Basics: Picking Resistors for LEDs | Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories
"So… you just want to light up an LED. What resistor should you use?
"Maybe you know the answer, or maybe everyone already assumes that you should know how to get to the answer.  And in any case, it’s a question that tends to generate more questions before you actually can get an answer: What kind of LED are you using? What power supply? Battery? Plug-in? Part of a larger circuit? Series? Parallel?"
electronics  tutorial  DIY  physicalComputing 
3 days ago
LED Current Limiting Resistors - SparkFun Electronics
Use resistors with your breadboarded LEDs, the way the cool kids do.
"Limiting current into an LED is very important. An LED behaves very differently to a resistor in circuit. Resistors behave linearly according to Ohm's law: V = IR. For example, increase the voltage across a resistor, the current will increase proportionally, as long as the resistor's value stays the same. Simple enough. LEDs do not behave in this way. They behave as a diode with a characteristic I-V curve that is different than a resistor.
"For example, there is a specification for diodes called the characteristic (or recommended) forward voltage (usually between 1.5-4V for LEDs). You must reach the characteristic forward voltage to turn 'on' the diode or LED, but as you exceed the characteristic forward voltage, the LED's resistance quickly drops off. Therefore, the LED will begin to draw a bunch of current and in some cases, burn out. A resistor is used in series with the LED to keep the current at a specific level called the characteristic (or recommended) forward current."
electronics  DIY  physicalComputing  tutorial 
3 days ago
Gaia Bees | A new approach to living with bees
"Gaia Bees was founded to honor the essential role of bees in sustaining life on our planet. Our mission is to ensure the health and survival of bees, and thus, all beings.  Gaia Bees advocates for a fundamental shift in apiculture and develops new practices toward a bee-centric approach.
Our work focuses on three areas: installation and care of “landscape apiaries”; research and development of sustainable apiculture strategies; offering educational/training programs."
Per Erik Knutzen, who absorbed a paradigm of honey bees colonies as superorganisms from Gaia Bees' Michael Thiele.
apiculture  beekeeping  biology 
3 days ago
Rogue Amoeba | Audio Hijack: Record Any Audio on MacOS
"Record any application's audio, including VoIP calls from Skype, web streams from Safari, and much more. Save audio from hardware devices like microphones and mixers as well. You can even record all the audio heard on your Mac at once! If you can hear it, Audio Hijack can record it." See also the simpler, cheaper Piezo application. Per TidBITS email newsletter. What's the corresponding Windows application?
audio  podcast  software  Macintosh  recording 
5 days ago
The Nasty Bits: Rabbit and Garlic Soup Recipe | Serious Eats
In this adventure, Chichi Wang's attempt at a Fergus Henderson recipe (rabbit, garlic, shallots) is disappointing. She salvages it by hybridizing with a Julia Child recipe. Both original recipes sound interesting in their own rights.
food  cooking  recipe  ChichiWang  soup 
8 days ago
Thai Style Grilled Pork Neck Recipe | Serious Eats
My interpretation of this Chichi Wang recipe debuted to good reviews. I've got another batch marinating as I write this.
food  cooking  pork  ChichiWang  grilling  Thai  noseToTail 
8 days ago
Movie Showtimes - Yahoo Entertainment
My favorite movie schedule overview, since Google bowed out.
movie  entertainment 
8 days ago
Home > Wing Luke Museum
"We connect everyone to the dynamic history, cultures, and art of Asian Pacific Americans through vivid storytelling and inspiring experiences to advance racial and social equity." An unusually inclusive museum in Seattle's International District.
museum  Asian  American  Seattle  history 
10 days ago
Home - Monk Makes
Technical author Simon Monk also designs and distributes hardware. The website is informational, not for retail. He sells through third parties.
electronics  Arduino  SimonMonk  DIY  hardware 
11 days ago – books by Simon Monk
Simon Monk just might be my current favorite DIY technical writer--not that there's a lot of competition for that title.
electronics  Arduino  writing  publishing  SimonMonk  author  DIY 
11 days ago
The Devil's Artisan | Home
A small journal (physically, and surely in circulation) about Canadian printmaking, which I ran across in Powell's Books and am happy to see is still a viable publication. It looks like "Brick" for printmakers.
Canada  art  printmaking  magazine  journal 
11 days ago
Very good contemporary Italian restaurant. Ate here 9/7/2018.
restaurant  Portland  Oregon  Italian  contemporary 
13 days ago
J.Wilson's Restaurant
Very good Lawrence restaurant; per Bill Dickinson, with whom I ate here.
restaurant  contemporary  Lawrence  Kansas 
19 days ago
715 Mass — An Italian bistro in Lawrence, KS
Very good downtown Lawrence restaurant; per Bill Dickinson, with whom I ate here.
restaurant  contemporary  Lawrence  Kansas 
19 days ago
Country Creek Honey
Not much there at the moment (9/3/2018), but intended as the website for Steve and Becky Tipton's beekeeping business. Steve is on the Northeastern Kansas Beekeepers' Association (NEKBA) "board at large." I bought some things from him at the Topeka farmers' market.
honey  beekeeping  apiculture  Kansas 
19 days ago
Love Garden Sounds
Excellent source of used vinyl and CDs.
shopping  music  Lawrence  Kansas 
19 days ago
Wild Man Vintage
"Independently owned resale shop buying & selling women's & men’s apparel from the 1940s–1980s."
shopping  clothes  Lawrence  Kansas 
19 days ago
Halloween Bootique - Costume Store, Halloween Costumes
Costume shop, source of the Red Cape Films Badger Boy costume raw materials. Street parking just outside.
video  costume  shopping  clothes  CostaMesa 
19 days ago
Arts Council for Long Beach | Supporting the Arts in Long Beach
"The mission of the Arts Council for Long Beach (ACLB) is to foster creativity and culture, enliven communities and enable a thriving creative economy. Our vision is to help create a vibrant arts scene that makes Long Beach a premiere destination for residents, businesses, students and visitors."
This organization has funded e.g. A LOT, soundpedro.
art  LongBeach  nonprofit 
19 days ago
Indian Wells Brewing Company | Made from pure artesian spring water
Because who wouldn't want a few beers when spending a day driving on the 14 and the 395? Sadly, the restaurant's been closed every time I've stopped. Apparently the artesian spring was the Manly party's first stop after their Death Valley debacle.
beer  restaurant  IndianWells  travel 
19 days ago
Elephant Thai Kitchen in Long Beach, CA
Thai restaurant offers some northern-style dishes.
Thai  restaurant  LongBeach 
19 days ago
Confidential Coffee
Downtown Long Beach coffeehouse. Happened on their opening day, 8/30/2018. Look out for the marzipan latte!
LongBeach  coffeehouse  espresso 
19 days ago
China Post
Tracking for packages shipped by China Post; per Newegg.
shipping  shopping  electronics  China 
24 days ago
Bee Rooted - Bee Rooted Home
Amanda Plunkett's site. "We perform humane live bee removals, teach classes, and sell botanical products."
beekeeping  SouthernCalifornia  apiculture  education 
24 days ago
Beekeepers Association Of Southern California
According to their site:

A group dedicated to:
helping urban bees survive
helping new beekeepers
People who:
have beehives
want to have beehives
are just interested in bees

Highly regarded by Long Beach Beekeepers who have had contact with them, with overlapping membership.
beekeeping  apiculture  SouthernCalifornia 
24 days ago
The World’s Most Comfortable Shoes – Allbirds
And finally, the shoe, per G. T. Kibe. This is what happens when an interest in a really simple shoe and a dislike of socks meet venture capital. Do I believe they're really comfortable? Yes! But see my Warby Parker and Everlane bookmarks for the road to hell my thoughts are taking at the moment. I'm sorry.
shopping  fashion  clothing  shoe 
26 days ago
Everlane | Modern Basics. Radical Transparency.
Silicon Valley's favorite couturier, per the "New York Times." Apparently the appeal is that these clothes are the fashion uniform one wears to show that one pays no attention to fashion. My Warby Parker bookmark notes begin to explain my mixed feelings about what this means. Beyond the irony cited above, I suggest that this urge to look like nobody, like part of the background, emulates an anti-style established by the socially awkward who fear this entire domain and refuse to engage in it. We haven't all been there, but I have. But you can't have any curiosity, or powers of observation, and STAY there. There are things out there that work better for you. There are things that are more comfortable, or more durable, or easier to care for. If you can't tell any of these differences yet, stick around. You will. When that happens, you can make your OWN style, and it will be something different from NO style.
shopping  clothing  fashion 
26 days ago
Glasses & Prescription Eyeglasses | Warby Parker
Where the cool kids go for eyeglass frames, per Ellen Dickinson. Silicon Valley agrees, per the "New York Times"; but my reverence for what Silicon Valley thinks about anything is much diminished after a year or two of revelations on its lack of any kind of immune system for bro culture and its treatment of women. Jaundice is not rational.
glasses  fashion  shopping 
26 days ago
Justin Marable
Kansas artist whose subjects include the Dickinson barn (near Robinson, Kansas) and the grain elevators in Perry, which I photographed during a 2017 trip. Per Grant Glenn and Sara Dickinson.
art  printmaking  Kansas 
26 days ago
Watts Solitary Bees
Leafcutter and mason bees, which can complement honey bees as pollinators in agriculture.
agriculture  farming  beekeeping 
4 weeks ago
Project Apis m. - Home
"Project Apis m.'s mission Is to fund and direct research to enhance the health and vitality of honey bee colonies while improving crop production." One approach is to provide growers with fallow season seed mixes to help honey bees thrive between cash crops.
apiculture  agriculture  farming  beekeeping 
4 weeks ago
Home | King Taco
Good tacos. Too bad they got rid of the tortas.
restaurant  Mexican  SouthernCalifornia 
5 weeks ago
Getting Started with Load Cells -
"Have you ever wanted to know the weight of something? How about knowing the change in weight over time? Do you want your project to sense the presence of something by measuring strain or a load on some surface? If so, you’re in the right place. This tutorial is here to help you get started in the world of load cells and their variants."
DIY  electronics  sensor 
7 weeks ago
Dallas Temperature Control Library - Miles Burton - Innovative engineering for pretty much anything
Documentation of the Maxim/Dallas temperature control library; per Arduino IDE sample code.
Arduino  electronics  sensor  DIY  reference 
7 weeks ago
OneWire Arduino Library, connecting 1-wire devices (DS18S20, etc) to Teensy
Introduction to the OneWire sensor data communication protocol, with an outline of the OneWire library and a small list of helpful references.
electronics  OneWire  sensor 
7 weeks ago
PJRC: Electronic Projects
The largely Arduino-compatible Teensy microcontrollers, Arduino stuff, and a lot of OneWire code.
electronics  DIY  shopping  Arduino  OneWire  sensor 
7 weeks ago
Henry's Bench | a place for the electronic hobbyist
Introduction to Arduino development. Typically compares several options (e.g. temperature sensors).
Arduino  DIY  howto  education 
8 weeks ago
ACC/AHA ASCVD Risk Calculator
"Calculate your 10-year risk of heart disease or stroke using the ASCVD algorithm published in 2013 ACC/AHA Guideline on the Assessment of Cardiovascular Risk." I can hardly wait!
risk  heart  calculator  health 
8 weeks ago
Angel City Lumber
"ACL intercepts trees that would otherwise end up chipped or in a landfill.  We custom mill and dry the wood before offering it for sale.  We strive to provide high quality hardwood products through simply reusing what would otherwise be considered 'waste.'"
Per Joe Janda.
wood  shopping  woodworking  urbanForestry  trees  sustainability  LosAngeles  lumber 
8 weeks ago
Plating Kits Electroplating Kits Aluminum Anodizing Kits Gas Tank Sealer Metal Polishing And Buffing Supplies - Caswell Inc
Ever feel that burning urge to do your own anodizing or plating? Hasn't everyone? Caswell Plating is here to help.
DIY  metal  electroplating  anodizing 
8 weeks ago
Designing for Silicone Molding, Rubber Molding | Albright Technologies Boston, MA
Best practices for designing parts for reproduction in silicone molds (and thus for master design).
3DPrinting  urethane  plastic  casting  manufacturing  design 
8 weeks ago
10 Heuristics for User Interface Design: Article by Jakob Nielsen
This post pulls a lot of experience and doctrine together in one summary.

"Jakob Nielsen's 10 general principles for interaction design. They are called 'heuristics' because they are broad rules of thumb and not specific usability guidelines."
usability  webDesign  design 
8 weeks ago
Buying a Used Car? Try These Three Free Vehicle History Services - TidBITS
"I recently replaced our SUV, and I found a few free vehicle history tools that saved me a small fortune in CarFax fees by letting me eliminate lemons before I got too far into the process. There are a lot of scammy Web sites that claim to help with car buying, but here are three that are legitimate and useful."
car  shopping  transportation 
8 weeks ago
National security and civil liberties. Recent coverage focuses on Mueller investigation and other post-2016 election follies.
blog  news  intelligence  journalism  security  civilLiberties 
9 weeks ago
Decent coffeehouse in that odd area east of Chinatown and west of the 5 freeway. Walking buddy Steve W. and I encountered it during our 10 Bridges Walk.
coffee  espresso  coffeehouse  roaster  LosAngeles 
9 weeks ago
MENYA MUSASHI NITEN ICHIRYU | Noodles [Ramen, Tsukeman] and Tonkkatsu
"Each bowl of ramen at the restaurant is served with braised pork belly and tonkatsu..., and the broth is made from a mixture of pork bones and seafood," per Jenn Harris, writing in the 7/14/2018 "LA Times."
Japanese  restaurant  LosAngeles  ramen 
9 weeks ago
Marina Market
Per Margy Rochlin's 7/14/2018 "LA Times" article, a source for the Amarelli fine licorice powder that pastry chef Genevieve Gergis uses in ice cream--although I'm damned if I have any idea where it's hidden in the hierarchical menus. You'll have to search for it.
shopping  food  groceries  cooking 
9 weeks ago
Trouva: Shop the UK’s best independent boutiques
Per Margy Rochlin's 7/14/2018 "LA Times" article, a source for the Lakrids fine licorice powder that pastry chef Genevieve Gergis uses in ice cream--although I'm damned if I have any idea where it's hidden in the hierarchical menus. You'll have to search for it.
shopping  clothes  cooking 
9 weeks ago
Arduino Reference
Arduino programming language reference. This introductory page provides a quick overview.
Arduino  programming  language  reference  C++ 
9 weeks ago
Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
A lot of reasonably well thought-out product reviews.
shopping  reference 
9 weeks ago
Riese & Müller | E-Bikes, E-Cargo Bikes & Folding Bikes
Innovative electric bicycles, cargo bicycles, and folding bicycles.
bicycle  design 
9 weeks ago
Parliament Chocolate
Artisanal, single-source chocolate made in Redlands; Per demeter-bread.
Redlands  chocolate  shopping 
9 weeks ago
Bakery offering classes, consulting, and expensive baked goods made exclusively with Grist and Toll flour (which explains it!). Per Los Angeles Bread Bakers.
baking  bakery  Anaheim 
9 weeks ago
The King's Roost
Supplies and workshops for baking and milling, soapmaking, aquaculture, and more. Supports bulk flour orders for the Los Angeles Bread Bakers group (founded by the King's Roost owner).
DIY  shopping  LosAngeles  baking  soap  gardening  cooking 
9 weeks ago
National Aquarium - Baltimore, MD
How could I have missed this institution all this time? Now I look forward to visiting. We've got some good aquaria on the Left Coast; how does this one stack up?
sustainability  museum  Baltimore  fish  aquarium 
9 weeks ago
Elena Dorfman
Dorfman's "Sublime: The L.A. River" caught my eye.
artist  photographer  photography  LosAngelesRiver  ElenaDorfman 
10 weeks ago
Dissimilar Metals in Contact | American Galvanizer's Association
Galvanic corrosion, emphasizing threats to galvanized steel. Per Dave Ayer.
metal  metallurgy  corrosion  steel 
10 weeks ago
Electroless Nickel-Plated Steel vs. Stainless Steel : Products Finishing
Electroless nickel-plated steel can outperform stainless steel in corrosive environments. Per Dave Ayer.
materials  metallurgy  tribology  steel  stainlessSteel 
10 weeks ago
Nicola Anthony - Contemporary Artist
Sculptor working in sheet metal, ink, and paper--just for starters. Per Haryn De Leon.
sculpture  artist  NicolaAnthony  ink  paper 
10 weeks ago
Lucas Mill > Home
Portable sawmills. You know, just in case. Per Angel City Lumber, which uses a Lucas Mill on the streets of Los Angeles.
lumber  logging  wood  woodworking 
10 weeks ago
Husqvarna Chainsaws, Outdoor Power Equipment and Tree Care Supplies from Bailey's
Logging equipment, including portable sawmills (!) and funky work clothes. Per Lucas Mill. (Bailey's is a Lucas Mill dealer.)
wood  woodworking  clothing  shopping  logging  tool 
10 weeks ago
Smart Citizen
" source design and technology can be used by local communities to create change."

The people shall arise--and gather data together--or something like that. Per
data  sensors  electronics  Arduino  community  sustainability 
10 weeks ago
littleBits: Award-winning electronic building blocks for creating inventions large and small
"littleBits makes a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks empowering everyone to create inventions, large and small."

Color-coded, snap-together pieces of circuitry for kids--and others. Per
electronics  education  visualProgramming  Arduino 
10 weeks ago
JK Electronics, Inc. - Home
"That rat hole?" Janis asked. Haven't set foot here in years, since I needed thermal paste for a 1990s iMac hard drive replacement, but my reaction was more positive; and now that I hear they carry a lot of Arduino stuff, it looks like I'll get re-acquainted soon.
electronics  parts  DIY  Arduino  shopping  hardware 
11 weeks ago
Make an Arduino Temperature Sensor (Thermistor Tutorial)
When real men want to measure temperature, they dispense with the little boards and go straight to a thermistor.
electronics  temperature  sensor  Arduino  DIY 
11 weeks ago
Stand Still. Stay Silent - webcomic, page 196
Graphic representation of Indo-European language taxonomy by an interesting graphic novel artist.
language  visualization  art  history 
11 weeks ago
Encrypted Messaging Apps Have Limitations You Should Know | WIRED
Hygienic use of encrypted messaging; per the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

"Good opsec will save you from bad crypto, but good crypto won't save you from bad opsec," says Kenn White, director of the Open Crypto Audit Project, referencing a classic warning from security researcher The Grugq. "It's easy for people to be confused."
privacy  IM  encryption 
11 weeks ago
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