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An Apology for the Internet — From the People Who Built It
Transcript of an encounter group of prominent dissidents. Nice to know there are thoughtful people nearby, if not at the controls. Is there hope? Time will tell.
Internet  business  Facebook  politics  civilLiberties 
april 2018 by JJLDickinson
Ten things we know to be true – Company – Google
Google's statement of axiomatic principles, with links to more specialized topics. Probably like most people, I have a knee-jerk impulse to criticize; but how many companies have anything better? Per Mike Wacker, in "Just Say No to More End-to-End Tests."
Google  business  principle 
november 2016 by JJLDickinson
Octane Seating | Home Theater Seating | Theater Chairs
Home theater furniture manufacturer. Co-founder and CEO Peter Goldstein contacted me through LinkedIn 11/8/2016 to ask about Harvest Franco / HVST.echnology transducers.
HVST.echnology  audio  audioExciter  furniture  design  business 
november 2016 by JJLDickinson
The Characteristics of Minimalism in Web Design
In the second of two articles, Nielsen Norman Group's Kate Meyer surveys minimalist web site implementations, pointing out that minimalist design does not always support business goals. Guidelines accompany overview of each point. "A favorite mantra of minimalist designers is, 'subtract it till it breaks,' which really means, 'unless the absence of an element would be serious problem, get rid of it.'"
NielsenNormanGroup  KateMeyer  minimalism  web  webDesign  usability  business  profitability 
july 2015 by JJLDickinson
Co-founder Bryce Goodman (Deep Springs 2004) made the 2014 Forbes "30 Under 30" list (http://www.forbes.com/pictures/mef45edded/bryce-goodman-28/) for his work with "urban mining" of electronic waste, "the fastest growing waste stream in the world."
sustainability  e-waste  recycling  urbanMining  BryceGoodman  DeepSprings  business 
january 2014 by JJLDickinson
Ice Cream Social
Website for Deep Springs classmate Brad Edmondson's latest book:"Ice Cream Social: The Struggle for the Soul of Ben & Jerry's."
BradEdmondson  author  book  business  Ben&Jerry's  activism  DeepSpringsCollege  blog  linkedProsperity 
december 2013 by JJLDickinson
Brad Edmondson | Writing, speaking, and consulting
Website for Deep Springs classmate Brad Edmondson, most recently author of "Ice Cream Social: The Struggle for the Soul of Ben & Jerry's."
BradEdmondson  author  book  business  Ben&Jerry's  activism  DeepSpringsCollege  blog 
december 2013 by JJLDickinson
The MOO Startup Business Toolkit
"Welcome to the MOO Startup Toolkit – feel free to (virtually) open it up, and have a look around if you’re thinking about starting up your own business." Resources curated by a printer of hipster business cards and other ephemera (whose free samples never seem to arrive, somehow).
business  planning  startup 
august 2013 by JJLDickinson
"Control your payment solution. Manage all of your transactions in one place. Change your payment gateway. Manage subscriptions. Process single transactions. Spreedly provides flexibility." Used by Rose Park Roasters. On the other hand, I got to the Spreedly home page by way of an error message, and I've never been able to modify my Rose Park Roasters subscription unaided; so Spreedly has some weaknesses, or integrating it with one's own website is not always trivial.
billing  development  gateway  subscription  payment  transaction  creditCard  ecommerce  service  paypal  api  business 
january 2013 by JJLDickinson
The Global Language of Business | GS1 US
The fountainhead for retail barcodes, which large retailers may require on merchandise. (Resellers make barcodes available more cheaply, for small quantities. Not all retailers accept re-sold barcodes.)
retail  ecommerce  standard  business  UPC  barcode 
october 2012 by JJLDickinson
Buy a Barcode - Recommended by the Wall Street Journal.
Reseller makes bar codes available for less money than going to the source (GS1 US). Although re-sold barcodes might not be adequate for some large retailers, Buyabarcode claims theirs are acceptable by Amazon.
QR  code  ecommerce  business  retail  barcode  UPC 
october 2012 by JJLDickinson
Square – Accept credit card payments with your mobile phone
Now the 99% can accept credit cards; per Dennis Wurster, writing in the 11/14/2001 "TidBITS" newsletter. The card reader (for various mobile devices smarter than mine) is free with sign-up.
creditCard  finance  business  iPhone  Android  money 
november 2011 by JJLDickinson
Xpenser - Mobile Expense Tracking and Management
Works with budgets, mileage, currency conversion, importing bank and credit card statements, and more; per FreshBooks add-on list.
money  web2.0  business  tools  productivity  software  travel  accounting  expenses  SmallBusinessWeb 
january 2010 by JJLDickinson
Clarity Accounting
Accommodates "bank accounts, multiple currencies, multiple sales taxes, assets and depreciation"; "ideal for incorporated businesses and people operating in countries with more complex tax rules such as Canada, European Nations, Australia, and New Zealand."
accounting  business  invoicing  software  web2.0  SmallBusinessWeb 
january 2010 by JJLDickinson
FreshBooks Addons
Compatible FreshBooks add-ons; see also the Small Business Web.
FreshBooks  invoicing  CRM  accounting  business  tools  software  SmallBusinessWeb 
january 2010 by JJLDickinson
Online Event Registration for Everyone! Eventbrite is the World's Marketplace for Events
Publish & promote events online, & sell tickets. Used by Hillary Kaplowitz and her Pacific JuJitsu Kai dojo to register students for Professor Hudson's 2009 seminar.
events  tools  registration  business  ecommerce  calendar  tickets 
september 2009 by JJLDickinson
HTML Email Marketing from MailChimp
Email marketing available as an integrated FreshBooks add-on.
email  marketing  tool  CRM  business  work  productivity  FreshBooks 
may 2009 by JJLDickinson
California Hardwood Producers
Sacramento-area urban forestry entrepreneur; per USDA "Utilizing Municipal Trees" report.
woodworking  wood  lumber  business  sustainability  recycling  urbanForestry 
march 2009 by JJLDickinson
Utilizing Municipal Trees: Ideas From Across the Country - Cover & Table of Contents
Round-up of success stories in urban forestry; includes at least a couple of exemplary California companies.
woodworking  wood  lumber  business  sustainability  recycling  urbanForestry 
march 2009 by JJLDickinson
SlideShare is the best place to share powerpoint presentations
Share presentations online (if you can ignore the vision of Edward Tufte shaking his finger at you). Integrates with LinkedIn.
tools  business  collaboration  presentations  PowerPoint  LinkedIn  socialNetworking 
february 2009 by JJLDickinson
A Cynic's Top Ten Tips for IT Contractors
Calculating rates, agencies, clients, permanent employees, etc.
business  consulting 
september 2007 by JJLDickinson
AGRIscapes at Cal Poly Pomona
Possible resource for urban forestry and fruit growing ideas.
work  urbanForestry  landscaping  business  CalPolyPomona 
july 2007 by JJLDickinson

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