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Skin Deep; SinnamonSpider
The guy jumped to his feet and Dean realized how tall he really was. “Look, I’ll explain. I, uh - I lost a bet, and the punishment is that I have to get a tattoo. Today.”

Dean arched his eyebrow. “That’s a really bad idea,” he said flatly.
supernatural  smith_wesson  tattooartist!dean  tattoed!sam  schmoop  sam!losesabet  first-time  kink:frottage  rating:nc-17  archive:ao3  havepdf  author:sinnamonspider  tissie  ~ 
january 2018 by Itsokaydean
Touch and Go; themegalosaurus
Tag to 9.19 (Alex Annie Alexis Ann) in which Dean realises why, exactly, Sam is so angry about what happened with Gadreel.
supernatural  sam&dean  physicallyhurt!sam  emotionallyhurt!sam  worried!dean  postgadreel!sam  guilty!dean  tattoed!sam  archive:ao3  9.19!coda  s9  author:themegalosaurus  rating:pg-13  havepdf  genre:angst  0-5k  ~ 
january 2018 by Itsokaydean
hello; Askance
There's a woman at the grocery store named Evelyn who always rings him up on the days he ventures out for food and she knows him, or likes to think she does. I hope you're not too lonely, she'll say. He chooses not to tell her that his dead brother sleeps at his feet every night. He'd rather not be the cause of her inevitable heart attack.
supernatural  sam_dean  characterdeath_(dean)  ghost!dean  established!relationship  genre:angst  archive:ao3  havepdf  author:askance  tattoed!sam  rating:pg-13  tissie  ~  0-5k 
july 2017 by Itsokaydean
Ink; norah
After the events of Born Under A Bad Sign, Sam keeps a secret.
supernatural  sam_dean  genre:schmoop  first-time  kink:tattoo  tattoed!sam  s2  author:norah  archive:ao3  rating:nc-17  havepdf  5-10k  tissie  ~ 
may 2017 by Itsokaydean

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