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Ripping mended seams; lyra_wing
We all know John disappeared because he got a lead on the demon. But what if he ran off when the boys were still kids? AU – Dean as a fireman and Sam as a student at NYU.
supernatural  sam_dean  genre:canon_divergence  fireman!dean  StanfordEra  pre-series  ghost!john  john!dies  rescuer!sam  physicallyhurt!dean  Protective!Sam  Protective!Dean  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:R  author:lyra_wing  5-10k  ~ 
5 weeks ago by Itsokaydean
massé shot - road_rhythm
In a little bar in Nowhere, New Mexico, Dean Winchester makes a miscalculation. Sam has to survive it. Neither of them knows yet what they've lost.
supernatural  genre:gen  sam&dean  genre:angst  physicallyhurt!dean  physicallyhurt!sam  tw:non-con_(attempted)  s2  Protective!Dean  Protective!Sam  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:R  author:road_rhythm  challenge:*minor  10-15k  ~ 
6 weeks ago by Itsokaydean
Ticks Like a Time Bomb; faequeentitania
Sam grew up with Dean's heavy breath as a lullaby. Every night, steady as clockwork. There are few things in the world that could frighten him the way the quiet from Dean's bed can. Coda for S01E12, "Faith."
supernatural  sam_dean(implied)  S1  1.12!coda  sick!Dean  physicallyhurt!dean  Protective!Sam  worried!sam  emotionallyhurt!sam  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:faequeentitania  archive:ao3  0-5k  ~ 
10 weeks ago by Itsokaydean
Future tense; selecasharp
While on a case, Sam and Dean are given a vision of the future - a future in which they've stopped the apocalypse and are now, apparently, involved. Dean's convinced that it's another trick and insists that they forget it, but Sam can't let it - any of it - go.
supernatural  sam_dean  genre:angst  5.14!coda  pining!sam  pining!dean  first-time  post-apocalypse  dean!saysyes  Protective!Dean  Protective!Sam  dean!feelsguilty  sam!feelsguilty  exhausted!sam  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:nc-17  author:selecasharp  challenge:help_haiti  30-40k  ~  genre:canon_divergence 
january 2019 by Itsokaydean
+ Here at the End of All Things; ratherastory
Dean's constant drinking comes back to bite him in the ass when he does something he actually has good cause to feel guilty about for once: he drives under the influence and very nearly runs over a child. But the child is lucky: Sam pushed him/her out of the way.
supernatural  sam&dean  characterdeath_(sam)  dean!killssam  dean!feelsguilty  Protective!Sam  emotionallyhurt!dean  alcoholic!dean  ghost!sam  archive:ao3  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:ratherastory  0-5k  challenge:sharp_teeth  genre:angst  genre:gen  ~  + 
august 2018 by Itsokaydean
Rest stop. Near Leland, Mississippi; merryish
In a trailer park halfway between Leland, Mississippi and Greenville, Dean takes a cut to the chest that damn near saws him in half. It comes from an eleven-year-old girl with short black hair and the meanest face he's ever seen on anything not actually possessed by hellspawn.
supernatural  sam_dean  first-kiss  genre:hurt_comfort  genre:schmoop  physicallyhurt!dean  Protective!Sam  amused!sam  archive:lj  havepdf  0-5k  author:merryish  tissie  ~ 
may 2018 by Itsokaydean
Prayers to Summon the Destroying Angel; esorlehcar
It's been three days, four hours and six minutes since Dean woke up.

Three days, four hours and five minutes since Sam, looking haggard and pale, whispered, "I'm sorry," when Dean forced "Dad?" through his cracked, raw throat.

Three days, four hours and five minutes since Dean's world came crashing down.
supernatural  sam_dean(implied)  s2  genre:angst  character!study  bleak!dean  Protective!Sam  grieving!dean  grieving!sam  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:esorlehcar  0-5k  tissie  ~  downtotheend_verse 
april 2018 by Itsokaydean
When You Think He's Half Asleep; teand
"How's Dean taking it?"

Sam glanced over at the bed. "He was a little out of it until I got him back to the room then he ate a cheeseburger and went to sleep."

"So business as usual then."
supernatural  sam&dean  cursed!dean  cat!dean  Protective!Sam  rescuer!sam  bamf!dean  amused!sam  genre:humor  genre:gen  archive:ao3  havepdf  author:teand  rating:pg-13  5-10k  tissie  ~ 
february 2018 by Itsokaydean
Once as Soft as Water; lustmordred
He remembers weighing it in his mind, which would give out first, Dean or his beloved Impala. Used to be Sam would bet every penny he had and his soul too on Dean outliving that damn car. He was always too fucking mean to die easy. He's not so sure now and it scares the hell out of him.
supernatural  sam_dean  established!relationship  physicallyhurt!dean  sick!Dean  recovering!dean  Protective!Sam  retired!fromhunting  archive:ao3  havepdf  author:lustmordred  10-15k  tissie  ~ 
february 2018 by Itsokaydean
Blindfold; fleshflutter
After the engine had gone quiet, Dean waited in the passenger seat for Sam to come and get him. There was the creak of the driver's door. That was the car rocking as Sam climbed out. That was Sam's boots biting gravel underfoot. 

It took Sam twelve steps to get around to the other side of the car, and while Dean waited, he studied the parts of his blindfold where there was no fold in the material, where the light could get through. Only the light. It could be anything out there, but only the light could get through.
supernatural  sam_dean(implied)  established!relationship  post-season5  dean!seesmonsters  cursed!dean  Protective!Sam  bodyhorror!dean  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:pg-13  5-10k  author:fleshflutter  tissie  ~ 
february 2018 by Itsokaydean
+ Killing Time; debbiel66
After his own unlikely resurrection, John desperately tries to find out what happened while he was gone, despite the fact that Sam and Dean have secrets they are determined to keep. But nobody is better at chipping away at a wall than John Winchester
supernatural  sam&dean  resurrected!john  angry!dean  greatwallofsam  seizure!sam  physicallyhurt!sam  pushy!john  rating:pg-13  author:debbiel66  archive:lj  havepdf  tissie  ~  +  5-10k  resurrected!john_verse  Protective!Dean  Protective!Sam 
january 2018 by Itsokaydean
High-Minded; Alethia
“A possessed collective of mushrooms just shot all over me. You could show some sympathy, man.” Sam’s lips fucking twitched, like he was about to laugh, and oh God, Dean was gonna kill his brother. Right after he rinsed the spunk out of his mouth, Jesus.
supernatural  sam&dean  genre:gen  stoic!sam  stoned!dean  accidentallystoned!dean  genre:humor  Protective!Sam  rating:pg-13  archive:ao3  havepdf  author:alethia  5-10k  tissie  ~ 
january 2018 by Itsokaydean
Thicker Than Water; ratherastory
 Sam and Dean switch bodies due to a curse. It's temporary, so they soldier on, but Dean finds himself struggling with the unfamiliar burden of addiction and cravings
supernatural  sam&dean  bodyswapped!dean  bodyswapped!sam  demonbloodissues!dean  Protective!Sam  comforting!sam  blindsided!dean  s5  rating:R  archive:ao3  havepdf  author:ratherastory  tissie  0-5k  challenge:hoodie_time  genre:angst  genre:gen  genre:hurt_comfort  ~ 
january 2018 by Itsokaydean
Indelible; Destina
It was never the unnatural monsters that brought Dean down. Not their claws, or their teeth, or their poison, or any dark magic they possessed. It seemed instead to be natural and man-made things - electricity, or metal twisting and glass shattering, or a farmer's dead aim as he tracked the strangers on his land.
supernatural  sam&dean  pre-series  john_winchester  hurt!Dean  Hurt!Sam  Protective!Sam  Protective!Dean  worried!john  angst  havepdf  archive:extsite  author:destina  minor!het  rating:nc-17  tissie  ~ 
january 2018 by Itsokaydean
The Night Country; Destina
At first, there were two voices rising slowly over each other, similarly deep and urgent, and Dean wasn't sure how to pick them apart, which to follow. He listened, pushed forward on a slow wave of pain, until the voices separated and became distinct. 

"Dean, oh, God, no. Listen to me! That's not Dad! It's not him!"
supernatural  sam&dean  dean_john  demon!john  non-con  hurt!Dean  Protective!Sam  worried!sam  angst  archive:extsite  author:destina  rating:R  havepdf  S1  tissie  ~ 
january 2018 by Itsokaydean
The Totally Clichéd Naked Cuddling Hypothermia Story; ignipes
The sleeping bags belonged to a couple of dead guys, but Sam was trying not to think about that. He shoved the gear aside and spread out the sleeping pads and bags. "Dean, get in here." He zipped the sleeping bags together and turned around, shoved back the tent flap and leaned out. "Hey, man, get your ass in here before you freeze to death.
supernatural  sam_dean(implied)  genre:casefic  Hypothermic!Dean  worried!sam  Protective!Sam  archive:ao3  author:ignipes  rating:pg-13  havepdf  0-5k  tissie  ~ 
january 2018 by Itsokaydean
True Face; WetSammyWinchester
It’s like living in limbo after that witch's curse. Dean doesn't get worse and he doesn't get better, but Sam isn’t going to give up on getting his brother back.
supernatural  sam_dean  established!relationship  amnesiac!dean  Protective!Sam  worried!sam  non-con_(attempted)  s12  rating:nc-17  author:wetsammywinchester  archive:ao3  havepdf  tissie  ~ 
october 2017 by Itsokaydean
Five Minute Warning; selecasharp
Dean has five minutes of warning before his seizures hit. Unfortunately, they’re lost in the woods without his meds and are definitely more than five minutes away from the car. Now it's up to Sam to keep his brother safe.
supernatural  genre:gen  sam&dean  physicallyhurt!dean  physicallyhurt!sam  epileptic!dean  Seizure!Dean  worried!sam  genre:hurt_comfort  Protective!Sam  rating:pg-13  archive:lj  author:selecasharp  tissie  ~  havepdf  5-10k 
february 2017 by Itsokaydean
Light Mechanic; laurificus
It's a little stupid to keep being smacked around with joy like this, but there it is, anyway. Like a baseball bat that's always just one good hit away from bringing Sam to his knees.
supernatural  sam_dean  post-season3  post-hell!dean  recovering!dean  Protective!Sam  first-time  genre:schmoop  rating:pg  author:laurificus  archive:lj  havepdf  0-5k  tissie  ~ 
january 2017 by Itsokaydean
I'd Gladly Lose Me To Find You; flawedamythyst
Sam takes a vow of silence in order to pull Dean out of Hell, but by the time Dean comes back, Sam's lost more of himself than just his voice. Splits off completely from canon after the season 3 finale.
supernatural  sam_dean  first-time  electivemutism!sam  sam!savesdean  retired!fromhunting  rating:nc-17  Protective!Sam  worried!sam  author:flawedamythyst  archive:ao3  havepdf  tissie  ~  s3  genre:canon_divergence  characterdeath_(dean)  characterdeath_(temporary)  genre:domestic  genre:angst  genre:hurt_comfort  physicallyhurt!dean  emotionallyhurt!sam  30-40k 
january 2017 by Itsokaydean
Pied Piper; merrin
In Jefferson, Texas a man ends a generations-old curse and saves all the town's children, but completely loses his memory in the process. When it's discovered that he's a wanted criminal, the town comes together to conceal him out of gratitude for what he's done for them, giving him an apartment, a job and a whole new life. It takes seven months for Sam to find Dean, and when he finally does, he has to adapt to being around a man who has no idea that he used to be Sam's brother
supernatural  sam_dean  amnesiac!dean  worried!sam  Protective!Sam  tw:dub-con  first-time  author:merrin  archive:ao3  havepdf  piper_verse  rating:nc-17  tissie  ~  genre:casefic  40-50k 
january 2017 by Itsokaydean
On the banks of the Tiber; Hope
The shudder-growl of the Impala wakes him, not suddenly awake-and-alert but like a gradual shaking of clenched fists in his gut, and his body writhes a little, involuntarily, before his eyes fly open and he clenches his teeth, spine jerking.
supernatural  gen  sam&dean  hurt!Dean  Hurt!Sam  bitten!dean  boys!turnintowerewolves  Protective!Sam  scared!sam  john_winchester  werevolves_verse  havepdf  archive:ao3  author:hope  rating:pg-13  tissie  ~ 
december 2016 by Itsokaydean
No Line on the Horizon; shtuff
It's the middle of May when Dean shows up at his door at six a.m. with a huge smile on his face and Sam knows something is wrong
supernatural  sam&dean  *deleted_havepdf  pre-series  sick!Dean  Protective!Sam  rating:pg-13  archive:ffnet  author:shtuff  tissie  ~  characterdeath_(dean)  havepdf  genre:gen  genre:angst  emotionallyhurt!sam  StanfordEra  5-10k 
november 2016 by Itsokaydean
Carouselambra; brihana25
Eight years after a hunt with John and Bobby that ended in disaster, Sam and Dean return to Johnston, Iowa for what looks to be a simple job. It isn't long before they realize that things are not always what they seem, and it's not so easy to escape a horror that refuses to stay dead. The reality of the situation flies in the face of everything they know about spirits and forces them to confront their biggest fears. With one Winchester struggling against a nightmare that keeps dragging him back under, and the other reeling from the knowledge of what his brother is willing to sacrifice to protect him, they will have to find the strength to stand together and defeat the ghost that haunts them both, once and for all.
supernatural  sam&dean  sexuallyabused!dean  pre-series  S1  clueless!sam  abused!dean  Protective!Dean  bamf!John  author:brihana25  archive:ao3  havepdf  tissie  ~  genre:gen  genre:angst  Protective!Sam  tw:non-con_(past)  genre:casefic  tw:non-con  physicallyhurt!dean  emotionallyhurt!dean  rating:R  40-50k 
november 2016 by Itsokaydean
Gossamer; leonidaslion
Come away, o human child! To the waters and the wild with a faery hand in hand, for the world's more full of weeping than you can understand

(Dean is kidnapped by Fae. Chronological order inside)
supernatural  sam_dean  dean_omc  fae!dean  amnesiac!dean  frantic!sam  rescuer!sam  Protective!Sam  non-con  author:leonidaslion  angst  archive:ao3  havepdf  tissie  ~  au  rating:nc-17 
november 2016 by Itsokaydean
You say pumpkin, i say pie; postfallen
TeenChesters. Dean is scarily ill on Thanksgiving, Dad is gone, and Sam doesn't know what to do. He gets caught stealing a pumpkin pie from the grocery store.
supernatural  sam&dean  outsider!pov  sick!Dean  pre-series  Protective!Sam  worried!sam  archive:lj  rating:pg  author:postfallen  tissie  ~  genre:gen  challenge:hoodie_time  physicallyhurt!dean  havepdf  5-10k 
october 2016 by Itsokaydean
Our Beginnings Never Know Our Ends; faye_darthmouth
Dean wasn’t sure when it all started up again—somewhere between Kentucky and Maryland, maybe—but when Sam awoke screaming her name, he knew they had a problem.
supernatural  sam&dean  casefic  ghost!jessica  hurt!sam  protective!sam  scared!dean  rating:pg-13  author:faye_darthmouth  needspdf  s1  traumatized!sam 
august 2016 by Itsokaydean
Phantom load; lovesrain44
Dean and Sam return to Boulder, CO, where they investigate a haunted school. The job seems simple enough to Sam, who has good, although vague, memories of living in Boulder back in 1992, when John Winchester rented a single-wide trailer, and the boys were able to walk home from school together. Dean, however, has altogether different memories, far less pleasant and far more damaging. It's during the investigation that Sam discovers the secret that Dean doesn't realize he's been hiding.
supernatural  genre:gen  pre-series  abused!dean  sexuallyabused!dean  physicallyhurt!dean  emotionallyhurt!dean  oblivious!sam  protective!sam  angry!sam  ptsd!dean  genre:casefic  archive:ao3  author:lovesrain44  50-60k  havepdf  rating:nc-17  tw:non-con  tw:non-con_(past)  challenge:bigbang  tissie  ~ 
july 2016 by Itsokaydean
Of guilt and bonding; neonchica
"Dean has epilepsy. Dean & Sam argue & Sams about to walk out of the motel room when Dean suddenly collapses with a seizure. At first Sam thinks hes faking it so he wont go, but it's actually real & has to help his brother thru it. Lots of worried/guilty!Sam. "
supernatural  sick!dean  epileptic!dean  Protective!Sam  caretaker!sam  worried!sam  archive:lj  rating:pg-13  author:neonchica  genre:gen  sam&dean  physicallyhurt!dean  emotionallyhurt!sam  sam!feelsguilty  havepdf  0-5k  challenge:hoodie_time  ~ 
may 2016 by Itsokaydean
Shaded; roque_clasique
Dean shows up at the motel eight hours after he’d left it that morning. That’s five hours after Sam got back from the library, four hours since Dean’s last phonecall, and three hours since Sam started worrying in earnest.
supernatural  gen  sunstroke!dean  worried!sam  protective!sam  caretaker!sam  hurt!dean  s1  archive:lj  author:roque_clasique  rating:pg  needspdf 
may 2016 by Itsokaydean
Qui Non Somnus; authoressnebula
The first day after the curse, it was still a joke with Dean. He still felt hyped, still felt fine, and called it the "Red Bull Curse". Capital letters and everything.
supernatural  genre:angst  genre:gen  sam&dean  cursed!dean  sleepdeprived!dean  protective!sam  caretaker!sam  worried!sam  physicallyhurt!dean  author:authoressnebula  rating:pg  archive:ffnet  havepdf  0-5k  tissie  ~ 
may 2016 by Itsokaydean
+ Prairie Wind; honeylocusttree
"Sam and Dean have been on high-alert and in a high-stress position for years now. When the war is over, Sam insists they take a vacation/consider stopping hunting altogether. They're both having issues, but while for Sam the quiet-time is used for reflecting/rediscovering himself, for Dean with his life-long avoidance issues, not being in the high-alert state is initially nothing less than terrifying. When he suddenly has free time to kill, he crashes, gets sick and can't shake it. (I'm thinking like a cold/flu that turns into pneumonia or something, but whatever you want would work.) Lots of feverish!Dean, of course, angst, and I'd love me some PTSD!Dean or mental-illness!Dean too." (also on
supernatural  genre:gen  sam&dean  depressed!dean  ptsd!dean  worried!sam  angry!sam  protective!sam  genre:angst  author:honeylocusttree  +  selfharm!dean  rating:pg-13  havepdf  archive:ao3  0-5k  archive:lj  tissie  ~ 
april 2016 by Itsokaydean
Half-crazy; teand
"If we're going to do this, it can't be with the end of a guitar string and ink dipped from a ball point pen." Dean risked taking his eyes off the road -- barely visible behind sheets of blowing rain -- to raise an eyebrow in his brother's general direction. "What the hell are you talking about?" Sam shrugged. "It's one of the traditional ways to do prison tats."

supernatural  sam_dean  established!relationship  tattoed!dean  tattoed!sam  postdeal!dean  author:teand  havepdf  Protective!Sam  ptsd!sam  genre:humor  5-10k  s3  archive:lj  rating:nc-17  tissie  ~  kink:tattoo 
april 2016 by Itsokaydean
FIC: The Cloak (Sangre de Cristo remix) - i_speak_tongue
While Dean recovers from a brutal injury, he secretly questions whether or not the creature Sam supposedly killed is really dead. 'Cause it sure as hell seems like it's not.
gen  hurt!dean  protective!sam  worried!sam 
april 2016 by Itsokaydean
Head Games - tifaching
While hunting an angry spirit, Dean gets thrown into a headstone and gets a head injury that temporarily messes with his vision. Sam takes him to the ER where they recommend he has rest to recover from the conk on the head. When Sam leaves Dean alone when he goes to get supplies, the spirit lures Dean out of the room where he stumbles over the hotel grounds practically blind and fighting intense headaches.
hurt!dean  concussed!dean  hallucinating!dean  protective!sam  gen  casefic 
april 2016 by Itsokaydean
As if taking on slime monsters wasn’t bad enough, after the hunt Dean’s sugar drops dangerously low, and Sam has to step in and take care of him.
sam_dean  diabetic!dean  protective!sam  hurt!dean  established!relationship 
april 2016 by Itsokaydean
Ash finally puts out with promised fic: Heaven Hath No Rage - One way ticket to Special Hell
When he cries out for “Sammy”, you ask him if he regrets the choice he made. Wild-eyed, panicked, he shakes his head and ends up begging you to carry on.
dean_omc  non-con  protective!sam  protective!castiel  hurt!dean 
april 2016 by Itsokaydean
Fanfic: In Loco Parentis, Supernatural | FanFiction
"I think you're wrong about that."

"Sam, who's done more research on this, huh? I'm totally right."

"I don't think watching every episode of X-Files counts as research, Dean."

"Right, so, the government is totally up front with us about everything." Dean's phone suddenly started playing in his pocket, and Sam cast a disinterested glance that way. He looked up again when Dean's arm suddenly barred across his chest. Oh, yeah, intersection, look both ways.
gen  kidnapped!dean  protective!sam  angst  hurt_comfort 
march 2016 by Itsokaydean
lost invisible here; oxoniensis
"Fucking religious nuts." "I don't know," Sam says slyly. "A lot of what they say makes sense, when you think about it." Dean turns his head away from the road ahead and stares at Sam. Long and considering. Then bursts out laughing. "Good one, Sammy." He pats him on the thigh. "Good one."
sam_dean  established!relationship  invisible!dean  powers!dean  genre:angst  supernatural  cursed!dean  worried!sam  Protective!Sam  author:oxoniensis  havepdf  archive:lj  rating:R  5-10k  tissie  ~ 
february 2016 by Itsokaydean
SPN FIC: Erase My Pain with Your Body: Vignettes from the Torture Chamber (Sam/Dean; NC-17) - ...
The summer is hotter than usual. Dean suffers; the intense heat reminds him of a time in his life he'd rather forget. Luckily Sam is with him. It isn't that Sam is doing anything, really, but he manages to help Dean cope with the torture he endured in Hell anyway.
sam_dean  traumatized!dean  ptsd!dean  post-hell!dean  protective!sam 
february 2016 by Itsokaydean
Crash; mirrordance
Set in the Stanford years. After a rough solo hunt, a hurting Dean camps out on Sam's couch. Sam's roommate notices a few things about Dean that Sam finds hard to hear.
supernatural  sam&dean  gen  hurt!dean  sexuallyabused!dean  StanfordEra  clueless!sam  protective!sam  author:mirrordance  non-con  rating:pg-13  minor!het  abused!dean  needspdf  pre-series  archive:ffnet  tissie  ~ 
february 2016 by Itsokaydean
The Winchester Guide to Fine Dining for the Gastronomically Challenged; cassidy-304
Sam and Dean clear out a ghost for a rich business guy, who rewards them very generously. They go out for supper at this fancy coastal seafood restaurant (because it's summer), and Dean is so distracted by the unusually upscale environment that he accidentally eats something with shrimp in it and goes into anaphylactic shock. Cue freaking out customers and frantic Sam trying to find the epipen. And maybe afterwards Dean is all woozy and clingy from oxygen deprivation <3
hurt!dean  protective!sam  allergic!dean  anaphylapticshock!dean  supernatural  scared!sam  worried!sam  caretaker!sam  gen  archive:lj  rating:pg-13  needspdf  author:cassidy_304 
february 2016 by Itsokaydean
FIC: Ease Up - i_speak_tongue
Someone asking Sam, in public, if Dean's all right. For whatever angsty reason you come up with.
protective!sam  hurt!dean  disabled!dean  badknee!dean 
february 2016 by Itsokaydean
a summer themed Dean-focused h/c comment meme (themed comment meme #4) - like a fever that just won't break.
One thing about hell is that it was really hot and dry, and kinda, in some places, like the horror-version of a desert. Once Dean's back, it's not much of a problem; they happen to pick hunts in colder regions most of the time, and if they do end up somewhere summery, he can bottle it up well enough.

Until they stumble upon a hunt in New Mexico (or, you know, wherever) in the middle of summer, and get lost in the desert...
hurt!dean  protective!sam  post-hell!dean  sunstroke!dean 
february 2016 by Itsokaydean
Oh Christmas Tree; wave obscura
Between cracked ribs and asthma exacerbated by a Christmas tree allergy, Dean is having a pretty crappy holiday. Sam tries to put a stop to it.
protective!sam  supernatural  sam&dean  genre:hurt_comfort  chronicillness!dean  archive:lj  havepdf  author:wave_obscura  rating:pg  0-5k  genre:gen  tissie  ~  physicallyhurt!dean 
december 2015 by Itsokaydean
The Storyteller; toldthestars
You know, even when you were just a little kid, everyone said you weren’t right, that you were sick. They never said with what. You just were, and you had been since the fire.
supernatural  sam_dean(implied)  genre:angst  genre:hurt_comfort  genre:canon_divergence  mentallyill!dean  protective!sam  istitutionalized!dean  caretaker!sam  archive:lj  havepdf  rating:pg-13  author:toldthestars  worried!sam  worried!dean  drugged!dean  hallucinating!dean  5-10k  first!pov  ~ 
december 2015 by Itsokaydean
SPN gen fic - Smokescreen: eloise_bright
Monday morning, Dean’s hung over. He’s up before Sam, and Sam’s thinking he really doesn’t want to be using the bathroom for a while, judging by the sounds Dean’s making in there. He knocks lightly on the bathroom door. “Hey. You okay?” “Fuck off, man.” B
pre-series  supernatural  sick!dean  hurt!dean  protective!sam  protective!john  imported_delicious 
november 2015 by Itsokaydean
Works in mysterious ways; lyra_wing
It's time to give Dean some psychic powers of his own. All I can say is, you are what you eat.
supernatural  powers!dean  angst  hurt!dean  protective!sam  gen  archive:lj  needspdf  sam&dean  author:lyra_wing  rating:pg-13  tissie  ~ 
october 2015 by Itsokaydean
Carry that weight; roque_clasique
Sam/Dean. Dean's new prosthetic leg is causing him more pain than the original amputation, not that he wants Sam to know... Bonus points for carried!Dean :)
amputee!dean  protective!sam  supernatural  s1  gen  hurt!dean  archive:lj  author:roque_clasique  rating:pg-13  needspdf 
september 2015 by Itsokaydean
dean-centric fic & art meme #8 - like a fever that just won't break.
He's in the middle of doing something totally mundane, like laundry or eating breakfast or getting gas, and Dean just stops. Stops moving, responding, talking. He goes catatonic, and Sam isn't around. Townsfolk are confused/mean/worried/helpful and someon
outsider!pov  post-hell!dean  hurt!dean  protective!sam  imported_delicious 
september 2015 by Itsokaydean
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