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Let Them Call It Mischeif by Infiniteeight
Tony runs his mouth, Loki takes it as inspiration, and suddenly the Avengers are a little less human than they used to be. Some of them take it better than others.
Author:Infiniteeight  Character:PhilCoulson  Fandom:Avengers  Character:BruceBanner  Character:TonyStark  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:SteveRogers  Fandom:Marvel  Fanfiction  Character:ThorOdinson  PlotDevice:YaySex!  PlotDevice:AnimalTransformation 
february 2018 by Incondite
Mr. Coulson's Technicolor Dreamhouse by Not_You
Written for a prompt on Avengerkink, and posted there as 'Edutainment.'

Phil is Mr. Coulson, beloved children's entertainer and purveyor of quality television for humans. Clint is the new cameraman, and this is the tale of their love. And of Steve and Bucky's, and other people's as they appear. Coulson is afraid he's too boring and Clint that he's not classy enough. They are both wrong.
Fandom:Marvel  Character:PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:AU  Character:BruceBanner  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:JamesBarnes  Author:Not_You  Character:MariaHill  Character:ThorOdinson  Fanfiction  Character:SteveRogers  Character:PepperPotts  Fandom:Avengers  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Character:NatashaRomanova  Character:TonyStark 
february 2018 by Incondite
Like an Arrow Through a Flock of Doves by Arsenicarcher, Hoosierbitch
When he takes the rap for a crime committed by Barney and the Swordsman, Clint is charged as an adult at 17 and spends the next four years of his life without protection in prison. Enter one Neal Caffrey, who knows how to charm his way to whatever he wants or needs, and Clint's life gets a lot more interesting. Pretty much, the story of Clint in prison, Clint getting out, and Clint, like always, finding his way to SHIELD, and Phil.
Character:BruceBanner  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:Prison  Fandom:Avengers  Character:ThorOdinson  PlotDevice:YaySex!  Character:SteveRogers  Author:Arsenicarcher  PlotDevice:Injury  Ouch  Character:PhilCoulson  Fanfiction  Fandom:WhiteCollar  PlotDevice:GetTogether  PlotDevice:AU  Character:TonyStark  Charater:ClintBarton  Author:Hooiserbitch  Fandom:Marvel  PlotDevice:NonCon 
november 2012 by Incondite
Any/Clint, recovering from deep cover operation
Clint is sent on a deep-cover mission which involves having to convince everyone he knows in SHIELD and the Avengers that he's defected and is working for an enemy, selling SHIELD secrets, etc.
After several months, he returns and has to readjust to normal life and the guilt he feels. Having to come out of his cover personality and having trouble with it. The other Avengers, despite having been informed that it was for a mission, also have to readjust to him being back, the feelings of betrayal that they'd gone through, and helping Clint get through the aftermath of the mission.
No preferences on pairings within the Avengers. Favourites are Coulson/Clint, Bruce/Clint or Natasha/Clint, but I'm happy with anything!
Character:TonyStark  Fanfiction  Ouch  Character:NatashaRomanova  Fandom:Avengers  Character:BruceBanner  PlotDevice:TeamFic  Author:Anonymous  Character:ThorOdinson  Charater:ClintBarton  D:  Character:SteveRogers  Fandom:Marvel 
september 2012 by Incondite
decision making paradigms (if it seems like a good idea, it probably isn't) by Sin
The one in which Clint needs to rethink his life choices.

Also, Steve is sneakier than anyone realises, Jane and Darcy are the only reason that the Avengers can function at any given time, Natasha has an eye for photography, Thor is in love with a coffee machine, Bruce is oblivious, Tony is Tony, and Coulson?

Well, Coulson is the straight man as always.
Fanfiction  Author:Sin  Character:DarcyLewis  Pairing:NatashaRomanova/DarcyLewis  Character:ThorOdinson  Fandom:Marvel  Fandom:Avengers  PlotDevice:GetTogether  Character:TonyStark  Character:PhilCoulson  Character:NatashaRomanova  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:JaneFoster  Character:OC 
september 2012 by Incondite
thought we were obvious (but nobody knew) by Gryo2life
“Does Director Fury know about this?”
“I would hope so,” Coulson intones, “considering the fact that he’s the one who officiated it.”

Or, 5 times the Avengers should have realized Clint and Coulson were married, and the 1 time they finally did.
Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Character:NatashaRomanova  Author:Grydo2life  Fandom:Marvel  PlotDevice:TeamFic  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:ThorOdinson  Fandom:Avengers  Character:TonyStark  Fanfiction  Character:BruceBanner  PlotDevice:Marrige  Character:PhilCoulson  PlotDevice:Injury 
august 2012 by Incondite
Shadowy Vested Interests vs. Tony Stark's Robot Army: A Grudge Match by Chaletian
Sensibly, Fury does not ask what harm Tony Stark could do, sequestered on a tropical island with nothing but a shack, a laptop running Windows 98, and two cellphones with spotty coverage, but instead tells Coulson to deal with it, and returns to the privacy of his underground lair.
Charater:ClintBarton  Author:Chaletian  Character:ThorOdinson  Fandom:Avengers  Fandom:Marvel  Gen  Character:TonyStark  Character:BruceBanner  Character:PhilCoulson  Character:SteveRogers  Fanfiction  PlotDevice:TeamFic 
august 2012 by Incondite
The Dinosaur Game by Emmypenny
1. If you find a dinosaur, you must hide it.
2. You may only hide the dinosaurs on SHIELD property.
3. Maria Hill's property is off-limits.
4. These rules are subject to change at any time, without warning.


Or, SHIELD agents know how to have fun but it will probably be terrifying for all involved."
Charater:ClintBarton  LessThan3  Character:NatashaRomanova  Character:SteveRogers  Fanfiction  Character:PhilCoulson  Character:BruceBanner  Character:TonyStark  Fandom:Marvel  Author:Emmypenny  Pairing:ClintBarton/PhilCoulson  Fandom:Avengers  PlotDevice:Fixit  Character:ThorOdinson  Character:MariaHill  Character:NickFury 
august 2012 by Incondite
shooting stars, falling objects by Zihna
“Inception,” Steve says, “is an art. It isn’t like extraction—it’s not that simple. It’s deeper than that. Rawer. More intimate. Extraction is just pulling knowledge out of someone’s mind. It’s easy. Impersonal. These days we’ve got it worked down to almost an exact science. But inception, inception’s different. It’s not exact. It’s not a guarantee.”

“Oh god,” Tony says, and he’s rolling his eyes behind his sunglasses, Steve can tell. “It’s not a hot babe, Steve, stop talking about it like you want to bend it over the table and—”

 “If this is going to work,” Steve continues, ignoring Tony, “if you want it to stick, we need to know everything.”
Character:ThorOdinson  Character:TonyStark  Fanfiction  Fandom:Marvel  Character:SteveRogers  Character:PhilCoulson  Character:Loki  Charater:ClintBarton  Character:NatashaRomanova  Character:BruceBanner  Pairing:TonyStark/SteveRogers  PlotDevice:AU  Fandom:Inception  Fandom:Avengers  Author:Zihna  (WIP) 
august 2012 by Incondite

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