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Quillette Podcast 6 - Coleman Hughes on Progressive Orthodoxy in the Ivy League - Quillette
Interview of Coleman Hughes on "studying dead white men", the taboo against discussing race discussions at Columbia, and the power of social media in enforcing that.
hughes  Race  Academia  podcasts  Quillette  censorship  affirmative-action 
4 days ago by HispanicPundit
(118) Making Sense with Sam Harris #104 - The Lessons of Death (with Frank Ostaseski) - YouTube
Sam Harris discusses with Frank Ostaseski on death and his research on it, pushing people to live to the fullest.
SamHarris  podcasts  Death 
4 days ago by HispanicPundit
The Ezra Klein Show - Nikole Hannah-Jones on the 1619 project, choosing schools, and Cuba | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
Nikole Hannah-Jones on Black history, and its role in shaping America. The defense of busing, and other forced diversity programs. At the 68 min mark, she discusses how the south is far more friendly to Blacks than the North is. on how Cuba is the racially best at 74 min.
Blacks  History  klein  podcasts  NewYorkTimes  constitution  civil-rights  busing  Cuba 
4 days ago by HispanicPundit
Ben Westhoff on Synthetic Drugs, Dive Bars, and the Evolution of Rap (Ep. 77)
On the opioid epidemic and its culture. Discusses rap post 35 min mark.
drugs  podcasts  Cowen  rap 
5 days ago by HispanicPundit
Rationally Speaking | Official Podcast of New York City Skeptics - Current Episodes - RS 151 - Maria Konnikova on "Why everyone falls for con artists"
The psychology behind falling for cons. Everyone is susceptible to it, but people in moments of transitions are particularly most emotionally vulnerable. At 40 min mark talks about people who DONT have self deception: clinically depressed.
psychology  Books  podcasts  RationallySpeaking 
6 days ago by HispanicPundit
(117) Joe Rogan Experience #1267 - Gary Taubes & Stephan Guyenet - YouTube
Debating the role of the brain vs the role of the fat storage model of obesity.
obesity  health  diet  JoeRogan  podcasts 
6 days ago by HispanicPundit
(117) Making Sense with Sam Harris #74 - What Should We Eat? (with Gary Taubes) - YouTube
Sam Harris interviews Gary Taubes on his findings in the health fields on the role of diets and obesity.
SamHarris  podcasts  health  diet  vegetarianism  obesity 
6 days ago by HispanicPundit
Bloggingheads.tv - Amy Wax & Glenn Loury
Amy Wax and Glenn Loury continue on the discussion of the limits statistical discrimination, the censorship in Universities on said topics, and what can be done to alleviate that.
Blacks  censorship  Academia  statistics  discrimination  genderissues  maternity-leave  AmyWax  loury  bloggingheads  podcasts  Chetty 
6 days ago by HispanicPundit
(114) Making Sense ith Sam Harris #134 - Beyond the Politics of Race (with Coleman Hughes) - YouTube
Coleman Hughes on the Sam Harris podcast discuss race and racism. Stereotypes at the 26 min mark. Thomas Sowell at the 52 min mark. Affirmative Action at 1 hour 9 mins. Amy Wax is 1:14mins.
Blacks  Race  Racism  Hughes  Harris  podcasts  stereotypes  crime  Sowell  AmyWax  affirmative-action  Sanders  Coates 
13 days ago by HispanicPundit
(110) Making Sense with Sam Harris #42 - Racism and Violence in America (with Glenn Loury) - YouTube
Glenn Loury and Sam Harris sit down to redefine the boundaries of race discussions: What is racism, where is criticism warranted, whats its role on moral agent, and other topics.
Racism  Race  loury  SamHarris  podcasts  Blacks  coates  culture  crime  BLM  fryer 
18 days ago by HispanicPundit
The Ezra Klein Show - American politics after Christianity, with Ross Douthat | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
On Christianities intersection and role in modern day and future politics. How absent Christianity, the right will go more nationalistic and racist. Interesting discussion of Christianity role in abolishing slavery, Catholic vs Protestants role with the natives, and other interesting topics.
Christianity  Politics  podcasts  douthat  Slavery  History  Catholic 
19 days ago by HispanicPundit
Rationally Speaking | Official Podcast of New York City Skeptics - Current Episodes - RS 175 - Chris Blattman on "Do sweatshops reduce poverty?"
on the (lack of!) benefits from Sweatshops. How its really just a marginal gain at best, but when health issues factored in, can be net loss. Also at ~36 min mark says no real strong connection between income levels and crime.
sweatshops  blattman  AbsolutePoverty  RationallySpeaking  podcasts  crime 
20 days ago by HispanicPundit
The Ezra Klein Show - Can Raj Chetty save the American dream? | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
The argument that culture is the cause of poverty and lack of mobility and what the government can do to mitigate it.
Poverty  culture  USA  Chetty  klein  podcasts  mobility  Lifeexpectancy  Blacks 
20 days ago by HispanicPundit
PodcastOne: How Economists Influence Our Policymakers, Markets, And More
NY Times columnist gives the standard liberal argument against many economic issues.
economists  Liberalism  podcasts  TheFederalist 
20 days ago by HispanicPundit
The Ezra Klein Show - Are bosses dictators? (with Elizabeth Anderson) | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
Discussing the form of the firm, equality of adversity as opposed to equality of opportunity and other philosophical points. Skimmed, hard to listen to. Mostly big jumps on small complaints.
Inequality  Socialism  jobs  podcasts  klein 
24 days ago by HispanicPundit
The Insight: Love and biology!
Steve Phelps on the evolutionary psychology of Love. A bit over my head for the most part.
evolution  podcasts  Insight 
26 days ago by HispanicPundit
The Insight: Evolution of Family
On tbe cultural evolution of family. We are mostly 'monogamous like' with variations, and other interesting things.
Marriage  polygamy  culture  anthropology  evolution  podcasts  Insight 
27 days ago by HispanicPundit
The Insight: Cultural Evolution
On the role of cultural evolution. Cultural evolution is usually anthropology and biologists whereas psychological evolution is mainly psychologists.
culture  evolution  psychology  anthropology  Insight  podcasts  polygamy 
27 days ago by HispanicPundit
(103) Making Sense with Sam Harris #114 - Politics and Sanity (with David Frum and Andrew Sullivan) - YouTube
Sam Harris, David Frum and Andrew Sullivan talk about the dangerous of Trump and the incentives of the media, the power of religion for altruistic work, kissinger,
TrumpAdministration  Frum  Sullivan  Harris  Podcasts  media  Religion  kissinger 
4 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
The Insight: The genetics of Native Americans
Native Americans from the Americas are descended from a population descended from Siberia, probably 20k years ago. Three waves came in, with the Navajo and the Eskimo iniuts coming later. Three waves total.
genetics  natives  History  Insight  podcasts 
4 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
(103) Daily #Covfefe: Dave Chappelle: White Supremacist - YouTube
On how the Dave Chappelle show is fighting back against the SJW culture. Also discuss how Western Civilization, maybe via Christianity, teaches self criticism and when that is lost, it turns to outward uncritical criticism and probably what fuels SJW.
comedy  culture  censorship  podcasts  UnsafeSpace  westernCiv 
4 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
I Spend 2 Hours Talking About the Austrian School
On the basics of Austrian economics. The concern with the fed and artificially lowering interest rates is at ~1 hour 15 mark.
austrian  Murphy  podcasts  macro 
4 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Andrew Roberts on Churchill and the Craft of Biography - Econlib
Andrew Roberts discussing his recent book on Churchill, and misc facts about Churchill.
Books  podcasts  EconTalk  Britain  History 
4 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Tyler Cowen on Big Business - Econlib
Defending big business, finance, and the general benefits therein.The topic of Nozick, Rawls and others come up as well.
Cowen  econtalk  podcasts  business  philosophy 
4 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
The Age of Napoleon Podcast - Bonus Episode | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
The evolution to capitalism and the evolution to race based thinking in the French Revolution era.
capitalism  Racism  History  podcasts  Napoleon  france  Slavery 
4 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
(102) A Conversation With Dr. Rachel Fulton Brown - YouTube
Rachel Brown gets into her view of Christianity deeply: Genesis, Salvation, Morals, Biblical reading.
Christianity  RachelBrown  podcasts 
4 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
The Ezra Klein Show - Identity, nationalism, and fatherhood | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
Michael Brendan Dougherty of NRO discussing his book, nationalism, the future of the parties, and other topics.
nationalism  IdentityPolitics  Books  Republicans  klein  podcasts  NRO 
5 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
(99) Dr. Rachel Fulton Brown on Milo and Western Civilization - YouTube
Rachel Fulton Brown on her controversies, Western Civilizations role in bringing about many things we now take for granted (Womens rights, etc), Milo and Universities role.
RachelBrown  WesternCiv  feminists  podcasts  Milo  TrumpCampaign 
5 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
(99) Ep. 1407 Does Study of the Middle Ages Have a "White Supremacy" Problem? - YouTube
Rachel Fulton Brown on her recent spats with the more secular side of medieval scholars.
RachelBrown  Woods  podcasts  youtube 
5 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Rationally Speaking | Official Podcast of New York City Skeptics - Current Episodes - RS 216 - Diana Fleischman on "Being a transhumanist evolutionary psychologist"
On the morality and malleability of evolutionary psychology, especially with regard to beauty and sexual interest. They also discuss ideal marriage rate for society, incels in general.
evolution  moralissues  RationallySpeaking  podcasts  Sex  Marriage  hypergamy 
5 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
(98) Sam Harris: Trump, Reparations, Manifestos, Fox News - YouTube
Sam Harris discusses the crazy turn the left has taken and how it has a real impact on political discourse.
SamHarris  podcasts  Race  feminists  Immigration  SPLC  censorship 
5 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
The Ezra Klein Show - John McWhorter thinks we're getting racism wrong | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
McWhorter talks to Jane Coaston about racism as a religion, anti-racism, signaling, and Ibram Kendi definition of racism.
Racism  Kendi  Blacks  mcWhorter  podcasts  klein  TrumpCampaign 
5 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
The Age of Napoleon Podcast - Bonus Episode: The 28th Messidor of Matt Christman | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
Explaining Marx comment of peasants as a sack of potatoes and other related points of Marx to Napoloean era.
marx  Napoleon  podcasts 
5 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
The Ezra Klein Show - Andrew Sullivan and I work out our differences | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
The argument that as mainline Christianity recedes, peganism type religions fill in the void, and the dangers therein.
Religion  christians  culture  sullivan  klein  podcasts  Immigration 
6 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
The Ezra Klein Show - Rod Dreher on America’s post-Christian culture war [CORRECTED] | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
Ezra Klein talks with Rod Dreher about religious right, religious liberty, and the sense of persecution for those on the religious right. In the process they talk about immigration, poverty, and other areas where religious right differs.
Catholic  culture  christians  Immigration  religiousFreedom  podcasts  klein  dreher 
6 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
(89) Tom and Stefan Molyneux on the Catholic Church, Western Civilization, and Other Forbidden Topics - YouTube
Molyneux and Woods talk about the persecution of Christians, the historical atrocities against Christians by communism, French Revolution, the Churches stance against tyranny historically. Also discusses the impact on immigration on culture.
Catholic  Woods  Molyneux  History  podcasts  Immigration  culture 
7 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
(86) Joe Rogan Experience #1337 - Dan Crenshaw - YouTube
Crenshaw on identity politics, voting, culture, gun control,lobbying, environment, drugs and immigration and many other things with Joe Rogan.
crenshaw  podcasts  JoeRogan  voting  guncontrol  lobbying  Immigration  drugs 
7 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
(82) Joe Rogan Experience #1330 - Bernie Sanders - YouTube
Bernie gives his vision for America touching on healthcare, lobbying, education, gun control, drugs,
Sanders  campaign2020  JoeRogan  podcasts 
8 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
(82) Pro-Government and Pro-Market Edition | Robert Wright & Brink Lindsey [The Wright Show] - YouTube
Brink Lindsey and Wright discuss the 2020 election, on why healthcare is so expensive in USA vs Europe, the liberal democratic capitalism model, education.
campaign2020  healthcare  Europe  costs  podcasts  bloggingheads  Wright  lindsey  youtube  capitalism 
8 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
(82) Making Sense with Sam Harris #91 - The Biology of Good and Evil (with Robert Sapolsky) - YouTube
An interview with Robert Sapolsky on brain anatomy and philosophical questions like: Free-will and other deep philosophy questions.
sapolsky  SamHarris  podcasts  philosophy  free-will 
8 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Making Sense Podcast #135 - Navigating Sex and Gender | Sam Harris
After dissing Catholic Church via sex scandal, discusses evolutionary psychology with UCLA professor Martie Haselton. Topics include: Sex, Gender, homosexuality, transgender, basic differences between men and women, hormones effect on women (~1hour mark), PMS, etc
feminists  evolution  SamHarris  podcasts  transgender  genderissues 
8 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Making Sense Podcast #117 — Networks, Power, and Chaos | Sam Harris
On the power Networks and various other topics. In order: Trump Campaign 2016 and the role of Media, Russia Meddling, conspiracy theories, communism, inequality, Kissinger and China.
TrumpCampaign  Ferguson  SamHarris  podcasts  Russia  media  conspiracy  communist  Inequality  kissinger 
9 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Chris Arnade on Dignity - Econlib
Arnade discussing his book on the poorest areas of society.
Poverty  USA  McDonalds  podcasts  EconTalk 
10 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
‎Conversations with Tyler: Paul Krugman on Politics, Inequality, and Following Your Curiosity on Apple Podcasts
Paul Krugman and Tyler Cowen discuss anti-trust in tech, political polarization, Inequality, UBI, immigration, zoning among other things.
Krugman  Cowen  podcasts  anti-trust  Inequality  Immigration  BasicIncome  zoning 
10 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Making Sense Podcast #9 — Final Thoughts on Chomsky | Sam Harris
Sam Harris discusses his thoughts after his discussion with Chomsky and how Chomsky was more interested in insults, belligerence, vilifying than a real discussion.
Chomsky  SamHarris  podcasts 
10 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
‎Conversations with Tyler: Michelle Dawson on Autism and Atypicality on Apple Podcasts
Tyler Cowen interviews autistic expert Michelle Dawson on the limitations of autism research and caricatures. Also gives the very real possibility (~43min mark) that intervention is HARMING autistic kids.
Autism  psychology  Cowen  podcasts 
10 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Making Sense Podcast #109 — Biology and Culture | Sam Harris
Bret Weinstein and Sam Harris discuss modern censorship, race and populations and lineage, sex differences, the impact of religion on cultural evolution, drugs and many other things. Free will discussion towards the end too...
Race  Racism  censorship  biology  evolution  genderissues  SamHarris  podcasts  drugs  free-will 
10 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
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