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Mock the week
Excellent analysis of sexism in UK comedy panel shows
mock  the  week  comedy  women  feminism  sexism 
september 2011 by JAScarb
I don't like poetry, but
This is my blog entry about poetry. I don't like it. Well, I've had an epiphany.
poetry  Hollie  McNish  John  Cooper  Clarke  Simon  Armitage  Ivor  Cutler  The  Edger  James  Koppert  Hegley  Benjamin  Zephania 
november 2010 by JAScarb
The Drum Rudiments System
My experiences with the Drum Rudiments System
drumming  drum  rudiments  practice  learn  to  play  the  drums 
april 2009 by JAScarb
YouTube - The Shrubs - Claykiln Mouth - Live 11th Sep 1987
The Shrubs, formerly on Ron Johnson Records. Sounds fabulous.
The  Shrubs  ron  johnson  records 
january 2009 by JAScarb

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