very cool gan generation and variation
machine_learning  image_processing  code 
9 weeks ago
My journey had lasted seven hours
very nice simple js code to create random trees
code  tree 
9 weeks ago
world cup 2018 detailed game events
datasets  soccer 
10 weeks ago
big list of pointers to other high quality resources
resources  machine_learning 
10 weeks ago
[no title]
complex diagram of metabolic pathways
maps  biology  complex 
october 2018
[no title]
Potpack is a tiny and fast JavaScript library for packing boxes of varying size into a near-square container,
algorithms  javascript 
august 2018
Metro Areas Compared
cities sizes compared by density rather than artificial boundaries
july 2018
useful tool for making sound clips and embedding in html
audio  tool 
july 2018
Workbook: Visual Vocabulary
collection of graph types and what they are good for
data_visualization  ideas 
july 2018
[no title]
concept activation vectors, concepts by examples and explainability in models
machine_learning  image 
july 2018
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