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(103) Making Sense with Sam Harris #114 - Politics and Sanity (with David Frum and Andrew Sullivan) - YouTube
Sam Harris, David Frum and Andrew Sullivan talk about the dangerous of Trump and the incentives of the media, the power of religion for altruistic work, kissinger,
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29 days ago by HispanicPundit
The Ezra Klein Show - Andrew Sullivan and I work out our differences | Listen via Stitcher for Podcasts
The argument that as mainline Christianity recedes, peganism type religions fill in the void, and the dangers therein.
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6 weeks ago by HispanicPundit
Andrew Sullivan: Let Him Have His Cake
If someone had asked me back in the day, if, in 2017, we’d be having a discussion about whether a fundamentalist baker should be forced by the law to create a wedding cake for a gay couple, I’d have been gobsmacked, as the Brits say. Smacked in the gob because only a decade ago such a question would have seemed so remotely hypothetical as to be absurd. And yet, here we are.
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january 2018 by HispanicPundit
Andrew Sullivan: “Democrats increasingly seem to suggest that any kind of distinction between citizens and noncitizens is somehow racist” - The Unz Review
And this is one reason why I have dwindling hopes that the Democratic Party will be able to defeat Trump in 2020. Instead of adjusting to this new reality, and listening to the electorate, the Dems have moved ever farther to the left, and are controlled by ever-radicalizing activists. …
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october 2017 by HispanicPundit
Andrew Sullivan's Inadvertent Cherry-Picking - Megan McArdle - Business - The Atlantic
First of all, Bush took office on January 21st, 2001.  What exactly does Andrew Sullivan think that he did in one short month to hurl the economy into recession?  It generally takes 12-18 months for fiscal and monetary policy to work their way through the economy, so to the extent that you think the 2001 recession had policy foundations, it was definitionally Clinton's policies that created it.

And second of all, unemployment is a lagging indicator, so time-wise, Bush actually had it more difficult in one way--there was less time for the economy to recover from a recession that ended in November 2001, than from one that ended in June.

Now, of course you can argue that Obama presided over a much deeper recession, and that it's unfair to compare his job creation to George Bush's.  And you'd be right!  I'd go even further, and point out that politicians really have astonishingly little control over the business cycle, making all of these sorts of comparisons complete nonsense.
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january 2012 by HispanicPundit
The Contradictions of Multiculturalism · Secular Right
Via Andrew Sullivan, an intriguing (and very lengthy) discussion in Eurozine on multiculturalism, much of it from contributors coming (I’d guess) from a leftish point of view, something which makes it all the more interesting.
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january 2011 by HispanicPundit
Abortion, Adoption, Supply and Demand - Megan McArdle - National - The Atlantic
At the point where international adoptions have increased to a quarter of all adoptions, and kids with special health needs make up a substantial fraction of the children adopted (ranging from 30 percent of international adoptions, to 55 percent of adoptions from foster care), I think we can say that the demand side has been taken care of. And as far as I know, pro-lifers are doing what they can on the supply side--in terms of building institutions that help women carry a pregnancy to term. I find it far-fetched that women are having abortions because no one is willing to help them give the baby up for adoption--there are lots of people and agencies that will not only help them, but pay a substantial portion of their expenses until they deliver. They're having abortions because pregnancy is physically uncomfortable, and there's still a social stigma on women who carry a baby to term in order to give it away.
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january 2011 by HispanicPundit
A Response to Andrew Sullivan (II) - NYTimes.com
As modest as gay wedlock’s direct impact on heterosexual relationships may seem, its philosophical implications for the institution of marriage are still sweeping. Just as Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling suggests, it explicitly separates marriage from any legal connection to the two realities — gender difference and procreation — that the institution originally evolved to address. And it would be very surprising if a change of that magnitude in the way our society conceptualizes the institution doesn’t end up affecting straights as well as gays. The effects are most likely to show up at the margins, rather than being obvious and immediate and universal. (Most of the straight couples who assume that gay wedlock won’t affect their unions will be proven right.) But over the long term, even a marginal weakening of the already-weakened link between sex, marriage and childrearing would have real, enduring consequences.
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december 2010 by HispanicPundit
Rosin, Sullivan and Douthat | Culture | The American Scene
"If Ross puts forward the best argument on one side, clearly Mr Sullivan puts forward the best response. Even though at times Mr Sullivan comes close to reaching for the flamethrower, he is very generous and lucid. He (and one would not think it should be noted, but given the other responses it must) actually understands Ross’s argument and gives what I think are the two best responses. That while the ideal Ross extols might be wonderful as a religious or even a moral ideal, it does not necessarily follow that the law should promote it at the exclusion of everything else. And that even if that were true, the fact of countless homosexual unions exists, unions that are worth something, and that denying them the legal protections of marriage is a very heavy, to the point of being inhumane, price to pay for a theoretical protection of another kind of ideal.
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december 2010 by HispanicPundit
Why People Fall For Horoscopes - The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
" The tendency to believe vague statements designed to appeal to just about anyone is called the Forer Effect, and psychologists point to this phenomenon to explain why people fall for pseudoscience like biorhythms, iridology and phrenology or mysticism like astrology, numerology and tarot cards.

The Forer Effect is part of larger phenomenon psychologists refer to as subjective validation, which is a fancy way of saying you are far more vulnerable to suggestion when the subject of the conversation is you."
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july 2010 by HispanicPundit
Department of . . . Huh? - Business - The Atlantic
"In answer to Andrew's question--"That auto restructuring last year was a disaster, wasn't it?"--well, yes, it was. The Congressional Budget Office believes that it will ultimately cost the taxpayers $50 billion--as much or more than the rest of TARP put together. For that, we saved less than 400,000 jobs at GM and Chrysler. We could have given each of the autoworkers $100,000 to go start over somewhere else, and still saved money on the deal."
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april 2010 by HispanicPundit
ObamaCare v. Prescription Drugs, Part III - Megan McArdle
"It's possible that he will manage to pay for it all, in which case, I salute him--but that still leaves that deficit of 4% of GDP in 2019. Even George Bush made a stab at getting his future deficits lower than that, and in fact managed to get it down near 1% towards the end of his second term. Spending your limited ability to raise taxes on new programs, rather than reducing the existing deficits, and hoping that someone else will be forced to fix the problem sometime in the future, is not fiscally responsible. Fiscally responsible is when you put balancing the budget in front of the other things you want to do. "
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september 2009 by HispanicPundit
ObamaCare v. Prescription Drugs, Part II - Megan McArdle
ObamaCare is FAR worse than Bush's Prescription Drug Program and Obama is FAR worse on the deficit than Bush was at his worse years.
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september 2009 by HispanicPundit
ObamaCare v. Prescription Drugs - Megan McArdle
"But you cannot be credibly mad at Bush for the budget problem inherent in Medicare Part D, and give Obama a pass. This is a bigger entitlement that has the potential to be a much, much bigger disaster for our political system, for our budget, and potentially even for the beneficiaries, then a modest prescription drug benefit for Medicare's 45 million beneficiaries".
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september 2009 by HispanicPundit
Marginal Revolution: The cost of the Medicare prescription drug benefit
"I'd just like to note that -- relative to its reputation -- the Medicare prescription drug benefit is one of the most underrated government programs of our time. If the goal is to cut or check Medicare spending, and I think it should be, we should do it elsewhere in the program."
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september 2009 by HispanicPundit
Sullivan's Travels
The Andrew Sullivan before and the Andrew Sullivan now - both equally sure of themselves, yet holding opposite views.
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june 2009 by HispanicPundit

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