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International Slide Rule Museum
"ISRM is the world's largest free digital repository of all things concerning slide rules and other math artifacts."
engineering  mathematics  history  technology  slideRules 
9 weeks ago by JJLDickinson
Home > Wing Luke Museum
"We connect everyone to the dynamic history, cultures, and art of Asian Pacific Americans through vivid storytelling and inspiring experiences to advance racial and social equity." An unusually inclusive museum in Seattle's International District.
museum  Asian  American  Seattle  history 
september 2018 by JJLDickinson
Stand Still. Stay Silent - webcomic, page 196
Graphic representation of Indo-European language taxonomy by an interesting graphic novel artist.
language  visualization  art  history 
july 2018 by JJLDickinson
Main - Densho: Japanese American Incarceration and Japanese Internment
Online archive uses open source software to publish material related to the internment of Japanese-Americans.
internment  history  archives  Japanese-American  openSource 
april 2018 by JJLDickinson
Voyager - Mission Status
I could have sworn KUSC FM's Alan Chapman said that Voyager 1 was multiple light years away during his program on the morning of Monday, November 13, 2017. Ridiculous! But how far IS it? Turns out it's pretty easy to get a handle on that, and even for two different frames of reference: distance from the Earth, and distance from the Sun.
history  space  exploration  NASA  JPL  Voyager  astronomy 
november 2017 by JJLDickinson
(29) Don't Be a Sucker - 1947 - YouTube
1947 War Department propaganda film dramatizes Nazi demonization of minorities to gain power. This is a tactic against which we can never let down our guard: not in the United States, nor anywhere else.
movie  history  propaganda  Nazism  politics 
september 2017 by JJLDickinson
The Internet's Original Sin - The Atlantic
Online advertising = surveillance: a confessional essay by the inventor of the pop-up ad.
Internet  privacy  advertising  history 
august 2017 by JJLDickinson
Craftsman Village Long Beach
This website focuses the spotlight very tightly on a small Long Beach neighborhood rich with Craftsman bungalows.
LongBeach  history  walking  architecture  CraftsmanVillage  travel 
march 2017 by JJLDickinson
The International Printing Museum
An easily overlooked, bite-sized gem of a museum--if letterpress printing does anything for you.
museum  letterpress  printing  typography  art  design  history  printmaking  Torrance 
august 2016 by JJLDickinson
Save All Your Photos—Especially the 'Bad' Ones | WIRED
A sentimental rationale for keeping EVERY photo, even--or especially--the bad ones. Just the way I handle my Flickr account!
photography  memory  archive  history 
may 2015 by JJLDickinson
Exploring America's Gritty History
Urban exploration blog aspiring to some kind of central status. Fager maintains an impressive companion Flickr photo stream.
KenFager  urbanExploration  blog  photography  industry  history 
march 2015 by JJLDickinson
National Building Museum
A long shot potential repository of wikiGong archives. I'd enjoy visiting, though. Who could resist the promise of the architectural toy collection?
museum  architecture  engineering  design  construction  history  toy  wikiGong  WashingtonDC 
august 2014 by JJLDickinson
California Historical Society
Of interest in part as a potential recipient of wikiGong-created archives. See http://www.californiahistoricalsociety.org/research/about.html for acquisitions policy.
California  history  library  research  wikiGong  museum  SanFrancisco 
august 2014 by JJLDickinson
Archive-It - Web Archiving Services for Libraries and Archives
An Internet Archive subscription service allows users to curate their own cultural archives, hosted by Internet Archive infrastructure.
archive  Internet  search  research  history  library  museum  InternetArchive 
july 2014 by JJLDickinson
Interview with Clair C. Patterson - OH_Patterson.pdf
A story recently told on "Cosmos," about how Clair Patterson was assigned to make measurements which would all calculation of the earth's age, and ended up playing a critical role in the fight against leaded gasoline--in Patterson's own words.
ClairPatterson  Cosmos  lead  chemistry  geology  interview  oralHistory  CalTech  history  sustainability 
april 2014 by JJLDickinson
Loeb Classical Library | Harvard University Press
The "five-foot shelf." Or is it the "four-foot shelf?" Let's call it the "n-foot shelf." John Siscoe reminded me of these workmanlike translations of Greek and Latin classics (with original text on the facing page).
history  books  Latin  Greek  literature 
october 2013 by JJLDickinson
Archival Clothing
Whippersnappers with an old school, Filson-style sensibility. I hope they prosper and flesh out their line of products. It's about the journey, not the destination.
fashion  clothing  blog  design  shopping  history  ArchivalClothing 
august 2010 by JJLDickinson
weblogs: a history and perspective
A little historical perspective always earns my respect!
blogging  tool  blog  history  RebeccaBlood 
october 1999 by JJLDickinson

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