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Not Time's Fool; FayJay
A story in 21 parts, featuring an Ancient Greek curse, an unexpected metamorphosis, adventures in pool sharking, numerous shots of tequila, a nun outfit, zombies, angels, demons, kidnappings, startling discoveries about old acquaintances, massage, a game of strip poker, girl-on-girl action, girl-on-boy action, and boy-on-boy action. 
fandom:supernatural  sam_dean  genre:hurt_comfort  genre:humor  genre:canon_divergence  cursed!dean  pining!dean  dean!turnsintoagirl  possessive!sam  possessive!dean  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:fayjay  minor!het  50-60k  ~ 
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gods and monsters; silverkit-fic
I should like to sleep like a cat,/with all the fur of time,/with tongue as rough as flint,/ with the dry sex of fire;/and after speaking to no one/stretch myself over the world.
sam&dean  genre:gen  genre:schmoop  genre:humor  cat!dean  cat!sam  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  outsider!pov  s2  rating:pg-13  author:silverkit  havepdf  archive:lj  0-5k  ~  fandom:supernatural 
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and pray to god i see headlights: hardlygolden
"Oh for fuck's sake," Dad said, "there's two of you," and that's when Dean knew they were in trouble.
sam&dean  genre:angst  genre:gen  pre-series  cursed!john  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:hardlygolden  5-10k  ~  fandom:supernatural 
may 2019 by Itsokaydean
Just Say My Name; leonidaslions
Dean turns into a complete and utter nympho. It takes Sam a while to notice the difference.
sam_dean  established!relationship  cursed!dean  genre:humor  genre:hurt_comfort  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:R  author:leonidaslion  0-5k  ~  fandom:supernatural 
may 2019 by Itsokaydean
Palatine; setissma
It’s not like he means for it to happen. Seriously.

One minute, he’s leaning over to look at the enormous spell book in Sam’s lap, sounding out a couple of phrases while they’re stopped at a red light, Sam messing with the radio. The next, he’s in the passenger seat while Sam’s nearly running Dean’s goddamned car into a Toyota.
sam_dean  genre:schmoop  genre:humor  bodyswapped!dean  bodyswapped!sam  first-time  first-kiss  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:R  author:setissma  0-5k  ~  fandom:supernatural 
april 2019 by Itsokaydean
+ The Witch Is Dead; dear_tiger
In 1988, three witches in Montana are growing a monster in their garden, and Sam is holiday snack. When Dean and John show up to get him, one witch is killed, and Dean gets a love curse that he keeps secret. As teenagers, Sam and Dean are living in a dying industrial town in Pennsylvania, where they come across a crooked old creature that takes an unusual interest in Dean. As adults, Sam and Dean return to Montana for a hunt and run into the two surviving witches who have been unsuccessfully trying to grow their monster. Dean, still carrying the love spell from the dead witch, is looking like perfect plant feed.
sam_dean  genre:angst  genre:casefic  genre:hurt_comfort  physicallyhurt!sam  emotionallyhurt!sam  cursed!dean  rescuer!sam  rescuer!dean  rescuer!john  pre-series  kidnapped!sam  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:dear_tiger  physicallyhurt!dean  30-40k  genre:horror  witch_verse  challenge:bigbang  ~  +  fandom:supernatural 
february 2019 by Itsokaydean
+ Alcohol and a Can-Do Attitude; BlindSwandive
Sam and Dean are hit with a fuck-each-other-or-die curse, so they handle it the way two straight, totally uninterested-in-each-other-sexually brothers would.
sam_dean  first-time  genre:hurt_comfort  genre:humor  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  witches!madeemdoit  kink:fuck-or-die  genre:pwp  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:blindswandive  challenge:spn_masquerade  5-10k  +  ~  fandom:supernatural 
october 2018 by Itsokaydean
For With The Heart; sowell
In life, Carolyn Cutter was probably a loving wife and mother. In death, she’s a gigantic pain in the ass, and Dean was sick of this job two days ago.

“The guns have rock salt, not bullets,” Sam says, all reasonable. Like you can reason with a ghost. “It won’t kill us.”

Carolyn just gives that crazy-ass spirit cackle and cocks the gun without lifting a finger.

“Sam,” Dean growls from the side of his mouth. “Not helping.”
sam_dean  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  genre:hurt_comfort  genre:angst  genre:casefic  boys!arechainedtogether  pining!dean  scared!dean  pining!sam  physicallyhurt!dean  physicallyhurt!sam  emotionallyhurt!dean  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:nc-17  challenge:reversebang  author:sowell  10-15k  ~  fandom:supernatural 
june 2018 by Itsokaydean
Get Up Instead; viviansface
Poking around the Bunker, Dean should have learned two basic things: one, turn on the light, no matter what, and two, for Christ’s sake, don’t touch anything, double no matter what, it could be freaking possessed. Needless to say, he fails both.
sam&dean  s8  bodyswapped!dean  bodyswapped!sam  cursed!dean  trials!sam  trials!dean  physicallyhurt!dean  emotionallyhurt!dean  caretaker!sam  genre:angst  genre:gen  genre:hurt_comfort  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:pg-13  0-5k  challenge:summergen  author:viviansface  *deleted_havepdf  ~  fandom:supernatural 
june 2018 by Itsokaydean
Your mouth was made to suck my kiss; fleshflutter
Time in the bathroom is about the only time Sam and Dean regularly don't have to be with each other. Sam likes it that way. It reminds him that they're still separate, distinct people – not some single entity with a split personality. Not that he doesn't like being around Dean. He's had enough experience of not being around Dean to make him pretty damn sure that, obnoxious, piggish behaviour aside, he'd take being with Dean than not any day of the week and twice on Sundays. 
sam_dean  genre:hurt_comfort  cursed!dean  witches!madeemdoit  genre:casefic  archive:lj  author:fleshflutter  rating:nc-17  5-10k  kink:blowjob  havepdf  emotionallyhurt!dean  uncomfortable!sam  ~  fandom:supernatural 
may 2018 by Itsokaydean
Interesting Times; apocalypsos
Dean doesn't even think about the curse until the next morning, and by then it's too late.
sam&dean  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  multiple!sams  genre:hurt_comfort  author:apocalypsos  rating:pg-13  0-5k  tissie  ~  havepdf  archive:dw  fandom:supernatural 
may 2018 by Itsokaydean
now jerk that pistol and go to work; apocalypsos
The plus side of being in such a fine new place is that a man who can handle a deck of cards and a loaded pistol with the same deadly precision can manage just fine.
sam&dean  genre:gen  genre:canon_divergence  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  timetravel!sam  timetravel!dean  gunslinger!dean  gunslinger!sam  archive:dw  havepdf  rating:pg-13  boys!stuckinthepast  author:apocalypsos  0-5k  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
may 2018 by Itsokaydean
Stray Cat Blues; pixymisa
The fairies like to make Dean the butt of their jokes. This time they get Sam, too. Bobby is stuck dealing with the consequences.
sam&dean  outsider!pov  genre:gen  genre:humor  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  cat!dean  cat!sam  rescuer!bobby  archive:lj  havepdf  author:pixymisa  rating:pg  0-5k  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
april 2018 by Itsokaydean
Doused; orphan_account
Dean gets covered in fairy dust during a hunt. It makes him completely irresistible. Oblivious, he insists on a drink before calling it a night, wreaking havoc on men, women, and Sam's tightly wound self-control.
sam_dean  first-time  pining!sam  pining!dean  kink:rimming  kink:sexpollen  genre:hurt_comfort  cursed!dean  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:anon  0-5k  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
march 2018 by Itsokaydean
Life is a banquet; chaopatties
Fucking redcaps.

Dean never liked anything that fell into the fairy folk category anyway, but
redcaps held a special place in the "go to Hell and die" section of his heart.
Unlike most of their kin, these damn things were immune to iron and thus the
usual fairy-trapping tricks didn't do jack to them. And of course they had to go
and rub it in, all running around like frigging cheetahs in
iron boots, waving their stupid little hats
around and slinging blood everywhere which, aside from being rude and gross, was
just plain unsanitary. Seriously, that was human blood there and Dean was pretty
sure redcaps didn't pre-screen their victims for blood-borne diseases.
sam_dean  first-time  genre:humor  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  boys!cantstopeating  genre:schmoop  genre:casefic  archive:extsite  rating:R  5-10k  author:chaopatties  havepdf  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
march 2018 by Itsokaydean
When You Think He's Half Asleep; teand
"How's Dean taking it?"

Sam glanced over at the bed. "He was a little out of it until I got him back to the room then he ate a cheeseburger and went to sleep."

"So business as usual then."
sam&dean  cursed!dean  cat!dean  Protective!Sam  rescuer!sam  bamf!dean  amused!sam  genre:humor  genre:gen  archive:ao3  havepdf  author:teand  rating:pg-13  5-10k  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
february 2018 by Itsokaydean
Blindfold; fleshflutter
After the engine had gone quiet, Dean waited in the passenger seat for Sam to come and get him. There was the creak of the driver's door. That was the car rocking as Sam climbed out. That was Sam's boots biting gravel underfoot. 

It took Sam twelve steps to get around to the other side of the car, and while Dean waited, he studied the parts of his blindfold where there was no fold in the material, where the light could get through. Only the light. It could be anything out there, but only the light could get through.
sam_dean(implied)  established!relationship  post-season5  dean!seesmonsters  cursed!dean  Protective!Sam  bodyhorror!dean  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:pg-13  5-10k  author:fleshflutter  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
february 2018 by Itsokaydean
Brings Back The Child In You; flawedamythyst - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
Then a head appeared from the pile of clothes, and Dean had to choke back a gasp of shock. Sam was over twenty years younger than he had been before the flash.
sam_dean  genre:casefic  genre:hurt_comfort  established!relationship  de-aged!dean  de-aged!sam  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  rating:nc-17  archive:ao3  author:flawedamythyst  havepdf  tissie  ~  10-15k  fandom:supernatural 
february 2018 by Itsokaydean
Innocence; mimblexwimble
One day Dad put Sam in charge, said he needed to talk to a few people, that maybe he had a lead on how to turn Dean back into a twenty-year-old. Then he left. And he didn't come back.
sam&dean  genre:angst  genre:gen  de-aged!dean  cursed!dean  caretaker!sam  john!abandonsthem  angry!dean  angry!sam  sad!dean  guilty!John  archive:ao3  havepdf  author:mimblexwimble  rating:pg-13  pre-series  sam!stopshunting  5-10k  tissie  ~  innocence_verse  fandom:supernatural 
january 2018 by Itsokaydean
And you would be a fool; badbastion
Bobby sends Sam and Dean to Mississippi to get a cave wall rubbing in the middle of August. Dean leers at interesting women. Dean gets cursed. Sam gets lots of hugs. Bobby gets them all rick-rolled. It could have been much worse.
sam_dean  cursed!dean  forcedtocuddle!dean  humor  hurt!Dean  genre:schmoop  rating:R  author:badbastion  archive:ao3  10-15k  havepdf  tissie  ~  casefic  fandom:supernatural 
january 2018 by Itsokaydean
Into Oblivion; cherie_morte
AU after 8x23: Sam dies before completing the last trial, leaving Dean alone and desperate. After a month of trying to bring Sam back, Dean gets a tip from the most unlikely of places: Metatron. Now reigning in Heaven, the angel is still looking for stories—one in particular. Sam and Dean broke destiny when they derailed the apocalypse, rewrote the book Metatron had penned himself thousands of years ago, and now theirs is the only history the Scribe of God can't access. Although he has Sam's soul captive in Heaven, no amount of torture has convinced Sam to give up his and Dean's life story. Metatron gives Dean a scroll and makes a bet: if Dean can follow the instructions and return Sam's soul to his body within three days, Heaven will relinquish its claim on Sam. If he can't, Dean will forget he ever had a brother and all of his memories of Sam will belong to Metatron. It sounds like a fair enough deal, but of course there's a catch. From the moment Dean reads the instructions, he begins to forget Sam and his quest, each memory disappearing faster the more clues he leaves himself. It's a race against the clock to decide Sam's life, and it's all or nothing. Dean will get his brother back—or lose him completely.
sam_dean  established!relationship  post-season8  amnesiac!dean  cursed!dean  physicallyhurt!sam  emotionallyhurt!dean  abused!sam  characterdeath_(sam)  characterdeath_(temporary)  tortured!sam  8.23!coda  dean!savessam  archive:ao3  genre:angst  author:cherie_morte  havepdf  rating:nc-17  tissie  20-25k  challenge:reversebang  ~  fandom:supernatural 
june 2017 by Itsokaydean
The Thousand Ways To Bleed; LithiumDoll
Hours later, Sam opens his eyes. He can see Dean's mouth is set in a tight line and he can't remember the last time he saw his brother smile.
sam_dean  S1  cursed!sam  cursed!dean  characterdeath_(implied)  characterdeath_(sam)  characterdeath_(temporary)  boys!stuckinatimeloop  author:lithiumdoll  rating:pg-13  archive:ao3  havepdf  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural  genre:angst 
may 2017 by Itsokaydean
The Talking Cure; Molly
Dean tries to keep his mouth shut, but as much as he wants to keep quiet, he also wants to say--
sam_dean  first-kiss  post-season8  post-trials!sam  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  truth!spell  genre:schmoop  author:molly  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:pg-13  0-5k  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
may 2017 by Itsokaydean
Cupid's Got A Gun; geckoholic
Fuck-or-die, set in early S4. But they've been fucking for years, so that shouldn't be a problem, right? Wrong. Ever since hell, Dean's in no hurry to get that show on the road again. They've tried, and it doesn't work, too many bad memories from what's been done to him downstairs. A case that involves a cursed cross and a vengeful witch takes that choice away from them, though...
sam_dean  rating:nc-17  established!relationship  post-hell!dean  ptsd!dean  non-con  cursed!dean  worried!sam  rescuer!sam  caretaker!sam  s4  casefic  author:geckoholic  havepdf  archive:ao3  tissie  ~  kink:fuck-or-die  fandom:supernatural 
february 2017 by Itsokaydean
Better Homes And Gardens; chickcheney
After getting whammied on a hunt, Dean wakes up a househusband in Lawrence married to his little brother. Trapped in this world where down is up and up is completely fucked, Dean desperately tries to figure out a way to get back to a world that makes sense without completely losing his mind in the process. Featuring: spice gardens, bridge clubs, and the power of incestuous, gay love.
rating:nc-17  author:chickcheney  paula  sam_dean  established!relationship  first-kiss  cursed!dean  rescuer!sam  lawyer!sam  househusband!dean  archive:ao3  havepdf  ~  genre:domestic  witches!madeemdoit  challenge:samdean_otp  10-15k  fandom:supernatural 
february 2017 by Itsokaydean
Contagious; themegalosaurus
'Nobody ever died of a boner, Dean’s pretty sure, whatever his teenaged self might have said to the girls back in high school when he was trying to get under their skirts. Or. Did anybody ever die of a boner? That would be just like Sam, to die of terminal sexual frustration and not to let Dean do anything about it until it was already too late.'
sam_dean  first-time  cursed!sam  cursed!dean  kink:fuck-or-die  kink:voyeurism  kink:frottage  author:themegalosaurus  rating:nc-17  pining!sam  pining!dean  archive:ao3  havepdf  5-10k  challenge:*minor  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
february 2017 by Itsokaydean
Like A Virgin; leonidaslion
Dean goes and gets himself cursed. Again. Sam, being the wonderful brother he is, fixes it.
sam_dean  cursed!dean  humor  re-hymenated!dean  shy!dean  rescuer!sam  pwp  author:leonidaslion  rating:nc-17  havepdf  archive:ao3  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
january 2017 by Itsokaydean
The Classics Never Get Old; beth_summer
As they were growing up and travelling on the road, Sam knew that one thing would never change. No matter what, Dean was his older brother.
gen  sam&dean  de-aged!dean  cursed!dean  caretaker!sam  pre-series  S1  author:beth_summer  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:pg-13  tissie  ~  arresteddevelopment_verse  fandom:supernatural 
december 2016 by Itsokaydean
Trapped in Neverland; beth_summer
Despite all the moving around and the hunting and the constant training, Dean knew that he had one big responsibility: Take care of Sam. 
gen  sam&dean  pre-series  de-aged!dean  cursed!dean  hurt!Dean  caretaker!sam  author:beth_summer  rating:pg-13  archive:lj  havepdf  tissie  ~  arresteddevelopment_verse  fandom:supernatural 
december 2016 by Itsokaydean
Raindrops on Roses; astolat
"I really don't think we can keep them," Sam said, gently, the little fucker.
sam_dean  author:astolat  genre:humor  cursed!dean  tw:dub-con  archive:ao3  havepdf  0-5k  tissie  ~  rating:nc-17  fandom:supernatural 
november 2016 by Itsokaydean
Man, I hate witches; nongpradu
Someone (the who and why is up to you) sticks a doll in Dean’s image full of pins/sets it on fire/whatever, leading to many days of Dean being in pain and feverish and epic h/c.
genre:gen  genre:angst  pre-series  cursed!dean  bamf!John  outsider!pov  author:nong_pradu  archive:lj  physicallyhurt!dean  0-5k  havepdf  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
october 2016 by Itsokaydean
(Wise Men Say) Only Fools Rush In; strippedpink
Later, Dean would remember that Certain Doom smells a lot like fried chicken. He lowers his GLOCK 45 in the alley, squinting to find the shadowy creature grinning back at him through slitted, yellow eyes and teeth that would’ve sent a dentist screaming into the night. The fact that the damn thing’s still breathing, much less mocking him with bad dental hygiene, is a bit of an insult given the row of silver bullets still smoking holes in its chest.
sam_dean  first-time  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  blind!dean  deaf!sam  minor!het  author:strippedpink  rating:nc-17  archive:lj  havepdf  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
october 2016 by Itsokaydean
Unmentionable; all_the_damned_vampires
Dean gets in over his head with a cursed object. Sam wants to help. Of course Dean doesn’t want to talk about it. Set sometime early on in the pre-Carver era.
dean!inpanties  cursed!dean  pining!sam  pining!dean  paula  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:nc-17  first-time  genre:pwp  genre:casefic  recced  ~  kink:impala!sex  sam_dean  challenge:spn_j2_xmas  0-5k  fandom:supernatural 
september 2016 by Itsokaydean
Qui Non Somnus; authoressnebula
The first day after the curse, it was still a joke with Dean. He still felt hyped, still felt fine, and called it the "Red Bull Curse". Capital letters and everything.
genre:angst  genre:gen  sam&dean  cursed!dean  sleepdeprived!dean  protective!sam  caretaker!sam  worried!sam  physicallyhurt!dean  author:authoressnebula  rating:pg  archive:ffnet  havepdf  0-5k  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
may 2016 by Itsokaydean
Devil's In the Details; tribble master
Saying it's only a picture is like saying it's only a job. It's only a picture but it means so much more. Dean unfolds it every night and counts the details. Sometimes a book moves, or a pages turns. One time a glass of juice appeared on the table. In the middle of the picture Sammy sits. His hazel eyes are always looking upward, even with his shoulders hunched and his hands in his lap.

Dean holds the picture with shaking hands and swears he'll make it right.
gen  hurt!sam  scared!dean  scared!sam  S1  trapped!sam  cursed!sam  cursed!dean  horror  john!forgetsaboutsam  author:tribble_master  havepdf  rating:pg-13  archive:ffnet  tissie  ~  lilbrorec  fandom:supernatural  genre:angst 
may 2016 by Itsokaydean
FIC: Hold and Lean: mariahlee
Dean gets hit with an insomnia curse, and Sam can’t do anything but watch.
gen  cursed!dean  hurt!dean  hurt_comfort  worried!sam  caretaker!sam 
april 2016 by Itsokaydean
a little superstitious now; estrella30
The thing about spells was that they rarely worked in real life like they did on TV or in the movies. 

Well. Sometimes they did. Sometimes a spell was the kind that you could read about in every fairy tale ever written. One that wouldn't show up until after the person had a long night's sleep. They'd go to bed perfectly normal, and then wake up the next morning and only be able to speak French when they'd never known a single word in their life. Or they'd have wings or feathers or gills. Something like that.
sam_dean  genre:schmoop  genre:humor  pining!sam  pining!dean  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  bodyswapped!dean  bodyswapped!sam  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:estrella30  5-10k  ~  fandom:supernatural 
february 2016 by Itsokaydean
lost invisible here; oxoniensis
"Fucking religious nuts." "I don't know," Sam says slyly. "A lot of what they say makes sense, when you think about it." Dean turns his head away from the road ahead and stares at Sam. Long and considering. Then bursts out laughing. "Good one, Sammy." He pats him on the thigh. "Good one."
sam_dean  established!relationship  invisible!dean  powers!dean  genre:angst  cursed!dean  worried!sam  Protective!Sam  author:oxoniensis  havepdf  archive:lj  rating:R  5-10k  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
february 2016 by Itsokaydean
Dean finds himself the victim of spirit which drains life by inducing erotic nightmares. There's only one solution, but he doesn't like it. He doesn't like it at all...
sam_dean  kink:fuck-or-die  unrequited  pining!sam  cursed!dean 
february 2016 by Itsokaydean
meadowmines | Supernatural: Fic
"In which Sam and Dean are cursed and hungry all the time and Dean still hates tuna fish."
sam_dean  humor  cursed!dean  cursed!sam 
february 2016 by Itsokaydean
Treat Her Like a Lady; causeways
You can never tell when a conversation with a really smokin' woman is going to come back and bite you in the ass. Dean gets cursed into dating Sam.
sam_dean  first-time  cursed!dean  author:causeways  rating:r  archive:lj  tissie  ~  havepdf  5-10k  genre:humor  fandom:supernatural 
january 2016 by Itsokaydean
Short Trip Down a Long Road; hanna korossi
He never did find out exactly what it was, only what it did. It was definitely one of the weirder things Dean Winchester would ever come across in his career as hunter. And he didn't even realize it when he walked right into it.
sam&dean  gen  cursed!dean  dean!vanishes  desperate!sam  S1  sam!looksfordean  rating:pg  archive:ffnet  havepdf  author:hanna_korossi  tissie  lilbrorec  Hurt!Sam  ~  fandom:supernatural 
november 2015 by Itsokaydean
Control Theory
A nasty curse results in a very bad situation for the Winchesters. Sam and Dean struggle to find themselves and deal with each other in the aftermath.
hurt!dean  hurt!sam  cursed!dean  cursed!sam  WIP  imported_delicious  non-con  fandom:supernatural 
october 2015 by Itsokaydean
That Old Slippery Slope; scribblinlenore
The problem with Dean waking up a girl was not so much that Sam was curious about his new body--or should he say her new body? pronouns had become a challenge--but that Dean himself had an explorer's spirit about it. At lunch, he kept looking down his own shirt, much to Sam's dismay, asking in a too-loud voice, "I'm probably like a C-cup, don't you think?"
sam_dean  rating:nc-17  dean!turnsintoagirl  first-time  genre:het  cursed!dean  author:scribblinlenore  archive:lj  havepdf  0-5k  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
october 2015 by Itsokaydean
+ Arrested Development; beth_summer
An AU story where Dean is at Stanford with Sam, relying on his brother to take care of him. Told from multiple outsider perspectives. A different take on the de-aging trope.
cursed!dean  Sam_Jess  StanfordEra  angry!dean  caretaker!sam  author:beth_summer  archive:lj  rating:pg-13  outsider!pov  tissie  +  ~  arresteddevelopment_verse  havepdf  emotionallyhurt!dean  genre:angst  genre:gen  5-10k  de-aged!dean  fandom:supernatural 
september 2015 by Itsokaydean
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