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We Don't Try; mytimehaspassed
The thing is, you only remember in flashes. Sammy there, his hands on your arms, squeezing hard, squeezing tight, little Sammy there and his mouth on yours. The thing is, all these dirty motel rooms, they all look the same, all these back country roads, these small towns, there's just this perpetual stage of déjà vu every time you open the goddamn door, and, boy, if all this shit isn't getting old. Sammy there, his nose bumping your chin, his fingers creeping down the front of your jeans, sliding down your zipper, Sammy there as he opens his mouth so wide. The thing is, you and your stupid memories, you've had this taste in your mouth ever since your father took you away from Kansas, this taste in your mouth of blood and ash. This taste of fire.
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