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Smoke gets in my eyes; fleshflutter
The man with yellow eyes holds his hand as they leave the house. Sammy is crying and the fire is loud and scary but when Dean looks up at him, the man with yellow eyes gives him a nice smile and says, "You excited, Deano?" 
sam_dean  dean_omc  dean!saysyestoYED  dean_azazel  kidnapped!dean  au:raisedseparately  tw:non-con  sexuallyabused!dean  dean_meg  Possessed!Dean  rescuer!sam  exorcised!dean  suicidal!dean  characterdeath_(dean)  physicallyhurt!dean  emotionallyhurt!dean  bleak!dean  oblivious!sam  characterdeath_(temporary)  genre:angst  archive:lj  havepdf  unhappy!ending  author:fleshflutter  rating:nc-17  0-5k  tissie  ~  fandom:supernatural 
april 2018 by Itsokaydean
Prayers to Summon the Destroying Angel; esorlehcar
It's been three days, four hours and six minutes since Dean woke up.

Three days, four hours and five minutes since Sam, looking haggard and pale, whispered, "I'm sorry," when Dean forced "Dad?" through his cracked, raw throat.

Three days, four hours and five minutes since Dean's world came crashing down.
sam_dean(implied)  s2  genre:angst  character!study  bleak!dean  Protective!Sam  grieving!dean  grieving!sam  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:esorlehcar  0-5k  tissie  ~  downtotheend_verse  fandom:supernatural 
april 2018 by Itsokaydean
A grieving Dean is pulled into an alternate universe where a much more hardened, cold Sam is working to get his Dean out of hell. Though Dean doesn’t want to go back to his lonely world, he aids Sam in his dark quest, a Sam torn between the brother he’s fighting to save and the one right in front of him.
sam_dean  altuniverse  inhell!dean  bamf!sam  altuniverse!sam  altuniverse!dean  tw:dub-con  dark!sam  desperate!sam  bleak!dean  rating:nc-17  s4  author:nynxlynx  archive:lj  +  tissie  ~  characterdeath_(dean)  characterdeath_(sam)  havepdf  genre:angst  30-40k  challenge:bigbang  fandom:supernatural 
december 2015 by Itsokaydean

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+  0-5k  1.10!coda  4.22!coda  6.18!coda  30-40k  altuniverse  altuniverse!dean  altuniverse!sam  archive:ao3  archive:lj  au:raisedseparately  author:esorlehcar  author:fleshflutter  author:killabeez  author:marinarusalka  author:minviendha_(lise)  author:mona1347  author:nynxlynx  author:subterrain  bamf!sam  bleak!dean  challenge:bigbang  challenge:ohsam  challenge:remix  character!study  characterdeath_(dean)  characterdeath_(sam)  characterdeath_(temporary)  dark!sam  dean!saysyestoYED  dean_azazel  dean_meg  dean_omc  desperate!sam  downtotheend_verse  emotionallyhurt!dean  emotionallyhurt!sam  exorcised!dean  fandom:supernatural  first-kiss  genre:angst  genre:gen  genre:hurt_comfort  greatwallofsam  grieving!dean  grieving!sam  guilty!sam  hallucinating!sam  havepdf  hooker!dean  hopeful!sam  inhell!dean  kidnapped!dean  lilbrorec  lost!dean  oblivious!john  oblivious!sam  paula  physicallyhurt!dean  pining!sam  Possessed!Dean  post-season4  pre-series  Protective!Sam  rating:nc-17  rating:pg-13  rescuer!sam  S1  s2  s4  s6  sam!feelsguilty  sam!findsout  sam&dean  sam_dean  sam_dean(implied)  sexuallyabused!dean  StanfordEra  suicidal!dean  tissie  tw:dub-con  tw:non-con  unhappy!ending  voicemail!fix-it  ~ 

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