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Arcadia Power | Clean Energy For Anyone
Renewable power company; per Sierra Club. This doesn't mean electrons go from wind turbines to your outlets. Rather, it's an accounting system which uses certificates to track electrons which wind turbines pump into the grid somewhere on your behalf.
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september 2017 by JJLDickinson
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This is the real deal: The Paris Agreement, in several languages. The English version accounts for 25 pages, with a lot of white space. It's not that big a thing, although understanding it calls for a lot of knowledge of a broader context.
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june 2017 by JJLDickinson
Qualified optimism regarding our environmental predicament, as articulated by Stewart Brand et al.; per Wikipedia's article on Brand.
StewartBrand  ecology  ecomodernist  ecopragmatism  environment  sustainability 
february 2017 by JJLDickinson

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