the region who can cure this disease – not those who incubated the virus.
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november 2015 by Jibarosoy
Imagining a Remapped Middle East - NYTimes.com
Over time, Iraq’s Sunni minority — notably in western Anbar Province, site of anti-government protests — may feel more commonality with eastern Syria’s Sunni majority. Tribal ties and smuggling span the border. Together, they could form a de facto or formal Sunnistan. Iraq’s south would effectively become Shiitestan, although separation is not likely to be that neat. The dominant political parties in the two Kurdish regions of Syria and Iraq have longstanding differences, but when the border opened in August, more than 50,000 Syrian Kurds fled to Iraqi Kurdistan, creating new cross-border communities. Massoud Barzani, president of Iraqi Kurdistan, has also announced plans for the first summit meeting of 600 Kurds from some 40 parties in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran this fall.
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june 2014 by Jibarosoy
Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq | Mother Jones
The first drafts of history are, by their nature, fragmentary. They arrive tragically late, and too often out of order. Back in 2006, we attempted to strip the history of the runup to the war to its bones, to reconstruct a skeleton that we thought might be key in resolving the open questions of the Bush era. As we prepare to leave Iraq, we present that timeline to you again. MotherJones.com offers a greatly expanded (if now technologically outdated) version of this timeline, one that is completely sourced to primary documents and initial news accounts. It was our hope to make this second draft of history as definitive as possible. So that we won't be fooled again.—THE EDITORS
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march 2014 by Jibarosoy

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