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Not Time's Fool; FayJay
A story in 21 parts, featuring an Ancient Greek curse, an unexpected metamorphosis, adventures in pool sharking, numerous shots of tequila, a nun outfit, zombies, angels, demons, kidnappings, startling discoveries about old acquaintances, massage, a game of strip poker, girl-on-girl action, girl-on-boy action, and boy-on-boy action. 
fandom:supernatural  sam_dean  genre:hurt_comfort  genre:humor  genre:canon_divergence  cursed!dean  pining!dean  dean!turnsintoagirl  possessive!sam  possessive!dean  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:fayjay  minor!het  50-60k  ~ 
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Dark Paradise; cherie_morte
AU after 3x16: He knew as soon as Dean rose up from the bones what it was he brought to life. And maybe Sam should have been horrified right there and right then, but he was giddy as he watched Dean kill. All he could think was it's really him, he even looks the same.
sam_dean  genre:angst  genre:canon_divergence  demon!dean  bloodaddicted!sam  established!relationship  s3  kink:manhandling  kink:rough!sex  kink:bloodplay  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:cherie_morte  0-5k  challenge:salt_burn_porn  ~  fandom:supernatural 
april 2019 by Itsokaydean
Ripping mended seams; lyra_wing
We all know John disappeared because he got a lead on the demon. But what if he ran off when the boys were still kids? AU – Dean as a fireman and Sam as a student at NYU.
sam_dean  genre:canon_divergence  fireman!dean  StanfordEra  pre-series  ghost!john  john!dies  rescuer!sam  physicallyhurt!dean  Protective!Sam  Protective!Dean  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:R  author:lyra_wing  5-10k  ~  fandom:supernatural 
april 2019 by Itsokaydean
The Dragon That Speaks Like A Lamb; thealexandriaarchives
"Hell got it wrong. Sam's not the Antichrist after all... Dean is. Of course, Sam's more than willing to play the part and front for his brother.

Dean is the Antichrist. But Sam is his False Prophet.
sam_dean  genre:angst  genre:canon_divergence  antichrist!dean  falseprophet!sam  post-season3  inhell!dean  inhell!sam  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:R  author:thealexandriaarchives  5-10k  challenge:sammessiah  ~  fandom:supernatural 
february 2019 by Itsokaydean
The Inside Man; Balder12
Post-9.02. Sam and Kevin have both been suffering from memory loss since the Trials ended, and Dean is acting strangely. Sam suspects a supernatural cause, but Kevin's not so sure either one of them has a firm grasp on reality. Or: another way the Ezekiel arc could have played out.
sam&dean  genre:gen  genre:angst  s9  9.02!coda  genre:canon_divergence  gadreel!sam  scared!sam  scared!kevin  physicallyhurt!dean  emotionallyhurt!sam  lying!dean  post-trials!sam  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:balder12  15-20k  challenge:reversebang  ~  fandom:supernatural 
january 2019 by Itsokaydean
+ light, refracted; alethialia
What if John hadn’t been the man he was? In fact, what if he’d been just the opposite? How would the boys’ arguments change? The startling thing: they wouldn’t.
sam&dean  genre:angst  genre:gen  genre:canon_divergence  genre:horror  pre-series  scion!dean  scion!sam  yed!john  mean!sam  mean!dean  S1  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:alethialia  5-10k  +  ~  fandom:supernatural 
january 2019 by Itsokaydean
Premium Cable; BewareTheIdes15
It isn’t the fact that Jensen’s a guy that’s really bugging Jared at the moment. It’s more that he’s pretty sure Eric Kripke secretly wants to be making gay porn.
rps  jared_jensen  genre:pwp  genre:non-au  actor!jared  actor!jensen  S1  sam_dean  boys!oncabletv  genre:canon_divergence  first-time  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  kink:exhibitionism  author:bewaretheides15  challenge:blindfold  0-5k  ~ 
january 2019 by Itsokaydean
Future tense; selecasharp
While on a case, Sam and Dean are given a vision of the future - a future in which they've stopped the apocalypse and are now, apparently, involved. Dean's convinced that it's another trick and insists that they forget it, but Sam can't let it - any of it - go.
sam_dean  genre:angst  5.14!coda  pining!sam  pining!dean  first-time  post-apocalypse  dean!saysyes  Protective!Dean  Protective!Sam  dean!feelsguilty  sam!feelsguilty  exhausted!sam  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:selecasharp  challenge:help_haiti  30-40k  ~  genre:canon_divergence  fandom:supernatural 
january 2019 by Itsokaydean
A Life Less Lived; emmram
"When Death re-souls Sam it doesn't quite stick. Every once in a while his soul slips free (maybe after a seizure?), his body walking around being a dick and not sleeping, while he gets to do the vengeful spirit gig for a couple of hours/days/weeks—it can vary—though he's not so much vengeful as disoriented and crazy, given the wall doesn't extend to his spirit form. So you have Dean, who sees all this redrum-on-the-mirrors chaos randomly breaking out around them, and Sam looking unsettlingly determined to banish the completely anonymous—“its identity is really not important, Dean, promise”—spirit that's latched onto him for no apparent reason, while trying to look all souled and innocent and kind of sucking at it. Whether or not Dean figures it out is up to the author. As is the winner."
sam&dean  postcage!Sam  soulless!sam  hallucinating!dean  ghost!sam  s7  clueless!dean  genre:angst  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:pg-13  seizure!sam  emotionallyhurt!dean  clueless!bobby  author:emmram  0-5k  challenge:ohsam  genre:canon_divergence  ~  fandom:supernatural 
august 2018 by Itsokaydean
Consider the Hairpin Turn; cherie_morte
AU of 6x22: Sam's wall has shattered and the memories in his mind have splintered. When the Sam who remembers Hell tells him to go find Jess and be happy, Sam knows he can't stay while Dean needs him. But when the Sam from Hell says that Dean is already there looking for him, Sam leaves his memories of the pit behind to find him.

What he finds is a life he doesn't remember: a house that he shares with his brother (and has for years), a law career he thought he'd left behind at Stanford, and a relationship with Dean he never dreamed he could have. Life is almost too good to be true, at least until Sam begins to hear his brother's voice calling to him, begging him to wake up.
sam_dean  s6  6.22!coda  genre:angst  genre:hurt_comfort  genre:canon_divergence  worried!dean  Protective!Dean  ptsd!sam  postcage!Sam  brokenwall!sam  comapatient!sam  caretaker!dean  rescuer!dean  pining!sam  pining!dean  rating:nc-17  havepdf  archive:ao3  author:cherie_morte  25-30k  challenge:samdean_otp  ~  fandom:supernatural 
august 2018 by Itsokaydean
I Feel it Way Down (way down); formalizing
Dean eventually gets out of hell, but angels have nothing to do with it. Sam is willing to make a lot of exceptions to his morals and principles in order to have his brother back. (AU after season 3)
sam_dean  post-hell!dean  post-season3  demon!dean  dark!dean  abused!sam  sexuallyabused!sam  tw:dub-con  physicallyhurt!sam  emotionallyhurt!sam  dysfunctional!boys  genre:angst  genre:canon_divergence  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:R  author:formalizing  0-5k  ~  fandom:supernatural 
july 2018 by Itsokaydean
Something So Real Doesn't Disappear; whispered_story
After a month of not talking to each other, Sam and Dean start spending time together again – until Sam asks Dean to come to the office party with him. 
smith_wesson  genre:canon_divergence  first-time  pining!dean  pining!sam  genre:schmoop  genre:bittersweet  rating:nc-17  archive:ao3  havepdf  author:whispered_story  ~  0-5k  fandom:supernatural 
may 2018 by Itsokaydean
+ Captured by the Game; rivkat
AU. Azazel has given his favorite son a task: worm his way into the confidence of a hunter. It sounds simple, but Dean Winchester just might be more than Sam can handle.
sam_dean  au:raisedseparately  evil!sam  oblivious!dean  pining!sam  pining!dean  genre:angst  genre:hurt_comfort  genre:canon_divergence  S1  archive:ao3  havepdf  author:rivkat  rating:nc-17  ~  +  physicallyhurt!dean  physicallyhurt!sam  emotionallyhurt!dean  emotionallyhurt!sam  50-60k  fandom:supernatural 
may 2018 by Itsokaydean
now jerk that pistol and go to work; apocalypsos
The plus side of being in such a fine new place is that a man who can handle a deck of cards and a loaded pistol with the same deadly precision can manage just fine.
sam&dean  genre:gen  genre:canon_divergence  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  timetravel!sam  timetravel!dean  gunslinger!dean  gunslinger!sam  archive:dw  havepdf  rating:pg-13  boys!stuckinthepast  author:apocalypsos  0-5k  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
may 2018 by Itsokaydean
ten thousand miles; mimblexwimble
This isn’t a story with a deeper meaning. There is no moral at the end. On December 28th, 2007, Sam Winchester walked out of the motel room he was sharing with his brother and never came back. This is the story of what happened after.
sam&dean  genre:angst  genre:canon_divergence  genre:gen  s3  postdeal!dean  sam!goesmissing  desperate!dean  suicidal!dean  physicallyhurt!dean  emotionallyhurt!dean  s4  archive:lj  unhappy!ending  author:mimblexwimble  havepdf  challenge:bigbang  rating:pg-13  30-40k  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
april 2018 by Itsokaydean
+ Come lay bones on the alabaster stones; caranfindel
A season 7 AU that takes place after Sam gets his memories of Hell back. At night, Sam dreams of being tortured in Hell. During the day, his dreams start coming true, except they're happening to other people.
sam&dean  hallucifer  genre:horror  genre:angst  bodyhorror!sam  brokenwall!sam  dean!losesit  tortured!sam  torturer!dean  characterdeath_(minor)  self-sacrificing!sam  s7  genre:canon_divergence  archive:ao3  rating:nc-17  author:caranfindel  10-15k  tissie  challenge:*bang  ~  +  fandom:supernatural 
march 2018 by Itsokaydean
How To Fall; FortinbrasFTW
When a spell goes wrong Sam ends up stranded in the north Canadian wilderness with nothing to do but bunker down and wait for rescue, which wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the broken angel he's accidentally brought along for the ride.
author:fortinbrasftw  broken!lucifer  paula  Sam_Lucifer  genre:canon_divergence  ~  fandom:supernatural 
may 2017 by Itsokaydean
Do Roses Know Their Thorns Can Hurt?; homo_pink
Dean needs a new body part and Sam doesn't cope well with any of it. (A very AU!AU borrowing the lovely idea from Time Is on My Side - somewhat Burton inspired and super unserious.)
sam_dean  first-time  immortal!sam  immortal!dean  decaying!sam  decaying!dean  sam!savesdean  sam!givesdeanhiseye  s3  genre:canon_divergence  caretaker!sam  bodyhorror!dean  bodyhorror!sam  pining!sam  author:homo_pink  rating:nc-17  archive:ao3  havepdf  tissie  ~  challenge:reversebang  15-20k  genre:angst  genre:hurt_comfort  fandom:supernatural 
march 2017 by Itsokaydean
Sufferance; utsusemia
Eighteen months, two weeks and four days. AU from 5.04-that phone call was the last time Sam and Dean talked, but Dean never saw the future.
sam&dean  genre:gen  amputee!sam  genre:angst  genre:canon_divergence  s5  author:utsusemia  rating:pg-13  archive:lj  havepdf  tissie  ~  0-5k  physicallyhurt!dean  emotionallyhurt!sam  fandom:supernatural 
january 2017 by Itsokaydean
+ Courting Death; theproblematique
Sam Winchester lived the first six months of his life in a happy family; the next twelve years as John Winchester's only son, and the last decade as an orphan. He's supposed to die at twenty-two trying to save the woman he loves from a fire, because he doesn't have a brother to pull him back. But the night Sam meets his Reaper he discovers that Death is overly fond of pop-culture references, too beautiful to be real, and reluctant to kill him.
sam_dean  first-time  reaper!dean  huntingalone!sam  raisedseparately  archive:ao3  rating:nc-17  pining!sam  pining!dean  author:theproblematique  havepdf  tissie  ~  +  genre:slowburn  genre:canon_divergence  genre:hurt_comfort  50-60k  challenge:bigbang  fandom:supernatural 
january 2017 by Itsokaydean
I'd Gladly Lose Me To Find You; flawedamythyst
Sam takes a vow of silence in order to pull Dean out of Hell, but by the time Dean comes back, Sam's lost more of himself than just his voice. Splits off completely from canon after the season 3 finale.
sam_dean  first-time  electivemutism!sam  sam!savesdean  retired!fromhunting  rating:nc-17  Protective!Sam  worried!sam  author:flawedamythyst  archive:ao3  havepdf  tissie  ~  s3  genre:canon_divergence  characterdeath_(dean)  characterdeath_(temporary)  genre:domestic  genre:angst  genre:hurt_comfort  physicallyhurt!dean  emotionallyhurt!sam  30-40k  fandom:supernatural 
january 2017 by Itsokaydean
Sacraments; keerawa
I’ve been known by a thousand names over the ages. Raum, Akoman, Mara, Azazel’s Hound. Lately, I go by Dean Winchester.
sam_dean  established!relationship  antichrist!sam  demon!dean  author:keerawa  archive:ao3  havepdf  0-5k  ~  recced  pre-series  genre:canon_divergence  genre:angst  challenge:sammessiah  fandom:supernatural 
october 2016 by Itsokaydean
Palindromes; charlie_d_blue
She became the shivering tremble of a whetting stone across the edge of a blade, the heavy scent of gun oil and long afternoons working on the once-hated Impala. AU. John dies on the ceiling, and Mary goes after the YED.
sam&dean  genre:gen  genre:angst  genre:canon_divergence  mary!lives  john!dies  angry!mary  worried!dean  Protective!Dean  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:charlie_d_blue  challenge:summergen  5-10k  ~  fandom:supernatural 
december 2015 by Itsokaydean
A Threefold Path to Redemption; rei_c
Sam finds a way to keep Dean from going to hell: he'll go in his brother's place. He knows it's going to be bad and that he'll emerge changed. He never knew how much.
sam_dean  demon!sam  boyking!sam  tw:dub-con  tw:non-con  sam!savesdean  author:rei_c  +100k  Sam_OMC  sam_ofc  dean_omc  genre:angst  genre:horror  inhell!sam  archive:lj  rating:nc-17  ~  tortured!sam  sam!swapsplacew/dean  helpless!dean  havepdf  genre:canon_divergence  fandom:supernatural 
december 2015 by Itsokaydean
The Storyteller; toldthestars
You know, even when you were just a little kid, everyone said you weren’t right, that you were sick. They never said with what. You just were, and you had been since the fire.
sam_dean(implied)  genre:angst  genre:hurt_comfort  genre:canon_divergence  mentallyill!dean  protective!sam  istitutionalized!dean  caretaker!sam  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:toldthestars  worried!sam  worried!dean  drugged!dean  hallucinating!dean  5-10k  first!pov  ~  fandom:supernatural 
december 2015 by Itsokaydean
Take a Good Look Around (The Seein' You Remix); dreamlittleyo
Dean's not the same person when he comes back from Hell, but Sam's not himself either. Dean is still determined to take care of his brother. He just goes about it a little differently than he used to.
sam_dean  s4  post-hell!dean  powers!Sam  pining!sam  pining!dean  genre:angst  genre:hurt_comfort  genre:canon_divergence  sam_ruby  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:dreamlittleyo  challenge:remix  5-10k  ~  fandom:supernatural 
september 2015 by Itsokaydean

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