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Everything Easy is Hard Again – Frank Chimero
A description of what it feels like to build web software, after 20 years building it. There was a point, a few years back where I thought I'd achieved, well, definitely not mastery, but at least a certain level of expertise. These days, I feel like I'm constantly running to keep up, and just getting further and further behind. And there's really no reason this should be the case.
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february 2018 by JAScarb
Field Notes × Ian Coyle
Check out the Nike example for groovy parallax scrolling
parallax  scrolling  css  html  nike 
december 2011 by JAScarb
PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser
Ooh, I like this. Website scraping tool, except, that's not allowed.
PHP  HTML  DOM  parser 
july 2011 by JAScarb
schema.org - Home
Functional markup for your web page
schema  html5  seo  markup  web  page  website  microformats  html  semantic 
july 2011 by JAScarb
A book club apart
Nice idea, a book club for web developers
apart  book  club  html  css 
june 2011 by JAScarb
HTML Email Design Gallery - Campaign Monitor
OK, so I like website design galleries, examples of good web design. So shoot me.
website  design  examples  gallery  html  css  graphic 
january 2010 by JAScarb
Firebug - Web Development Evolved
Looks good but I'm on an old Linux with an old Firefox
firebug  firefox  plugin  css  html  web  developer  development 
december 2009 by JAScarb

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