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What You Are, Where You Come From
Obi-Wan Kenobi had been patient for nineteen years, and now everything was about to change.

The R2 unit that Luke had traveled to the Jundland Wastes to retrieve was carrying a message for him.

Her face had more lines on it than it used to, but of course she would look different after twenty years, just as he did.

“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi,” Satine Kryze said, “you’re my only hope.”
fandom:starwars  pairing:obi-wankenobi/satinekryze  length:<010000  anewhope  !_good 
5 weeks ago by Harpijka
A Degree of Compatibility - astolat - Transformers Animated (2007) [Archive of Our Own]
“And what’s the price for a Decepticon leader’s help these days?" Optimus said. "Head of his captor on a pike?”

The Councillors started falling over each other hurriedly protesting, no, no, of course not, how could Optimus think, never—and Megatron laughed over them all and said, “It’s not your head I want to mount. I have demanded you as my consort.”

“Okay, well, that’s—unexpected,” Optimus said, blankly.
fandom:transformers  marriage  pairing:megatron/optimusprime  length:<010000  ao3  author:astolat  !_good  via:shadowkeeper 
february 2019 by Harpijka
With Hands In His Pockets
The lure of Immortal presence teased at Duncan’s senses as he carried his two bags of groceries down the Rue de St. Germain.

For Taz.
This is some old school D/M.
fandom:highlander  pairing:duncan/methos  author:hafital  length:<010000  !_sweet  ao3 
january 2019 by Harpijka
One Drink Too Many and a Joke Gone Too Far
Obi-Wan and Satine wake up married. Obi-Wan intends to file for divorce. Really he does.// Love it!
fandom:starwars  pairing:obi-wan/satine  het  author:victoria_p  author:musesfool  !_good  length:<010000  via:musesfool 
august 2018 by Harpijka
Opacity of Paradise by thehoyden
Deep Space Nine, Garak/Bashir, fork AU. After returning from the Jem'Hadar prison, Garak and Bashir enter into a legal Cardassian adoption to safeguard each other's secrets. // 10K. Julian POV. So Dr. Zimmerman meets a united front this time.
pairing:Garak/JulianBashir  marriage-of-convenience  author:thehoyden  fandom:DS9  length:<010000  ao3  via:zhena 
june 2018 by Harpijka
Literacy by thehoyden
Deep Space Nine, Bashir/Garak. "'You want me to read to you?' Julian repeated, somewhat taken aback." Julian's offer to entertain Garak while he's recovering from the surgery turns into Julian's learning Cardassian while reading it aloud. // 5.6K. Very fun. The best kind of sneaky vs. naive fic.
fandom:DS9  pairing:Garak/JulianBashir  courting  author:thehoyden  !_sweet  length:<010000  ao3  via:zhena 
june 2018 by Harpijka
Working Through It - Trinary - Transformers - All Media Types
“TC,” Skywarp says, “I’m, like, ninety percent sure that humans don’t have interface cables.”

Thundercracker squawks and almost knocks him over trying to get the script out of his hands. (7,105 words)
fandom:transformers  marissafairborn/skywarp/thundercracker  author:trinary  !_good  length:<010000  via:theodosia21 
may 2018 by Harpijka
The Imposter Impala From the Planet Cybertron Chapter 1, a Supernatural + Transformers Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
I thought I'd post this in honor of the premiere of season five of SPN. It is unrelated to my fanfic "Masks" though it could conceivably be set in the same universe. It's something I'm working on when I get stuck on Masks or other fics.This is set some generic time during the first season of SPN, and obviously pre-Movieverse by a few years for the Transformers.
fandom:supernatural  fandom:transformers  crossover  character:sam  character:dean  character:bumblebee  author:l.mouse  length:<010000 
april 2018 by Harpijka
Sabotage and Subversion - Lycaste - Transformers - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]

Thundercracker insists to himself that this is the last time he’ll have anything to do with the little yellow Autobot.
fandom:transformers  pairing:bumblebee/thundercracker  author:lycaste  length:<010000  ao3 
march 2018 by Harpijka
Rewound - Bibliotecaria_D - Transformers - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: He is broken beyond fulfilling his function, but it is still his function.
Written right after More Than Meets The Eye #16, so spoilers for #15-16.
fandom:transformers  pairing:chromedome/rewind  scavengers  drama  length:<010000  ao3  !_good 
march 2018 by Harpijka
Project Bang - astolat - Transformers Generation One [Archive of Our Own]

Ratchet shrugged tolerantly when Optimus asked his opinion. "I think it’s more a lark than anything, but we can all use a lark, now and then."
fandom:transformers  pairing:megatron/optimusprime  author:astolat  crack  rating:nc-17  !_brilliant  :)  length:<010000  ao3 
january 2018 by Harpijka
Project Bang - astolat - Transformers Generation One [Archive of Our Own]
Ratchet shrugged tolerantly when Optimus asked his opinion. "I think it’s more a lark than anything, but we can all use a lark, now and then."

Notes: Ah, the creation process:

Commenter: Would you consider writing sticky?
Me: I just don't get why* Transformers would end up with human-type sexual equipment.
Brain: *crashes through the wall like Kool-Aid Man* I GOT THIS

Here, have a story.

* ("I just don't get why" is probably the starting point of 50% of my stories.)

+ i read a lot of weird shit. astolat sometimes takes it to another level.
fandom:transformers  !_brilliant  pairing:megatron/optimusprime  length:<010000  author:astolat  ao3  via:exclamations 
january 2018 by Harpijka
circling - xpityx - Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
It had started out well enough. Which, now he considers it, is a phrase that could describe half his life. The other half could be described as starting out badly and then rolling downhill from there into a ulfhedinn's lair whilst bleeding out from a stab wound to the arse.
fandom:witcher  pairing:emhyr/geralt  length:<010000  ao3  author:xpityx  rating:nc-17 
october 2017 by Harpijka
Trying to create the next world war - aesc - X-Men: First Class (2011) - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]

The voice's owner is a young man, maybe a handful of years younger than Erik, with the earnest expression worn by a boy who's never grown up. He's very correctly academic in a dark waistcoat and collared shirt, although the collar is very incorrectly unbuttoned to display a hint of throat – enough, Erik decides, to want to lick. [Or, the one inspired by this moment-inducing gifset, where for some reason Erik's decided to work for the CIA as a means to an end and gets sent to England instead of Moira.]
fandom:x-men  pairing:charles/erik  author:aesc  length:<010000  !_good  rating:nc-17  ao3 
april 2017 by Harpijka
Go and Catch a Falling Star
This is A+++++ Doctor Who/Harriet Vane& Peter Wimsey crossover fic with spontaneous human combustion! (11, amy/rory)


"No," Harriet Vane said, having given it some thought. "I don't suppose I do believe in spontaneous human combustion."
fandom:LordPeterWimsey  fandom:doctorwho  crossover  length:<010000 
march 2017 by Harpijka
That a Lover have his Desire - Nineveh_uk - Lord Peter Wimsey - Sayers [Archive of Our Own]

... because apparently it all happened quite late on Sunday evening, and they sat up half the night, kissing one another madly in a punt. From the Balliol hall to the morning after; at the end of Gaudy Night, Harriet and Peter take a punt on the river. Missing scene fic, the rest of that evening that DLS (curse her!) didn't give us.
fandom:lordpeterwimsey  pairing:harrietvane/peterwimsey  length:<010000  ao3  toread 
march 2017 by Harpijka
because I don't know how to love any other way by rain_sleet_snow (PG-13)
When he brings Owen and Beru their nephew, Obi-Wan collapses at the Lars farmstead instead of exiting stage left to a hide-out in the Jundland Wastes.

Several things go quite a bit differently, after that. Owen Lars/Beru Whitesun, Beru Whitesun/Owen Lars/Obi-Wan Kenobi (6,340 words)
fandom:StarWars  author:rain_sleet_snow  rating:pg-13  length:<010000  ao3  obi-wan/beru/owen  !_good  au 
february 2017 by Harpijka
Cursed - astolat - Wiedźmin | The Witcher (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Geralt was reasonably sure this was the worst damn day of the worst damn month of his life, and it hadn’t hit bottom yet.

Notes: If you doubt the characterological accuracy of this story I would like to preemptively present my defense: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckWQEt0cxEI
fandom:witcher  pairing:emhyr/geralt  author:astolat  length:<010000  ao3  !_good  :) 
february 2017 by Harpijka
Of Demons In The Dry Well - tb_ll57 - Highlander: The Series [Archive of Our Own]
'Something happened.' Joe's voice ran dry at the end of the word, and he followed the statement with a long pause. Alert to that tone after so many years, Mac sat up straight, his muscles tensing, but something stayed his tongue, and he didn't press.'Mac,' Joe said, and repeated it again, as if working himself up to it. 'Mac, it's... it was a short fight. Ambush, really. His Watcher got it on tape.'Some part of him registered the 'he', relieved only to eliminate Amanda. 'Who, Joe.'
'One of those young bucks who crops up every once in a while, a hunter. We'd tracked him through a couple dozen kills, lost him for a while in Russia. He turned up in Paris about two weeks ago--'
fandom:highlander  gen  pairing:duncan/methos  blink-and-you-miss-it  character:joedawson  length:<010000  author:tb_ll57  !_good  ao3 
january 2017 by Harpijka
The Loathly Worm by Selden
Harry Potter, Harry/Draco. Two middle-aged, bored, homely Death Eaters stuck in a moldering castle whilst waiting for the higher ups to finish up with their scheming slowly realize that neither of them is what he's pretending to be. Or, "When Draco Malfoy is forced to go undercover among the remaining Death Eaters in the aftermath of the war, the last person he expects to find there is Harry Potter." // 12K. LOLOL. Charming, clever fic. The desultory evil banter and off-hand fairy tale callbacks are fun.
"You know," said Draco bitterly, "I'm almost certain you're a Ministry spy. In fact," he added, staring at Septimus' horn-rimmed spectacles and comically unremarkable face, "I bet you're in disguise, as well. No self-respecting wizard would wear a face like that if they didn’t have to."
"That's a really hurtful thing to say, Ernest," said Septimus. "Exclusionary rhetoric and, uh, judging by mere appearances is the sign of a shallow individual, unable to stand up against the sickness in our broader society." He paused, looking smugger than ever.
Draco was impressed, despite himself. "Where on earth did you get all that bollocks from?" he asked.
pairing:Draco/harry  EWE  spies  undercover  banter  fandom:HarryPotter  via:zhena  !_good  length:<010000  ao3  author:selden 
january 2017 by Harpijka
The Ghost War - manic_intent - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
Aleppo was one of the oldest cities on earth, and once, it had been one of the most beautiful. Illya had been here before the war, when he was younger, young enough to be taken by wanderlust. He had walked through the very place he stood now, gawking at the crowds, the tightly packed stalls, listening to voices haggling in a language he did not understand, the market riotous with colour and laughter and spices. Now Al-Madina Souq was broken with rubble, its arched corridors blasted dark, its cathedral silence sometimes interrupted rudely by the distant staccato booming of artillery and gunfire, the ancient stone thick with the stench of rot and urine.
fandom:manfromuncle  pairing:illya/napoleon  length:<010000  author:manic_intent  ao3  !_interesting  au  toread 
november 2016 by Harpijka
Adrien and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - VickyVicarious - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]
All he knew was that his claws were clenched tight into the leather of his tail and his breath was rough and out of control, his heart was pounding harder and harder and harder and he couldn’t think. He couldn’t see, his eyes were full of tears and his face was wet, his breath was too wild he couldn’t. He couldn’t do anything right, it was the first thing Plagg told him, not to let anyone know his secret, Ladybug always said so too, Hawkmoth would know where to find him now, he’d just been trying to help but he’d ruined everything, she probably hated him now. He didn’t know what his father would say, he didn’t – he couldn’t think he couldn’t breathe he couldn’t he couldn’t he couldn’t he was so scared he didn’t know what to do and he wasn’t breathing, he felt like he was dying…
fandom:miraculousladybug  pairing:adrien/marinette  identityreveal  hurt/comfort  author:VickyVicarious  length:<010000  ao3 
september 2016 by Harpijka
Names for the Stars - cheesethesecond - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]

In the aftermath of Starkiller, Poe struggles with a certain amount of inertia. Various droids, generals, and Resistance members struggle to talk some sense into him. And it all circles back to the struggles of an ex-stormtrooper, who doesn’t seem to realize the ways in which he’s knocked Poe off his axis.
fandom:starwars  fandom:tfa  pairing:finn/poe  gen  preslash  length:<010000  ao3  !_good 
august 2016 by Harpijka
It's a Pleasure - willowbilly - Jessica Jones (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

“What are you?” Kilgrave wonders aloud, breathless, his nail beds white with pressure where they're clamped around Will's skull, flattening his hair.“A former FBI profiler, an unstable special agent. A mental patient, a fisherman. A murderer. A patchwork psyche stitched together. A broken, blood-drenched nobody. One half of a whole.”“And an aspiring poet, apparently,” Kilgrave quips, releasing Will's head in order to ever-so-slowly pull Will's glasses from his face, fold them, and slide them into his own pocket. “Well now, I do believe you're worth keeping. At least for the time being. Will, Jessica... come along.”
fandom:hannibal  fandom:jessicajones  character:will  character:jessicajones  character:kilkgrave  character:hannibal  crossover  length:<010000  ao3  !_interesting 
july 2016 by Harpijka
Good Neighbors | Mynuet
Derek's been having trouble, but luckily he's more than just in good hands. Stiles, his intrepid insurance agent, is on a mission to help him manage the risks of everyday (supernatural) life, recover from the unexpected (hunters), and realize his dreams.

**||** [8.552 words]

fandom:TeenWolf  pairing:Derek/Stiles  rating:PG  au  length:<010000  ao3  :)  !_sweet 
june 2016 by Harpijka
Hope - daymarket - X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]

A near-decade of hatred can't be wiped out with a single summer, no matter how eventful that summer might be. When Erik shows up uninvited at the mansion, Charles is just barely civil enough to not throw him out, but that doesn't mean he'll let him stay. [Rewritten 05/23/2014]
fandom:x-men  toread  author:daymarket  length:<010000 
may 2016 by Harpijka
We'll All Float On Okay - Chapter 1 - igrockspock - Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]

Leia’s to-do list consisted of just one task: defeat the First Order and reclaim liberty and justice for the galaxy. She had no intention of becoming anyone’s mother, and given how well her previous attempt at parenting had gone, that was probably a good thing.
fandom:starwars  fandom:tfa  character:leia  character:rey  gen  !_brilliant  length:<010000  ao3  author:igrockspock 
may 2016 by Harpijka
Not the Destination - KiaraSayre - Captain America (Movies) [Sam/Steve]
(8,000 words) Before they leave New York, Tony Stark (Tony Stark, Jesus, Sam's not over it, never ever over it) hands him an AmEx Black and says, "Don't let Cap spend it all on egg creams and quarters for the jukebox."

"That is exactly what I'm gonna do," Sam says. "Egg creams and jukeboxes, nonstop. That's how we roll."
fandom:captainamerica  fandom:avengers  pairing:sam/steve  length:<010000  ao3  author:kiarasayre  via:silviakundera 
may 2016 by Harpijka
with teeth we've come this far
"Teach me," Mothma says, "how to fight like you fight," and Jyn looks her up and down, takes in the white robe, the set of her shoulders, her clear blue eyes. "You'll need to change your clothes," she says, for lack of anything else, and Mothma nods. "That can be arranged, soldier," she says, crisp and final. "Tomorrow, then. Oh-eight-hundred. Don't be late." And when she leaves, she orders Rubin to unlock the cuffs. // Great characterizations
pairing:Jyn/MonMothma  rating:r  length:<010000  fandom:StarWars  femslash  via:sansets 
april 2016 by Harpijka
Down Into The Golden Lands by Speranza, alby_mangroves (PG, 9,033 words)
"Well, that's just fucking great," Tony burst out, hurt and angry. "Did he leave a forwarding address, the emigrating bastard? Steve Rogers, 50 Main Street, Valhalla?"
pairing:bucky/steve  character:Thor  angst  hurt/comfort  author:speranza  fandom:avengers  ao3  length:<010000  !_good 
april 2016 by Harpijka
in good conscience - Febricant - Generation Kill [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Brad doesn’t know what’s worse, the fact that Ray is here at all, or that fact that Brad is.

“Yo, Iceman. You got a second?”
Brad, halfway through putting his gear back on after PT, does not love the sound of that. ‘You got a second’ isn’t exactly ominous in itself, but when Poke lurks around waiting to catch him for something, it’s either because someone wants a day off or someone’s done something fucking dumb and Brad’s gonna have to quietly help them clean it up.
Brad pulls his shirt the rest of the way on and raises an eyebrow at him. “Who got their dick stuck in the wrong zipper this time?”
“Yeah, about that,” Poke says, leaning against the bank of lockers, fully dressed already. “Here.”
Brad catches the phone out of reflex, then nearly drops it on his foot. “Poke, what the fuck is wrong with you--”
“Take another look.”
The Grindr profile, quite aside from the fact that it is a Grindr profile is…. Unmistakable. “Jesus. How did you even find this?”
fandom:generationkill  pairing:brad/ray  length:<010000  rating:nc-17 
april 2016 by Harpijka
Empty Graves - Unpretty - Superman - All Media Types, DCU [Archive of Our Own]

Time travelers who plan to kill Superman never account for Martha Kent in their plans. She may not be the World's Finest, but she's a mother with a shotgun, and all told that might be scarier.
fandom:smallville  ao3  gen  timetravel  fandom:dcu  via:concinnity  via:talitha78  length:<010000  character:marthakent  !_good  :) 
april 2016 by Harpijka
not as will be, but that is - endquestionmark - Daredevil (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

The restraints will hold. Matt has a hard time picking out different sounds against the background of hospital rush at the best of times, the faint creak of wheels and the electric hum of monitoring devices and the endless restless quiet, but he can hear the straps and the cuffs, the sticky shift of the plastic ties at Frank’s wrists — the sticky shift of the bones in Frank’s foot — the way that Frank’s breathing catches just a little, wet, on every exhale, on the blood in the back of his throat. Once Matt notices, he can’t help but listen.
fandom:Daredevil  pairing:frankcastle/mattmurdock  length:<010000  ao3  toread 
march 2016 by Harpijka
Kore - oneiriad - Greek and Roman Mythology [Archive of Our Own]

The day her mother gives birth to a horse is the day Persephone decides that she really needs a plan.
fandom:mythology  character:persephone  length:<010000  !_interesting 
december 2015 by Harpijka
Precocious - linguamortua - Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Precocious little Tony, with his unpractised flirtations, his skinny wrists and his smudgy, coalblack eyelashes. His artless touches and barely-contained sexual frustration.
A twenty-three year old Bruce meets a sixteen year old Tony at MIT, and recognises the injustice of being a teenager in a PhD program. // Bittersweet and languid, like a hot September afternoon.
fandom:avengers  au  pairing:bruce/tony  rating:nc-17  length:<010000  ao3 
november 2015 by Harpijka
A Craving for Apples - MachaSWicket - Gilmore Girls [Archive of Our Own]

SUMMARY: Lorelai is craving apples all of a sudden. Written based on a spoiler.ORIGINALLY POSTED: spring 2006.
fandom:gilmoregirls  pairing:lorelei/luke  length:<010000  ao3 
november 2015 by Harpijka
Who's Left and Who's Leaving - fiercelydreamed - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]

"No names," Rodney tells them, one more time. "And no dates -- I'm serious about that. No one can know what anyone else is planning." John learns the structures of life and death.
fandom:sga  gen  character:johnsheppard  author:fiercelydreamed  ao3  length:<010000  !_good 
october 2015 by Harpijka
stranger than you could imagine - Sixthlight - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]

If Thomas looked at Peter sometimes and saw a handsome young man – well, that was his business. The moment always passed, a strange sort of visual illusion that vanished when you tilted your head the other way. Except when it didn’t.
fandom:RiversOfLondon  pairing:petergrant/thomasnightingale  !_good  author:sixthlight  length:<010000  ao3  firsttime 
september 2015 by Harpijka
Teddy - le_mru - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]

Młody Teddy Lupin prowadzi dochodzenie w sprawie przeszłości rodziców.

Drugie Pokolenie z licznymi powrotami do przeszłości, wariacje na temat Epilogu (chociaż generalnie w sumie to kanon...) i różnorakie implikacje na temat relacji Remusa i Tonks z Syriuszem.
fandom:harrypotter  character:teddylupin  pairing:lupin/tonks  pairing:lupin/syriusz/tonks  Polish  length:<010000  ao3  author:le_mru 
september 2015 by Harpijka
Suppositions - GhostoftheMotif - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Archive of Our Own]
The haven stone transports its wearer to a place where they will be safe from harm. It drops Dresden at Marcone's feet.
fandom:dresdenfiles  pairing:harrydresden/johnmarcone  via:the24thkey  length:<010000  ao3 
june 2015 by Harpijka
blood that binds us - nspx - Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: 5k oneshot of Leia and her family in five glimpses.Possibly slightly AU and blatantly ignores most of the EU; features angst, mourning, flashbacks, the Organa family, Aunt ‘Soka, Forceghost!Anakin, our favorite scoundrel and his little brother - you’ve been warned.
fandom:starwars  author:nspx  length:<010000  ao3  character:leia  character:bailorgana  character:lukeskywalker  character:ahsoka  gen  drama  characterstudy 
june 2015 by Harpijka
Woosh Woosh Chapter 1, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
Based on the episode Revival, its a combination character study and drama with touches of yummy pirate Hondo comic-goodness - a look at Obi-Wan Kenobi dealing with the events from the viewpoints of Hondo, Anakin, Mace and of course Obi-Wan himself. /// Great Hondo POV.
fandom:starwars  clonewars  character:hondoonaka  character:obi-wan  length:<010000  author:valairy_scot  !_good  toread 
april 2015 by Harpijka
In Between the Legends Chapter 1: A Later Trust, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
The moments in the life of Obi-Wan Kenobi that make him more than the sum of his deeds. A series of one-shots ranging from Jedi Apprentice to A New Hope.
fandom:starwars  character:obi-wan  characterstudy  length:<010000  fanfiction.net  author:wavelightning 
february 2015 by Harpijka
In Plain Sight, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
Summary: What if, in an AU where ANH never had chance to happen, Leia learnt the truth about her heritage and decided to confront Vader and Luke with it herself? Vader has over-thrown Palpatine, apparently having been spurred on by the need to protect a newly-discovered son. The Empire is reformed and Leia Organa's plans for rebellion are still-born. But Leia has a bigger problem to deal with - a personal problem. Bail Organa has died a natural death, but not before revealing the secret of Leia's identity. Should she just ignore the information, or follow the dangerous impulse to confront her erstwhile family?
fandom:starwars  character:lukeskywalker  character:leia  character:darthvader  length:<010000  fanfiction.net  author:mina1  downloaded 
february 2015 by Harpijka
A Lot in Common - Fenriss - Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Notes: I’ve never understood why, after the last few episodes of season 5, there wasn’t a flood of Ahsoka/Ventress fic! It just seemed like a no-brainer. So I was compelled to write this. Please note that I do not intend to disrespect other pairings here. Ventress/Obi-Wan, Ahsoka/Rex, and Ahsoka/Barriss are all very dear to my heart, and I even make little tiny references to those pairings here and there (think of them as Easter eggs!)
fandom:starwars  clonewars  pairing:ahsoka/assajjventress  length:<010000  femslash  ao3  posts5 
february 2015 by Harpijka
Limitless - patientalien - Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, Star Wars: Clone Wars (TV 2008), Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Anakin pushes himself too hard and Obi-Wan tries to get him to realize his limits. On a mission to bring down a dangerous enemy, Anakin's stubbornness puts him at risk, and a familiar face threatens to cause a rift between the Hero With No Fear and The Negotiator.
fandom:starwars  gen  character:anakinskywalker  author:pantalien  character:obiwan  length:<010000  ao3 
february 2015 by Harpijka
The Cursed Soldiers - NezumiPi - Marvel Cinematic Universe, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Coulson learns new information about Ward's recruitment. Meanwhile, assets calling themselves the Cursed Soldiers take a base from Hydra and offer it to SHIELD.
fandom:agentsofshield  character:philcoulson  character:grantward  gen  length:<010000  author:nezumipi  toread 
february 2015 by Harpijka
Everyone Drinks in Hell, a star wars fanfic | FanFiction
SUMMARY: Ten years after the Alliance loses at the Battle of Endor, a man who should have been a hero finds something he thought had been lost forever. // Hopeful.
fandom:starwars  pairing:hansolo/leia  length:<010000  fanfiction.net  het  !_brilliant  bittersweet 
january 2015 by Harpijka
Qu'avec le coeur - shakeskp - DCU, DCU - Comicverse [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Ils ne savent plus qui ils sont, mais ils n’ont pas oublié l’essentiel. (Ou presque)
fandom:dcu  fandom:batman  amnesia  length:<010000  ao3  slash  !_sweet  !_good  author:shakeskp  french 
december 2014 by Harpijka
Good Grammar - Anonymous - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
You can ask plenty of members of the Metropolitan Police who will assert that it’s my stupid ideas that get me in trouble (especially, to pick an example entirely at random, newly-minted DCI Stephanopoulos) but they’re wrong. Okay, they’re mostly wrong.Or: Peter can rationalize himself into anything, given long enough. Including a crush on his senior officer.
fandom:RiversOfLondon  fandom:petergrant/thomasnightingale  !_good  !_sweet  ao3  yuletide2014  length:<010000 
december 2014 by Harpijka
New Math
Sheppard is so tired--yeah, because he’s been up all night, and it seems like being around McKay is the only thing that will chase away the faces of kids Sheppard couldn’t save, but also because what’s the point of surviving all these insurmountable odds if everything just stays the same?
fandom:sga  firsttime  hurt/comfort  pairing:mckay/sheppard  length:<010000  ao3  via:popkin16 
december 2014 by Harpijka
The Tower - Ylixia - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
Mack gets better, but not completely. Fitz takes a chance this time around, and that works way better. Fitsimmons finally have that talk, but first there's yelling. Everyone is going to be okay.Promise.
fandom:agentsofshield  pairing:fitz/mack  length:<010000  ao3  series:part001  firsttime 
december 2014 by Harpijka
Lilies of the Field - Raven (singlecrow) - Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]

"Cordelia," he interrupted, "I presume that at some point you're going to explain how you came to be reading Gregor's prospective mother-in-law's doctoral thesis?" Cordelia and Alys, doing women's work.
fandom:vorkosigan  character:cordelia  gen  author:raven  !_sweet  !_good  length:<010000 
december 2014 by Harpijka
Always in Motion the Future by avanti_90
In a time of conflict between the Republic and the Separatist Confederacy, a Jedi Knight and a Separatist officer met on the frozen world of Hoth.
fandom:StarWars  fandom:Vorkosigan  ao3  pairing:aral/cordelia  length:<010000  author:avanti_90  !_interesting 
november 2014 by Harpijka
If I Run Out Of Songs To Sing [by torakowalski, Fitz/Mack]
Fitz is almost one hundred percent sure that he and Mack are friends, but he’s eighty percent sure that friends don’t share beds. Still, that's what keeps happening, and he's not exactly complaining.

(Contains some spoilers for AoS 2x05.)
fandom:agentsofshield  author:torakowalski  pairing:fitz/mack  length:<010000  !_good  !_sweet  via:siria 
november 2014 by Harpijka
Escalation - LMX - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Peter's been adopted by the lamest couple ever. Clint doesn't walk all that good, or hear all that good, and Phil is balding and middle aged and a pencil-pusher, and when Peter imagined who would be adopting him he always imagined this couple who were young, and cool, and had these awesome well paying jobs, and he loves the guys, really he does, but sometimes he wishes that was what he got.

A reality check follows.

Note: Warning for bullying and ableism
fandom:avengers  futurefic  kidfic  au  character:peterparker  pairing:clintbarton/philcoulson  deaf!character  rating:pg-13  ao3  length:<010000  via:starwire 
october 2014 by Harpijka
Hemingway Can Suck It
In which Stiles is a Biology professor and Derek thinks he's a student.
fandom:teenwolf  pairing:derek/stiles  college  au  human!au  ao3  length:<010000  via:Faith_Mars 
october 2014 by Harpijka
A Quiet Life - emungere - Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Why is it that wherever I go, whatever I do, I'm surrounded by these walking, talking corpses? So deadly boring it's a risk to life and limb even to let one of them buy me a drink, which means, worse news, I have to buy my own.
fandom:btvs  fandom:buffy  pairing:ethan/giles  author:emungere  length:<010000  ao3  rating:nc-17  violence  !_interesting 
september 2014 by Harpijka
and feel its total dark sublime | schweinsty
How the Winter Soldier went looking for Bucky Barnes, and what (and who) he found there.

[Memories slowly return, and just yeah, Bucky needs to get there himself.]

**||** [5.343 words]
fandom:Avengers  gen  rating:PG-13  length:<010000  ao3  !_good  character:bucky  character:wintersoldier 
september 2014 by Harpijka
Some Such Place (The Big Screen Classics Remix)
Erik's spent the last eighteen months having lengthy socio-political conversations and casual sex with Charles Xavier after seeing Monday matinees at a dingy little independent movie theatre in the Village. That doesn't mean they're friends. Or that Erik should have any say in what Charles is going to do with his future.

(At least, that's what Erik keeps telling himself.)
FriendsToLovers  pairing:charles/erik  rating:NC17  romance  fandom:x-men  firstclass  ao3  !_good  length:<010000 
september 2014 by Harpijka
Over and Out - Ark - Captain America (Movies), Captain America - All Media Types, Winter Soldier (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Sam finds the Winter Soldier in his kitchen, helping himself to Sam’s bourbon collection. He chooses a good bottle and pours two generous drinks.

Sam puts down his groceries and accepts the cup offered by the metal hand.

“Sit,” suggests the Winter Soldier. He jerks his chin at the kitchen table.

Sam takes a seat. The man who was once Steve’s best pal and now numbers among the world’s foremost killing machines is standing by his Cuisinart, dressed in black. The civilian garb is awkward on him, the clinging modern lines of skinny jeans and a fitted hoodie flattering but incongruous with his steely-eyed stare. His face is pinched and haunted, an all-too-familiar expression to Sam. His hair is stringy and overgrown, tied back.
fandom:avengers  fandom:captainamerica  pairing:sam/steve  pairing:bucky/steve  length:<010000  ao3  rating:nc-17 
september 2014 by Harpijka
Rivers of London - Waterloo Sunset, by Philomytha
This time, the vampires wake up.
Molly and Peter work together to save Nightingale. // Nice voices and style.
fandom:riversoflondon  gen  vampires  length:<010000  author:philomytha  ao3 
august 2014 by Harpijka
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