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Straight on till Morning by Sineala
Tony Stark resigned his commission in Starfleet five years ago, after a disastrous away mission, and he swore he'd never go back. He just wants to be left alone to build warp engines in peace. But the universe has more in store for him than that, as he discovers when Admiral Fury comes to him with an offer he could never have expected and cannot possibly refuse: first officer and chief engineer aboard the all-new USS Avenger, a starship of Tony's own design. What's more, the Avenger's captain is Steve Rogers, hero of the Earth-Romulan War. Believed dead for over a century, Steve is miraculously alive... and very, very attractive.

But nothing is ever easy for Tony. As he wrestles with his secret desire for his new captain and his not-so-dormant fears, another mission starts to go wrong, and Tony becomes aware that Steve has secrets of his own -- and the truth could change everything.
Character:HankPym  Character:PietroMaximoff  Character:WandaMaximoff  Character:JamesRhodes  Character:JanetVanDyne  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Author:Sineala  Fandom:Marvel  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Fanfiction  Fandom:616  PlotDevice:SexPollen  Pairing:TonyStark/SteveRogers  PlotDevice:AU  Fandom:StarTrek  Character:CarolDanvers  PlotDevice:Torture  Character:Jocasta  PlotDevice:Angst  Character:TonyStark 
7 weeks ago by Incondite
Seismonastic by Callay
Mimosa pudica makes itself small and sharp in response to touch, but Prax finds himself open, defenseless.
PlotDevice:GetTogether  Character:PraxidikeMeng  Charcter:AmosBurton  Pairing:AmosBurton/PraxidikeMeng  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Fanfiction  Fandom:TheExpanse 
february 2018 by Incondite
Ejecta by Sharksdontsleep
"No, I'm not wearing goggles in the greenhouse. Why would anyone wear goggles in the greenhouse?"

The first rule of space is wear your PPE.
PlotDevice:YaySex!  Charcter:AmosBurton  Character:AlexKamal  PlotDevice:SexPollen  Pairing:AmosBurton/AlexKamal  Porn  Fandom:TheExpanse  Fanfiction  LessThan3 
february 2018 by Incondite
Truth Stretched Thin by Mossy_Moondark
“The truth may be stretched thin, but it never breaks, and it always surfaces above lies, as oil floats on water." Don Quixote. Miguel de Cervantes.
PlotDevice:YaySex!  Fanfiction  Charcter:AmosBurton  Author:Mossy_Moondark  Fandom:TheExpanse  PlotDevice:SexPollen  Character:AlexKamal  Pairing:AmosBurton/AlexKamal  PlotDevice:NonCon 
february 2018 by Incondite
a place to call home by Holdenscoffee (spacebarista)
After the chaos of Ganymede and the monster stowaway, Alex takes a moment to himself. Or, as much as he can when he's got the Roci to talk to.
Author:Holdenscoffee  Fanfiction  Gen  Character:AlexKamal  Fandom:TheExpanse 
february 2018 by Incondite
Is It The Pilot Or The Ship? By StarkRogers
They've just successfully hid from some pursuers, and Amos wants to thank Alex for how very good he is at what he does.
Fanfiction  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Fandom:TheExpanse  Porn  Pairing:AmosBurton/AlexKamal  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Character:AlexKamal  Author:StarkRodgers  Charcter:AmosBurton 
february 2018 by Incondite
Sugar Skull Jazz by crabapplered, GoblinCatKC
No day should be dedicated to death, Prowl thought. And whatever came back on these horrible nights devoted to death...he could not accept that this was Jazz.
Character:Prowl  Artist:GoblinCatKC  Fanfiction  Fandom:Transformers  Pairing:Jazz/Prowl  Fandom:G1  Author:Crabapplered  PlayerA:Autobots  Character:Jazz 
february 2018 by Incondite
Dead Mech Escape by Dragoness Eclectic
G1, post-TFTM At the end of "Starscream's Ghost", how did Octane escape? What else did the possessive, vindictive ghost of Starscream do while he was on Charr? Starscream/Octane, implied Jazz/Prowl if you look real hard-or they're just good friends.
PlayerA:Decepticons  PlotDevice:NotAFixIt  Fandom:Transformers  PlayerA:Autobots  Character:Prowl  Fandom:G1  Character:Starscream  Pairing:Starscream/Octane  Author:Dragoness_Eclectic  Fanfiction  Character:Octane  Character:Jazz 
february 2018 by Incondite
Intermission by Crabapplered
As the war stretched on for interminable vorn, Prowl found himself faced time and again with the mounting stress of his position. Many of those times he was forced to face alone, the gear grinding stress sending him to Ratchet for system overhauls and forced defrags. But every so often he'd be fortunate enough to have Jazz on hand, and when he did, well, it didn't take much.

Pressing Jazz up against the wall, cramming him into corners, pinning him facedown over Prowl's desk. It didn't matter as long he could keep Jazz still.
PlayerA:Autobots  Character:Prowl  Pairing:Jazz/Prowl  Author:Crabapplered  Fanfiction  Character:Jazz  PlotDevice:YaySex!  LessThan3  PlotDevice:BDSM  Fandom:G1  Fandom:Transformers 
february 2018 by Incondite
ab (Ger)- Off, organ stops or mutes by Crabapplered
Prowl pushes the thought away. “I don’t suppose you can make any sound at all?” he asks, trying to distract himself.

His answer is a pure tone, sweet and deep, that cascades into haunting melody. It catches on Prowl’s doorwings and sends their sensitivity rocketing upwards, making them flair painfully wide as his frame strains to catch more of this sudden sensation.

He cups Jazz’s face. His thumb traces the soft o of Jazz’s mouth, gone pliant and open from surprise. “Do that again,” he whispers. “Please.”
Fandom:Transformers  Pairing:Jazz/Prowl  Character:Prowl  Fanfiction  Character:Jazz  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Author:Crabapplered  PlayerA:Autobots  Fandom:G1  Porn  PlotDevice:BDSM  PlotDevice:Injury 
february 2018 by Incondite
Audition by Crabapplered

If one were to be delicate, one would say that Jazz and Prowl are incompatible.

The blunt truth?

'You just lie there with this blank expression on your face,' he'd been told by his last partner. Signal had stayed longer then most, willing to try since Prowl was so obviously doing his best, interfacing to please his partner and give him what Prowl himself disliked. In the end, though, it hadn't worked. 'You don't like me touching you, you don't like the mess, you don't even like the overload, and half the time I swear you're running economic simulations in your CPU you look that bored. I don't want that. I don't want you miserable, and I don't want me miserable, either.'

So why can't Prowl stop wishing?
Fanfiction  PlotDevice:BDSM  Pairing:Jazz/Prowl  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Fandom:G1  Fandom:Transformers  LessThan3  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Character:Prowl  PlayerA:Autobots  Author:Crabapplered  Character:Jazz 
february 2018 by Incondite
The Silence of Our Friends by Russianqueen
Every time he walks into a room everyone goes quiet. Conversations resume in whispers if at all and every mech in the room even moves more carefully. They try not drop anything, to run or to do much of anything that might make some unnecessary sound.
LessThan3  Fandom:G1  Fanfiction  PlotDevice:Fixit  Author:Russianqueen  Character:Jazz  Pairing:Jazz/Prowl  Fandom:Transformers  PlayerA:Autobots 
february 2018 by Incondite
The Best Will Come Back by Russianqueen
Here it is then, a reunion of sorts. I started writing the scene I had in mind from Jazz point of view of course and realised it wasn't working and scrapped the whole thing. Then I wrote this instead.

Follows Be quiet, still and solitary, The silence of our friends and It isn't him
Author:Russianqueen  Fandom:Transformers  PlayerA:Autobots  Fandom:G1  Character:Jazz  Character:Prowl  PlotDevice:Fixit  Fanfiction  Pairing:Jazz/Prowl 
february 2018 by Incondite
The Pace of War by Sakon76
And the other piece I wrote in jury duty, this one for the prompt #4, "A Scream in the Night / Cry for Help" on the prowlxjazz October challenge....
Fanfiction  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Character:Jazz  Fandom:Transformers  PlayerA:Autobots  PlotDevice:NotAFixIt  Pairing:Jazz/Prowl  Fandom:G1  Author:Sakon76  Character:Prowl  PlotDevice:CharacterDeath 
february 2018 by Incondite
Siamese in Black and White by Sakon76
They know who they are.

They also know that most others won't understand, won't believe what they are. The humans have terms for a shattered mind: schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, half a dozen more. Cybertronian medicine is, in this way, very similar to Earth's.
Character:Jazz  Character:Prowl  Author:Sakon76  Fandom:Transformers  Gen  Fanfiction  PlayerA:Autobots  Fandom:G1 
february 2018 by Incondite
Descant by Vaeru
G1/Jux compliant. Requiem sequel. Prowl doubted that his desired image of Respected Superior Officer came across very well with a half-scrapped mech clinging to his hand, but he loomed as best as he was able and glared.
Fanfiction  Fandom:G1  Fandom:Transformers  Character:Prowl  Character:Jazz  Character:Ratchet  Gen  Author:Vaeru  PlayerA:Autobots  WIP  DeadFic 
february 2018 by Incondite
Requiem by Vaeru
G1. Jazz centric. Redline's hands were pure white, at odds with the deep blue and silver of the rest of his paintjob. Jazz remembered those hands very well. They had been the last things he had seen.
Author:Vaeru  Fanfiction  Fandom:G1  Fandom:Transformers  Character:Prowl  Character:Jazz  Gen  PlayerA:Autobots  PlotDevice:Injury  PlotDevice:Torture  PlotDevice:Angst  LessThan3 
february 2018 by Incondite
Voice in the Dark by Vericus
A sabotage mission went bad, and Jazz was stuck behind Decepticon lines. No worry, Prowl's here to...lead them into a building that collapses on them? Well that was smart. Total PWP.
Author:Vericus  Fanfiction  Fandom:G1  Fandom:Transformers  Character:Prowl  Character:Jazz  Pairing:Jazz/Prowl  PlotDevice:YaySex!  PlotDevice:Injury  PlayerA:Autobots 
february 2018 by Incondite
Secondary Concerns: Reason, Sense and Logic by Lstarrunner
Swoop could not keep him in the med bay. Prowl was the executive officer, second in command, and could override even Ratchet if he deemed it necessary.
Author:Lstarrunner  Fanfiction  Fandom:G1  Fandom:Transformers  Character:Prowl  Character:Jazz  Pairing:Jazz/Prowl  PlotDevice:Injury  PlayerA:Autobots 
february 2018 by Incondite
A Helping Handprint by Ilyusha
Slash: JazzxProwl. G1. Written for the Livejournal 'mechaerotica' March challenge – Good Clean Fun! All about doing the dirty in the water...
Fandom:G1  Fandom:Transformers  Fanfiction  Author:Ilyusha  Character:Prowl  Character:Jazz  Pairing:Jazz/Prowl  PlotDevice:YaySex!  PlayerA:Autobots 
february 2018 by Incondite
Just Another Guy With A Bow by Myrmidryad
"Clint's life is a steady progression from point A to point B, but it's everything that happens between those points that make the story interesting. Things like joining the circus, losing Barney, finding Barney, stumbling into SHIELD, trusting Coulson, meeting Fury, making a different call when he's sent to kill the Black Widow, and becoming part of the dysfunctional Avengers team."
Fandom:Avengers  Character:PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:NatashaRomanova  Pairing:ClintBarton/NatashaRomanova  Fanfiction  PlotDevice:GetTogether  PlotDevice:Fixit  Author:Myrmidryad  Fandom:Marvel 
february 2018 by Incondite
flying in the face of science by Fuckitfireeverything
"Four years ago, Steve Rogers was the only returning crew member of the Ares I expedition, a research mission to Mars gone wrong. Half of his crew died, and he left two of them -- James Barnes and Peggy Carter -- behind so he could return to Earth and get help. The day he got back to Earth, Phil Coulson began planning a rescue mission, the Ares II. This is the story of that mission."
Character:PhilCoulson  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:SteveRogers  Pairing:TonyStark/SteveRogers  Author:Fuckitfireeverything  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Fandom:Marvel  Character:TonyStark  PlotDevice:AU  Fanfiction  Fandom:Avengers 
february 2018 by Incondite
Five Times Clint Had To Explain (And One Time He Didn’t) - Chapter 1 - Selenay - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
"I've got glitter in places that glitter should never be."
"Thank you for that image," Phil said dryly. "You were going to explain why you're dressed like...well..."
"A ten dollar whore?" Clint supplied helpfully.
"I was going to go with classy hooker, but whatever you feel most comfortable identifying with," Phil said.
Fandom:Marvel  Character:PhilCoulson  Author:Selenay  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Charater:ClintBarton  Fanfiction  Fandom:Avengers 
february 2018 by Incondite
when you were young and sound by Haipollai
They're all waiting in the hallway outside the examination room to hear the results. The blast had originally been intended for Steve, the general guess is it was to de-age him to a time before the serum. No one had been able to anticipate it bouncing it off his shield and hitting their handler. On the other hand, the reaction of the entire team, lashing out to catch the guy had been predictable.
Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Fandom:Marvel  PlotDevice:TeamFic  Fanfiction  Author:Haipollai  Character:PhilCoulson  Charater:ClintBarton  Fandom:Avengers  PlotDevice:De-Aging 
february 2018 by Incondite
i only show them what i want them to see by Haipollai
“I didn’t like high school. Why would I subject myself to it all over again?” He shrugs and looks back at his computer. There have been possible AIM sightings in Mexico and he’s been struggling to have them confirmed. He’s a step away from resigning himself to sending Natasha or Clint in though he would like to avoid that.

“Because...” Clint trails off and Phil knows he’s looking at Natasha for help.

“Because Clint wants to live a normal life vicariously through you,” Natasha translates absently.
Fanfiction  Fandom:Avengers  Character:OC  Fandom:Marvel  Character:PhilCoulson  Author:Haipollai  Pairing:ClintBarton/NatashaRomanova/PhilCoulson  Character:NatashaRomanova  Charater:ClintBarton 
february 2018 by Incondite
A swish of air and my boots hit deck by Haipollai
"Don't thank you?" Clint gasped and pouted. He hooked his fingers in Phil's vest and tugged on it lightly until the other man sighed and closed the space between them, his hands coming to rest on Clint's hips. His fingers were still around the wool fabric, plain but high quality. He smiled softly as he ran his fingers over it. "Phil, as much as I love the crossbow, or the coilgun, this is gorgeous."
Fandom:Marvel  Fandom:Avengers  Charater:ClintBarton  PlotDevice:AU  Fanfiction  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Character:PhilCoulson  Author:Haipollai 
february 2018 by Incondite
For the ones we've sheltered by Haipollai
“I know this is shit timing, but I had to find you before you disappeared,” Clint doesn’t argue because that was his plan. Get out, get away, go as far as possible. A new country, maybe an entirely new continent. Something different that won’t remind him of suits and eye patches and Russian accents. Phil takes a deep breath and Clint realizes, sees it between inhale and exhale, that Phil is terrified. “But since I’m no longer your handler, I…” Clint thinks he might know where this is going but waits. Patience, your target will come. “Come get a coffee with me.”
Character:PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:Marrige  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Author:Haipollai  Fandom:Avengers  Charater:ClintBarton  Fandom:Marvel  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Fanfiction 
february 2018 by Incondite
I'm here just out of sight by Haipollai
Instead a hand touches his temple, brushing aside a stray strand of hair. The hand retreats only a second later and Clint listens as the footsteps retreat and he’s alone again. He thinks again of Phil’s eyes and what he saw.


No one’s ever been scared for him before.
Fanfiction  Author:Haipollai  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Character:PhilCoulson  Fandom:Avengers  Fandom:Marvel  Charater:ClintBarton  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson 
february 2018 by Incondite
When you're driving past slow by Haipollai
It turns out to be the only sleep they get once they’re back at SHIELD. The latest fight took out a small piece of New York and everyone wants to know what happened right now so they’re all shuffled off to debrief immediately. He points out that there was still plenty left but no one seems particularly amused.
PlotDevice:Injury  Fandom:Avengers  Fanfiction  Author:Haipollai  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:PhilCoulson  Fandom:Marvel 
february 2018 by Incondite
The shells jumped through the smoke by Haipollai
“Oh I do see you. And everything else underneath. Everyone screaming for blood. It’s escaped your lips too sometimes. So much blood. A story in every little drop spelling out everything you don’t want them to see because then they’ll know you. They’ll know you’re not so crisp and perfect.”
PlotDevice:TeamFic  Character:NickFury  Charater:ClintBarton  Fandom:Avengers  Fandom:Marvel  Character:PhilCoulson  Author:Haipollai  Gen  Fanfiction 
february 2018 by Incondite
Elephant in the room - haipollai - Marvel (Movies), The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
They were hunkered down in an anonymous SHIELD safe house in Budapest when Clint decided just to ask about it. Coulson was trying to brew coffee out of water and some dark powder stuff while Clint worked on repairing his bow. Coulson looked over in mild surprise and said this was his job.
Character:PhilCoulson  Fanfiction  Fandom:Marvel  Author:Haipollai  Charater:ClintBarton  PlotDevice:Paperwork  Fandom:Avengers 
february 2018 by Incondite
Coming into our own by Haipollai
Phil took Clint’s arm and physically steered him out of the bar before the situation could get any worse. “Why did you stop me?” Clint snapped once they were in Phil’s car, feet propped up on the dash, just to annoy him.

“To avoid an incident.”

“Oh but it’s ok for you to hit him?”
Fanfiction  Fandom:Marvel  Character:PhilCoulson  Fandom:Avengers  Author:Haipollai  Charater:ClintBarton  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson 
february 2018 by Incondite
Matters of Blood and Connection by Cassiejamie
Clint tucks his wings back, the bottom feathers crossing and he hightails it from the room with Phil in tow. A few of the darker feathers fall and Phil dips to pick one up as he walks, twirling it in his fingers and he pokes Clint with it. "You're molting."

"Yeah. It happens."
PlotDevice:Captured/Kidnapped  Author:Cassiejamie  PlotDevice:Injury  Fanfiction  LessThan3  Character:PhilCoulson  Fandom:Marvel  PlotDevice:AU  Charater:ClintBarton  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Fandom:Avengers 
february 2018 by Incondite
Let Them Call It Mischeif by Infiniteeight
Tony runs his mouth, Loki takes it as inspiration, and suddenly the Avengers are a little less human than they used to be. Some of them take it better than others.
Author:Infiniteeight  Character:PhilCoulson  Fandom:Avengers  Character:BruceBanner  Character:TonyStark  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:SteveRogers  Fandom:Marvel  Fanfiction  Character:ThorOdinson  PlotDevice:YaySex!  PlotDevice:AnimalTransformation 
february 2018 by Incondite
Mr. Coulson's Technicolor Dreamhouse by Not_You
Written for a prompt on Avengerkink, and posted there as 'Edutainment.'

Phil is Mr. Coulson, beloved children's entertainer and purveyor of quality television for humans. Clint is the new cameraman, and this is the tale of their love. And of Steve and Bucky's, and other people's as they appear. Coulson is afraid he's too boring and Clint that he's not classy enough. They are both wrong.
Fandom:Marvel  Character:PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:AU  Character:BruceBanner  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:JamesBarnes  Author:Not_You  Character:MariaHill  Character:ThorOdinson  Fanfiction  Character:SteveRogers  Character:PepperPotts  Fandom:Avengers  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Character:NatashaRomanova  Character:TonyStark 
february 2018 by Incondite
you were on your way to heaven, but the road was steep by postcardmystery
Baltimore of 'we, the people' might not want him much, but that greydark sky and the tarmac beneath his car tires and the stink of the river, it takes him every time.
Author:Postcardmystery  Fanfiction  Fandom:TheWire  Character:JimmyMcNulty 
march 2016 by Incondite
To the Baseline by Simmysim
House of M-verse, if House of M didn't happen. So, we join our heroes when everyone and their brother is a mutant except Tony, and Steve is 90 years old.
Character:TonyStark  Pairing:TonyStark/SteveRogers  Fandom:Marvel  PlotDevice:AU  Author:SimmySim  Character:SteveRogers  Fanfiction  Fandom:616 
january 2016 by Incondite
Tony Thinks Steve is a Skrull by Anonymous
He saw it in the elevator first; its use of the thumbprint and voice recognition system had set alarms pealing in the Extremis, and he'd known what to expect when he looked through the cameras. It was still a shock; he had thought that he'd be able to tell, that it'd be a thing, not a person.
PlotDevice:Fixit  Character:TonyStark  Pairing:TonyStark/SteveRogers  Fandom:616  Fanfiction  Character:SteveRogers  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Author:Anonymous  Fandom:Marvel  PlotDevice:CivilWarFallout  PlotDevice:GetTogether 
january 2016 by Incondite
there's probably a word for it in unmodified sumerian by Pathopharmacology (Ghostsoldier)
It’s weirdly flattering, in a way, that Cecil can wax rhapsodic about his very cells. Carlos can empathize: every single one of his tests has shown that Cecil is just as human as he is, and yet he’s also absolutely not. Carlos knows he’s not, with the sort of bone-deep certainty he usually reserves for universal constants. Cecil’s not human, but he is, and Carlos finds he wants to shout it from the top of the radio tower. How wonderful this makes Cecil. How beautiful. How imperfectly and uniquely perfect. He can’t help but wonder if this is how Cecil feels all the time. It’s…a little overwhelming.
Character:CecilPalmer  Character:Carlos  Pairing:CecilPalmer/Carlos  Fandom:WelcomeToNightvale  Author:Pathopharmacology(GhostSoldier)  Fanfiction  PlotDevice:Science! 
january 2014 by Incondite
a love song for schrödinger by Pathopharmacology (Ghostsoldier)
With his own two eyes Carlos has observed a house that empirically doesn’t exist. He’s never seen a quantum particle, but his computer models and lab readouts reassure him of their presence. Cecil – lovely and wonderful and strange Cecil – is comforting and solid in every way…except in Carlos’ peripheral vision, when his edges waver as though the lack of direct observation has left him unsure of what shape he should be. It means absolutely nothing, to see a thing in Night Vale.
Pre-Slash  Character:CecilPalmer  Pairing:CecilPalmer/Carlos  Fanfiction  Author:Pathopharmacology(GhostSoldier)  Character:Carlos  PlotDevice:MountainApologist  Fandom:WelcomeToNightvale 
january 2014 by Incondite
Sprained wrists and revelations by Arthur_177
Phil is still trying to determine what to make of this and how to respond to the situation when Barton says, still out of breath, “Well, that was fun, and I'm certainly not complaining, but I got the impression that that wasn't quite what you had in mind, sir”. The lights are dimmed, but Phil can still see the way Barton grins at him, the way there is mischief in his eyes, but also too much knowledge. “Although, if my impression was right, I probably shouldn't be calling you 'sir' right now.”

Or: Phil wouldn't consider himself to be a man with trust issues; but there is trust, and then there is the kind of trust one needs to submit to someone. He's accepted that SHIELD is deserving of the former, and that he is unlikely to find the latter.
Enter Clint Barton.
PlotDevice:YaySex!  Character:PhilCoulson  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Author:Arthur_177  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Fandom:Marvel  Character:NickFury  Fanfiction  PlotDevice:Fixit  Charater:ClintBarton  Fandom:Avengers  PlotDevice:BDSM 
november 2012 by Incondite
Slipping Through The Cracks by Dentalfloss

Phil looked at Clint, lowering his weapon, devastation clear on his face for a fraction of a second. Devastation for what Clint had done or devastation for what he’d suffered, Clint wasn’t sure. He squared his shoulders regardless.

“People like to say that blood smells like iron, but it doesn’t. Blood smells like blood, and sometimes there’s no way around it and no room to regret it.”
Character:BruceBanner  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:OC  Author:Dentalfloss  PlotDevice:NonCon  Fanfiction  PlotDevice:Injury  PlotDevice:Fixit  Character:NatashaRomanova  Character:PhilCoulson  Ouch  Fandom:Avengers  Character:TonyStark  Fandom:Marvel  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  LessThan3 
november 2012 by Incondite
Like an Arrow Through a Flock of Doves by Arsenicarcher, Hoosierbitch
When he takes the rap for a crime committed by Barney and the Swordsman, Clint is charged as an adult at 17 and spends the next four years of his life without protection in prison. Enter one Neal Caffrey, who knows how to charm his way to whatever he wants or needs, and Clint's life gets a lot more interesting. Pretty much, the story of Clint in prison, Clint getting out, and Clint, like always, finding his way to SHIELD, and Phil.
Character:BruceBanner  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:Prison  Fandom:Avengers  Character:ThorOdinson  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Character:SteveRogers  Author:Arsenicarcher  PlotDevice:Injury  Ouch  Character:PhilCoulson  Fanfiction  Fandom:WhiteCollar  PlotDevice:GetTogether  PlotDevice:AU  Character:TonyStark  Charater:ClintBarton  Author:Hooiserbitch  Fandom:Marvel  PlotDevice:NonCon 
november 2012 by Incondite
On a Dark, Desert Highway - Saone
"Does that not look like a place where horrific murders happen on a daily basis? Haven't you ever seen Psycho?!"
Author:Saone  Charater:ClintBarton  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Character:PhilCoulson  Fandom:Marvel  Fanfiction  Fandom:Avengers  LessThan3 
november 2012 by Incondite
Something more than good enough by Mornmeril
Phil Coulson had spent the better part of his life trying to convince himself that he wasn't bored with it, that he wasn't lonely and that everything had turned out the way he'd always imagined it would. But when one night a stranger suddenly appears in his bedroom - armed with a bow and arrows no less - Phil is forced to revise his assessment of his life. He's drawn into Agent Barton's orbit and ends up following him across the globe as both Barton's agency and some other 'bad guys' try to hunt them down.
Fanfiction  Author:Mornmeril  Fandom:Marvel  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:NatashaRomanova  PlotDevice:AU  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Character:PhilCoulson  Character:OC  Fandom:Avengers  PlotDevice:Injury  Character:PepperPotts 
november 2012 by Incondite
F is for Friends Who Do Stuff Together by Thatdamneddame
Tony walks in on Natasha painting Clint’s toenails and immediately regrets it. Or, Five Times Tony Walked in on Clint and Natasha, and One Time He Didn't.
Character:NatashaRomanova  PlotDevice:EpicBromance  Fandom:Marvel  Fandom:Avengers  Character:TonyStark  Character:PhilCoulson  Fanfiction  Charater:ClintBarton  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Author:Thatdamneddame 
october 2012 by Incondite
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