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Open Press Project | home
Student project to design an affordable, easily reproduced printing press gets legs. Per the Long Beach Public Library Maker Studio, which has a couple.

"On a mission to make printmaking accessible to everyone."
art  DIY  printmaking  press  openSource  3DPrinting 
5 weeks ago by JJLDickinson
Fritzing Fritzing
This is why everyone's Arduino diagrams look the same: Because they're drawn with this application, which presumably set the standard; or with other tools which imitate the look, e.g. TinkerCAD. A quote from the website compels me to use Fritzing for the purpose, as a point of honor:

Fritzing is an open-source hardware initiative that makes electronics accessible as a creative material for anyone. We offer a software tool, a community website and services in the spirit of Processing and Arduino, fostering a creative ecosystem that allows users to document their prototypes, share them with others, teach electronics in a classroom, and layout and manufacture professional pcbs.

But then there's this, in the forums:

The unfortunate truth is that Fritzing is dying. It started as a funded research project which is how it got this far. When the grants ran out it went open source but the support hasn’t been there to keep it living and the developers have (presumably) moved on to other funded projects. There is a project to move it to javascript in its early stages but development on the current implementation of Fritzing has pretty much died (the javascript project is seen as the only way forward). I’m poking at bug fixing, but its a large, largely poorly documented project and even getting a development environment running has been difficult.

So crap.
electronics  design  CAD  Arduino  openSource  software 
october 2018 by JJLDickinson
Main - Densho: Japanese American Incarceration and Japanese Internment
Online archive uses open source software to publish material related to the internment of Japanese-Americans.
internment  history  archives  Japanese-American  openSource 
april 2018 by JJLDickinson
Bootstrap: You’re Doing It Wrong | H. Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens argues that some criticisms of Bootstrap originate in misunderstandings, with caveats that there are no substitutes for knowing CSS and reading substantial documentation.
One comment in particular takes Stevens to task for alluding to certain frustrations, or for possibly misunderstanding some things, with a sustained blast of semi-coherent sarcasm: the puddle also calls forth the abyss, apparently.
Bootstrap  webApplication  webDevelopment  framework  HTML  CSS  openSource  AlanStevens  LESS  SASS 
december 2017 by JJLDickinson
From Wikipedia: "AngularJS (commonly referred to as "Angular.js" or "AngularJS 1.X") is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework mainly maintained by Google and by a community of individuals and corporations to address many of the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. The JavaScript components complement Apache Cordova, the framework used for developing cross-platform mobile apps. It aims to simplify both the development and the testing of such applications by providing a framework for client-side model–view–controller (MVC) and model–view–viewmodel (MVVM) architectures, along with components commonly used in rich Internet applications. In 2014, the original AngularJS team began working on Angular (Application Platform)."
Based on Bootstrap, which is in turn based on jQuery.
Angular  webDevelopment  softwareDevelopment  JavaScript  openSource  Bootstrap  jQuery  framework 
december 2017 by JJLDickinson
DevDocs API Documentation
API documentation for a variety of prominent open source technologies; per Philip Yurchuk.
documentation  openSource  API  reference 
november 2017 by JJLDickinson
PortableApps.com - Browse Files at SourceForge.net
"Portable software for USB, portable, and cloud drives." The whole repository, including older versions of individual applications. See PortableApps.com for a more seamless introduction.
PortableApps  openSource 
september 2017 by JJLDickinson
PortableApps.com - Browse /Mozilla Firefox, Portable Ed. at SourceForge.net
So you've decided to install the PortableApps version of Firefox for testing, and you need an older version for Selenium IDE. Where are the older versions? Right here.
Firefox  browser  softwareTesting  SeleniumIDE  openSource  PortableApps 
september 2017 by JJLDickinson
Using Release, ESR, Beta, Aurora, and/or Nightly together. • mozillaZine Forums
"A guide for installing and using multiple Channels of Firefox - Release, ESR, Beta, Aurora, Nightly together, and using them simultaneously." Recommends the PortableApps version of Firefox for running different Firefox version numbers simultaneously, as might be useful in some testing situations--and as is now required for running Selenium IDE.
Firefox  browser  softwareTesting  openSource  SeleniumIDE  Windows  PortableApps 
september 2017 by JJLDickinson
PortableApps.com - Portable software for USB, portable, and cloud drives
Carry your familiar PC environment with you. The PortableApps version of Firefox is also recommended for running different Firefox version numbers simultaneously, as might be useful in some testing situations--and as is now required for running Selenium IDE. Per "the-edmeister's" "mozillaZine" post on "Using Release, ESR, Beta, Aurora, and/or Nightly together."

"Every PC feels like yours
"Your favorite software everywhere
"Your bookmarks and settings
"Edit your documents, photos and more"
openSource  Windows  browser  Firefox  SeleniumIDE  softwareTesting  Selenium  PortableApps 
september 2017 by JJLDickinson
GitHub - OfficeDev/Open-XML-SDK: Open XML SDK by Microsoft
Probably the first place to look for help if you want to interact with Microsoft Office documents (2007 and later) programmatically.
Microsoft  MicrosoftOffice  XML  SDK  openSource  MicrosoftWord  MicrosoftExcel 
september 2017 by JJLDickinson
"NUnit is a unit-testing framework for all .Net languages. Initially ported from JUnit, the current production release, version 3, has been completely rewritten with many new features and support for a wide range of .NET platforms."
softwareTesting  UnitTesting  NUnit  openSource 
august 2017 by JJLDickinson
Pages · SeleniumHQ/selenium Wiki · GitHub
Selenium developers' wiki includes some good insights on various general topics.
Selenium  WebDriver  documentation  wiki  openSource  testAutomation  softwareTesting 
august 2017 by JJLDickinson
6 Open Source Test Automation Frameworks You Need to Know - Automation Testing Made Easy
"However, I’ve seen some teams take it to the extreme by building their own, elaborate automation framework from scratch. This drives me crazy, because they could have easily made use of existing open-source tools and libraries that would have met their needs without writing any code — in most cases with better results."
Yup. Taste the bitterness of my tears.
openSource  softwareTesting  softwareQA  testAutomation 
august 2017 by JJLDickinson
The Architecture of Open Source Applications
Complete series of books on open source architecture, performance, programming, and (coming soon) social justice issues. (!) Books can also be purchased as hard copy and other media, and the site shares how much of the price of each version is donated to Amnesty International.
book  openSource  Architecture  reference  programming 
august 2017 by JJLDickinson
The Architecture of Open Source Applications: Selenium WebDriver
"At a very high level, Selenium is a suite of three tools. The first of these tools, Selenium IDE, is an extension for Firefox that allows users to record and playback tests. The record/playback paradigm can be limiting and isn't suitable for many users, so the second tool in the suite, Selenium WebDriver, provides APIs in a variety of languages to allow for more control and the application of standard software development practices. The final tool, Selenium Grid, makes it possible to use the Selenium APIs to control browser instances distributed over a grid of machines, allowing more tests to run in parallel. Within the project, they are referred to as "IDE", "WebDriver" and "Grid". This chapter explores the architecture of Selenium WebDriver.
"This chapter was written during the betas of Selenium 2.0 in late 2010. If you're reading the book after then, then things will have moved forward, and you'll be able to see how the architectural choices described here have unfolded."

Given that caveat, a good overview of Selenium tools, along with more detailed discussion of architecture. This is core contributor Simon Stewart's chapter of "The Architecture of Open Source Applications: Elegance, Evolutions, and a Few Fearless Hacks." Per Shawn Knight, responding to a LinkedIn Selenium Test Automation User Group question.
Selenium  testing  architecture  WebDriver  openSource 
august 2017 by JJLDickinson
Apache log4net – Apache log4net: Home - Apache log4net
"The Apache log4net library is a tool to help the programmer output log statements to a variety of output targets. log4net is a port of the excellent Apache log4j™ framework to the Microsoft® .NET runtime. We have kept the framework similar in spirit to the original log4j while taking advantage of new features in the .NET runtime."

My admittedly limited experience with in-house solutions puts me solidly in Eric Raymond's camp of open source advocacy: Something that's been exposed to many thousands of demanding users is likely to be a far superior tool. AND you don't have to argue fine points of superiority with management to justify a few dollars of expense.
logging  programming  log4net  softwareDevelopment  openSource  Apache 
august 2017 by JJLDickinson
FileZilla - The free FTP solution
"...FileZilla®, the free FTP solution. Both a client and a server are available. FileZilla is open source software distributed free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License...."
Internet  openSource  softwareUtility  FTP 
july 2017 by JJLDickinson
"7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio."
openSource  softwareUtility  fileCompression  Internet  compression  archive  extraction  tar  gzip  rar  utilities  tools  software 
july 2017 by JJLDickinson
GParted -- About
Or is this one Jenny's favorite disk cloning utility? She recommends both, and this is the free one (but Parted Magic starts at $11, and is free to students: hardly onerous).
cloning  partitioning  SSD  computer  utility  hardDrive  openSource 
february 2017 by JJLDickinson
Directory Listing: /pub/firefox/releases/
Old versions of Firefox. In my life, these can be valuable whenever an upgrade breaks Selenium. Just be aware that developers upgrade browsers for very good reasons, so when you use an older version for the rest of your life, you're hanging your butt out over the edge farther than necessary.
webBrowser  openSource  Firefox  Mozilla  download 
august 2016 by JJLDickinson
Eraser download | SourceForge.net
Open source tool for securely (relatively speaking) scrubbing data.
software  tool  openSource  security  hardDrive  data 
august 2016 by JJLDickinson
Open Source Software - Find, Evaluate, Collaborate - OStatic
"Our goal is to increase the adoption of Open Source Software by helping users find viable projects and applications that fulfill specific needs, evaluate them against available alternatives and collaborate with their network of trusted peers."
openSource  software  blog  collaboration  review 
july 2016 by JJLDickinson
Appium: Mobile App Automation Made Awesome.
Open source test automation framework for use with iOS and Android apps: seems to be something like Selenium for mobile devices.
softwareQA  softwareTesting  iOS  Android  smartphone  mobile  openSource 
april 2016 by JJLDickinson
MusicBrainz - The Open Music Encyclopedia
"An open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public." "MusicBrainz aims to be...the universal lingua franca for music by providing a reliable and unambiguous form of music identification, enabling both people and machines to have meaningful conversations about music."
music  metadata  audio  openSource  reference 
december 2015 by JJLDickinson
What Software and Program Versions Does HostGator Offer? « HostGator.com Support Portal
HostGator brags about all the available applications. "Fine," I thought, "Which ones?" These ones.
HostGator  openSource  hosting  websiteService  websiteDevelopment 
may 2015 by JJLDickinson
Home | Packt Publishing
Technical book publisher emphasizes open source technologies (e.g. Selenium), offers cross-platform discounts (e.g. if you own an electronic version, you get a discount on the dead trees version). Per Gilberto Castañeda.
books  ebooks  technicalBookstore  publishing  openSource 
april 2014 by JJLDickinson
XMind: The Most Professional Mind Map Software
The free version of this mind mapping tool is informally favored at Urban Science Applications, Inc. It supports a few other basic diagrams (e.g. fishbone diagrams) and will parse FreeMind/Freeplane *.mm files.
visualization  software  collaboration  tool  mindmapping  XMind  openSource  productivity 
november 2013 by JJLDickinson
Open source website development template with mobile device coverage; per MadCap Flare / Bomgar SEO webinar; works with LESS.
Relationships: Angular is built with Bootstrap, which in turn is built with jQuery.
webDesign  HTML  CSS  webDevelopment  framework  JavaScript  mobile  openSource  jQuery  Angular  softwareDevelopment 
september 2013 by JJLDickinson
TortoiseSVN is a highly regarded client for use with Subversion or (via SvnBridge) with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS).
openSource  versionControl  softwareDevelopment  tool  software  SVN  Subversion 
december 2012 by JJLDickinson
ClientDifferences - opentf - Differences between the tf4mono TF client, and the standard client. - Open Source Team Foundation Client - Google Project Hosting
Or, instead of using SvnBridge between Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) and a client, disintermediate and go straight to TFS with this client.
tool  softwareDevelopment  openSource  versionControl  client  TFS 
december 2012 by JJLDickinson
SvnBridge - Use TortoiseSVN with Team Foundation Server - Home
To answer a question I posed myself today: Yes, one CAN use open source version control clients with Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS). You just need this layer (or "bridge") in between: "no need to convince your TFS system administrator of anything!"
openSource  versionControl  TortoiseSVN  tool  softwareDevelopment  Subversion  SVN  TFS 
december 2012 by JJLDickinson
Raspberry Pi | An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte!
Linux and c. 2004 laptop power in a pocket-sized package; per David McClelland.
education  programming  openSource  computer  hardware  Linux  physicalComputing 
september 2012 by JJLDickinson
Unbeatable JavaScript Tools - The Dojo Toolkit
JavaScript library, with scope, utility, and popularity in a class with jQuery.
jQuery  library  webDevelopment  openSource  web2.0  programming  framework  ajax  JavaScript 
march 2012 by JJLDickinson
Toolkit for academic research and writing; per freeplane.sourceforge.net.
openSource  mindmapping  Freeplane  writing  research 
march 2012 by JJLDickinson
Freeplane - free mind mapping and knowledge management software
Open source, Java "mind mapping" application forked from FreeMind; provides sketchpad for foldable, hierarchical "ball and stick" diagrams.
Freeplane  GTD  lifehacks  productivity  tools  writing  mindmapping  software  openSource  visualization 
august 2011 by JJLDickinson
How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
Read this before posting technical questions online. Eric Raymond and Rick Moen, re: how to post requests for technical help; per Rob Williams. I probably first viewed this in 2000. 15 years later, I find it's been carefully maintained and still offers very good guidance and explanation.
EricRaymond  question  help  development  programming  productivity  internet  education  openSource  forum  learning 
september 2010 by JJLDickinson
Best Practical: RT: Request Tracker
Ticket-tracking system evolved for help desk support; also characterized as a bug-tracking system. Third party support and hosting are available.
openSource  software  tools  QualityAssurance  bugTracking  ticketTracking  development  RequestTracker 
may 2010 by JJLDickinson
Testopia integrates test case management with Bugzilla.
testing  Bugzilla  tools  opensource  software  bug  bugTracking  softwareDevelopment  softwareTesting 
may 2010 by JJLDickinson
SourceForge.net: Creative Commons Tools: Feature Requests
Submit ccHost feature requests here. But don't expect much these days.
ccHost  SourceForge  openSource  wikiGong 
march 2010 by JJLDickinson
Open source, cross-platform, free C++ IDE. The only mistake I see in that description is the C++ part; but what can you do? At least it's not COBOL. Per Alex Dickinson.
C++  programming  openSource  development  softwareTools  IDE  Code::Blocks 
january 2010 by JJLDickinson
Home — Fedora Repository
Open source technologies to manage, preserve, and link digital content. Good enough for Dan Davis; but what about Mark Hammons?
opensource  software  cms  preservation  web2.0  database  community  contentManagement  DanDavis  MarkHammons 
november 2009 by JJLDickinson
Inkscape. Draw Freely.
Open source vector graphics editor (e.g. comparable to Adobe Illustrator).
art  openSource  svg  illustration  drawing 
april 2008 by JJLDickinson
]project-open[ - Open-Source Based Project Management Software
Integrates ERP with project management, and handles invoicing and time tracking. What more could one ask? Unfortunately it uses PostgresSQL, TCL, and AOL Server (developed by Philip Greenspun disciples?), which makes it incompatible with my current hosting service.
accounting  CRM  openSource  ERP  project  management  software  invoice  invoicing 
march 2008 by JJLDickinson
Open source, browser-based webapp testing tool, per Bret Pettichord's post to "java-gui-testing" mailing list; seconded (years later!) by Vanessa Chau, Preethi Manoharan, et al.
webApplication  softwareTesting  openSource  softwareQA  softwareDevelopment  tools  testAutomation  Selenium 
october 1999 by JJLDickinson

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