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mauricioszabo/atom-chlorine: An Atom plugin to integrate with Socket-REPL over Clojure and ClojureScript
An Atom plugin to integrate with Socket-REPL over Clojure and ClojureScript - mauricioszabo/atom-chlorine
clojure  atom 
may 2019 by InkyHarmonics
Sun boosts OpenSolaris on Atom • The Register
"Intel has announced that the OpenSolaris variant of Unix is now better supported on its Atom processors."
sun  netbook  atom  intel  opensolaris  solaris 
december 2008 by InkyHarmonics
ongoing · mod_atom
Tim Bray releases mod_atom for Apache
timbray  app  atom  apache 
june 2007 by InkyHarmonics » Blog Archive » APP Interop
Authentication is likely to be the biggest barrier to APP interoperability
app  atom  publishing  protocol  authentication 
april 2007 by InkyHarmonics
newsticker.el - A Newsticker for Emacs
An emacs based feed reader which is being included in emacs 22
emacs  extension  atom  rss  feed  syndication  aggregator 
april 2007 by InkyHarmonics
Agile RSS Aggregator in Ruby -
Awesome. A complete RSS aggregator written in Ruby in 28 lines of clear legible code. Makes use of a few handy libraries.
article  ruby  syndication  feed  aggregator  mongrel  parsing  programming  development  atom  scripting 
april 2007 by InkyHarmonics
spinn3r - About
API access to the tailrank blog post indexer/querier is available for a fee.
blog  feed  indexing  spider  api  webservice  rss  atom  search  crawler 
april 2007 by InkyHarmonics
GeoRSS Home
A format for representing location inside RSS/Atom feeds.
microformat  syndication  atom  rss  georss  geotagging  location  mapping  reference  xml 
march 2007 by InkyHarmonics
Bloglines | Feed Access Control RSS and ATOM
A bloglines proposed standard for the robots.txt of syndication. i.e. prevent feeds being indexed by search engines.
syndication  privacy  search  rss  atom  extension 
august 2006 by InkyHarmonics
DeWitt Clinton’s » Blog Archive » On RSS and Atom
The advice, use Atom for publishing as it's better than RSS, and talk about 'syndication' over formats.
rss  atom  syndication  comparison  publishing  xml  article 
july 2006 by InkyHarmonics
RubyForge: FeedTools: Project Info
Ruby library for manipulating/creating/translating syndication feeds, supports atom, all versions of rss etc...
ruby  syndication  rss  atom  development  programming  api 
june 2006 by InkyHarmonics
IT Conversations: Adam Bosworth - MySQL Users Conference
Recording of adambosworth talking about how syndication formats will form the data web. Includes criticisms of the semanticweb.
audio  speech  adambosworth  rss  atom  syndication  semanticweb  webservices  trends 
april 2006 by InkyHarmonics -- Bosworth's Web of Data
Summary of Adam Bosworths speech at the MySQL Users Conference.
syndication  database  article  summary  atom  rss  trends  webservices  adambosworth 
april 2006 by InkyHarmonics
ongoing · WS-Crossroads
Tim Bray says that the WS-* camps arguments about standards are bogus. The only real standard is POX, HTTP and REST.
timbray  webservices  atom  rest  article 
march 2006 by InkyHarmonics
The Atom Publishing Protocol
The far superior (over RSS) publishing specification for atom.
atom  publishing  specification  syndication 
march 2006 by InkyHarmonics
FeedTree: collaborative RSS and Atom delivery
FeedTree is a P2P system for making syndication through Atom & RSS scale better.
tool  syndication  rss  atom  p2p  proxy  publishing  feedtree 
october 2005 by InkyHarmonics
Understanding XML: The Return of the Jedi?
Kurt Cagle talks about how Openoffice, Google and the Xforms and Atom dataformats could take over the web.
xml  kurtcagle  google  openoffice  xforms  atom 
october 2005 by InkyHarmonics
ongoing · Atomic RSS
Tim Bray talks about how to design an RSS feed so that it's gauranteed to be have an exact atom equivalent.
rss  atom  syndication  compatability  xml  timbray 
july 2005 by InkyHarmonics

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