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EPIC - Algorithmic Transparency: End Secret Profiling
Per the Electronic Privacy Information Center email newsletter.

As more decisions become automated and processed by algorithms, these processes become more opaque and less accountable. The public has a right to know the data processes that impact their lives so they can correct errors and contest decisions made by algorithms. Personal data collected from our social connections and online activities are used by the government and companies to make determinations about our ability to fly, obtain a job, get security clearance, and even determine the severity of criminal sentencing. These opaque, automated decision-making processes bear risks of secret profiling and discrimination as well as undermine our privacy and freedom of association.
Without knowledge of the factors that provide the basis for decisions, it is impossible to know whether government and companies engage in practices that are deceptive, discriminatory, or unethical. Algorithmic transparency, for example, plays a key role in resolving the question of Facebook's role in the Russian interference of the 2016 Presidential Election. Therefore, algorithmic transparency is crucial to defending human rights and democracy online.
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LenaGonzalez.com | Progress you know…
Lena Gonzalez will represent Long Beach City Council District 1 as of her predecessor and ex-boss Dr. Robert Garcia's accession to the mayoralty, 7/15/2014.
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Robert Garcia for Mayor 2014
Mayor of Long Beach, as of his 7/15/2014 inauguration.
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