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Janis writes "This place was written up in 'Bon Appetit' — a cookbook store mostly but they have other things and limited food — and might be worth visiting."
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october 2018 by JJLDickinson
Book Alley
New, used, and rare books bought and sold. I think the Aubrey Beardsley image reproduced on Rogers' business card is a good reference. Per Amazon.com.
book  bookstore  Pasadena  shopping 
october 2018 by JJLDickinson
The Dusty Bookshelf - Home
Looks like about the best venue for both new and used books in Lawrence, Kansas.
As I write this, a Manhattan location is closed, after a fire.
bookstore  book  shopping  travel  Kansas  Lawrence 
february 2018 by JJLDickinson
The Dusty Bookshelf - Home
"With two locations in Northeast Kansas, we bring the warmth of a local bookstore to Aggieville in Manhattan and Mass Street in Lawrence"--except that the Manhattan location is now closed by fire. My guess is that this is Lawrence's best used bookstore.
book  bookstore  usedBook  Lawrence 
september 2017 by JJLDickinson
Prosperos Bookstore - Kansas City, MO -
Promising Kansas City-area used bookstore. The last blog post was in 2014; but when the home page features a picture of a TV with the caption "Step away from the Box," this may be a token of sincerity.
book  bookstore  usedBook  KansasCity  travel 
september 2017 by JJLDickinson
Welcome to Hennessey + Ingalls | HennesseyIngalls.com
Wonderful art and architecture bookstore. If I had way too much money, I'd occasionally venture down from the hills over Malibu to fill up the Range Rover with purchases from this place.
Shopping  Typography  bookstore  Book  art  Design  architecture 
june 2013 by JJLDickinson
AddALL book search and price comparison
John Siscoe of Seattle's Globe Books particularly recommends this as a reliable, conservative guide to availability and likely value of used books.
book  bookstore  Search  usedBook  JohnSiscoe 
october 1999 by JJLDickinson

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